What Am I to You? (A BTS fanfic) pt 8


I shouldn't be doing this! But why couldnt i stop myself. We were now nose to nose. He took his hand from my back and ran it through my hair, tilting his head. I found myself closing my eyes when suddenly ....


i felt his lips on mine. His lips were warm and gentle just like him. I felt a fire start from my lips and spread through my entire body, burning down every imaginary wall i had built to not feel anything more than friendship for him. I relaxed onto his chest and used my arms to craddle his head bringing him closer to me. He deepened the kiss tangling his fingers into my hair. His tongue flickered across my lips asking permission for access and i let him in. He tasted sweet, it was intoxicating. This kiss was so perfect that i started to feel butterflies. I was also hearing and seeing "fireworks" i murmered against his lips as we paused for air. "Im seeing fireworks" i said again as another flash of light painted the sky. He smiled ...how did i never notice how beautiful his smile was. "You silly, beautiful, amazing girl. You really are seeing fireworks. This was the surprise." My eyes widened as i rolled off of him to look at the sky. I was amazed at how Hobie's kiss made everything disappear. I hadnt even noticed the sounds from the  firework explosions. I had forgotten that there were so many people on the beach. Thankfully it was dark because i had also forgotten that Hobie was a well known celebrity. I never felt this way with jimin.....Jimin!!! "Oh my God, I'm a terible girlfriend!!! What did i just do?!?" I mentally scolded myself. Hobie's face came into view breaking my daze by waving the box he had hidden behind his back in my face. He stopped letting my eyes focus. "Ta-dah!" He said enthusiastically.  As i sat up and took the box of sparklers from him. He truly knew me all too well. I ripped the box open jumping to my feet i looked to the basket expectantly, hoping for  matches or a lighter. Hobie definitely didnt disappoint. Reaching into his pocket he dug out a lighter. I pulled 3 out and he lit them for me. I waved them around in awe. I loved sparklers and he knew that. He reached for the box to get a few for himself but i dodged him. He gave me a confused look before i nudged him playfully and took off running towards the water's edge. "Thanks for the sparklers !" I called over my shoulder. It took forever for him to give them to me. Now he was going to have to work to get them back. It didnt take long for me to hear him coming up behind me. I really needed to get out more. Within seconds he had caught me, wrapping his arms around me in a back hug. "Hobie!" I yelled as i tried to move my arm out of the way. "The sparklers!!" But it was too late. It was either him or me and in that split second i braced myself as i let  the lit sparklers drop onto my bare feet. I bit my lip to stiffle a scream. "I am so sorry!!" He said releasing my arm and dropping down to look at my now blistered foot. "Its not as bad as it looks" i said trying to shuffle my foot from his view. In one swift move he swept me off my feet bridal style and started heading to the car only stopping at the blanket to try and grab our shoes. "Wait! Where are we going? " I asked squirming to try and get down. I shouldn't be enjoying myself this much but i definitely didnt want the night to end like this. "Im taking you to the hospital!" He said setting me down to switch me on to his back so that he could carry my shoes. "No way!" I said. "Its just a little burn. I just need some disinfectant and a bandage." "No way! That needs to get looked at!" " Please Hobie!" I pouted leaning my head over his shoulder from his back. "Fine..." He sighed giving in. "I think i saw a drugstore up along the boardwalk."  He said as he began the walk to the store. As we got closer inland there were more people. There were also more street lamps and they were starting to look at Hobie. I really started to worry someone would recognize him. "Hobie put me down please." He gave me a look that said "no way. " " just for a second" i promised. Slowly he put me down. "Ok. But anymore than a second and im picking you back up." He smiled. "Ok. Just wait here please." I said leaving Hobie at a  nearby bench just out of range of a street light. I made my way to a little souvenir stand where i found exactly what i was looking for. I thanked the lady an limped back to Hobie.

so everyone how are you liking the date so far? was it what you expected after the last cliff hanger?! thoughts? suggestions? as promised i redid my tag list for this series. if you would like to tagged just let me know. tagging some awesome peeps: What am i to you tag list @KiinLyr@MaritessSison@JessicaEvaristo@AnnaArai@easha015@NooRiNoona@RebeccaFasching@pharmgirlerin@SaraHanna@TracyLynnn@abbylucas@loljan17@Jessicalista@RamdomName@SugaYoongi@gingersnap181@JayRaider@EleanorKriegel@RKA916@tiffany1922@astrohelix@EverieMisfit@Saeda1320@YasminChavez@EXOAsf@jyesung72@JackieG1617@GossamoKewen95@MorleeCorielus@cindystran@KaeliShearer@MariaMontoya1@PaticiaS@batgirl225319@mellyortiz@miss148@BreeMassey@micahirene@jojojordy2324@AbbyRamey@IsisMayaVelasco@FromBlue2U@moralesdaisy199@al3ashalnaqbi@Mavis2478 @MorleeCorielus @naehudnall@QueenPandaBunny @JaxomB @VeronicaArtino @QueenLele @YessicaCardenas @JasmineGregory@hayoungforever @ashrose33@YeseniaF@KpopQueenaBee

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