The Nine - III

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The first trainee came in and stood in front of them. He bowed and said his name, “Hello, my name is Oh SeHun. I like to dance and rap.” JongIn stared at the young man, he couldn't believe his eyes. This boy was so small in his dreams, but his face was still the same. JongIn put a star next to his name. The young man started his little dance number and then afterwards sang and rapped a little. When he was done, he bowed and left. JongIn couldn't keep his eyes off him, just as Oh Se Hun got to the door, he looked back at JongIn, his lips parting as if he wanted to say something but didn't and continued out the door. There were at least 49 more trainees to go through. After the first ten, JongIn was getting tired, hoping they would take a break soon. He kept thinking about the first trainee, Oh SeHun. In the back of his mind, he heard himself calling to him. Then he felt it, like his whole body shook, when he looked up at the trainee that just entered, their eyes met. Connecting as if their souls embraced each other. “Hello, I'm Do Kyungsoo.” the trainee said, never letting go of JongIn’s eyes. JongIn hadn’t realized he was standing until the head choreographer tugged his arm to sit back down. He slumped back into his seat. When Kyungsoo started singing, a vision of them sitting next to one another came flooding back. His eyes welled up with tears but he held them back. He put a star next to Do Kyungsoo’s name. The next three trainees concluded that his dreams weren't just dreams. Kim JoonMyun walked in and immediately looked at JongIn. He was taken back with how he knew his face right away. He whispered to himself, “Suho the prince.” He laughed at himself, he felt as though it was crazy that all this was suddenly coming to him. As Kim JoonMyun left the room, he stopped and stared at JongIn. “Kai” he said softly. JongIn looked up at him. He smiled and walked out. JongIn felt his heart race as he watched the boy he knew only as Baek walk in. Byun BaekHyun he said his name was. When the boy Baek smiled, the room seemed to light up. Everyone awed in how bright he seemed. He spoke fast and made people laugh. He, too sang beautifully. In a dream he once had, Kyungsoo and Baek sang when they were all together. Even now, as he stood in front of everyone, he still sang beautifully. He put a star next to his name. The next trainee walked in, tall and handsome, with wide eyes and ear to ear smile. That face was something he could never forget. He was tall so he always thought Chan was the oldest. Chan introduced himself, talked about how he loved playing instruments and singing. He joked about not being very good at dancing because of his long legs. JongIn put a star next to his name. As the precession of trainees came and gone, JongIn's mind was preoccupied. He looked back towards the door and seen them all peering in. They were waiting for him.

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