Countdown to Christmas

You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.

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Day 8/25

I'm sorry this is late, I'm such a procrastinator to be honest, and I fell asleep while writing this last night.

Today we were going to be making gingerbread houses. We were out shopping and looking for a gingerbread kit and were getting ingredients and candy to decorate the house. I bought the rest of the supplies to make gingerbread men and women. We got in the car and I realized something.

"Hey Taehyung, do we have cookie cutters at home?"

"I think so."

We then got home about ten minutes later. When we got home I lit a few candles and got the supplies out. I was looking for a cookie cutter when I couldn't find one.

"Taehyung, did you take out the cookie cutters already?"

"Yea why?"

"Oh, nevermind." I closed the drawer walking back to the counter.

"We should make the cookies first."

"I was thinking the same thing." As I was mixing all the ingredients the flour puffed in my face.

"Taehyung! Why'd you do that?"

"Because it's boring just watching you make them."

"Do you wanna help?"


"You can start by kneading the dough." I then gave him the chunk and walked to my phone putting on some music. I walked back to Taehyung hugging him from behind.

"How's this?" He asked.

"Good, know let's shape them." I let go of him and moved to get the cookie cutters.

"Now get a rolling pin so we could flatten the cookies, and put flour on the pin so it won't stick."

"Good! Now just flatten it, i'm not so good at that part."

Once we put the cookies in the oven we started to build the gingerbread house, but I forgot the gumdrops.

"Hey Taehyung, I forgot the gumdrops, can you check if we have anything similar to gumdrops."


"We have sweet and sour gummies. Is that good enough?"

"Yeah that's fine." I said preparing the icing.

When we were finished making the gingerbread house we let the cookies cool down.

"Let's decorate the cookies now!" I said excited.

"Hey, it's my favorite song!" I yelled and started to dance foolishly. I sang along to the words as the chorus popped up.

"C'mon Taehyung sing with me." I grabbed his hands and started he started to sing along. When we were done goofing around we finished the gingerbread people and took a picture, posting it to social media.

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