Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smutville Story: N/A

His hands framed your face and he kissed you softly. He pushed you against the wall and whispered against your lips, "I want you." "Ki-" You didn't get to finish before he kissed you again. He kissed you deeper sparking a twist in your stomach and a moan in his mouth. "Ah damn it Y/n. I want you." "Kiseok." You breathed feeling his hands go up your dress. He kissed your neck, you could feel his tongue moving and the more he sucked marks onto your neck the weaker you were becoming. Your breathing was shallow and you couldn't help but moan from how his cold hands roamed your body. "Y/n, let me have you baby." He whispered. "I'm nervous." You whispered. "Don't be baby, I'll go slow." He said. He pecked your lips once then twice and his third kiss lasted longer. He pushed his tongue into your mouth without having to ask for permission. "I need you." He said. "Okay." You whispered through shaky breaths. He picked you up and your legs wrapped around him. He walked you into his bedroom and carefully laid you down on the bed. He closed the door and played soft music to help you relax. He ran his hand up your leg coming in closely to kiss you again. His hand pushed up your navy blue dress. He hiked your dress up past your butt and then pulled it over your head. You hadn't worn a bra with this dress and his eyes lit up the moment he saw your nipples hard and ready for him to taste. He grabbed your breast massaging them softly and kissing each one. His tongue licking around one nipple then going to the other while his fingers rolled the sensitive nubs. Your head was back and you arched your back feeling incredible. Your breathing was uneven but low enough that you were sure you could only hear. Kiseok let his hand slide down your body slowly tickling you at the same time. "Baby I can't wait to taste you." He said. His body was hanging just slightly off the bed and his face was between your legs. He curled his fingers into the waistband of your panties and went to remove them. You stopped him feeling even more nervous than before. Kiseok looked up at you with those puppy eyes and pouty lips. He was asking for permission but you were so nervous. "It'll be easier if I do this first. It'll feel good I promise." He said. You sighed loudly and allowed him to toss your blue panties to the side, "Blue really does look good on you babe. I'll have to buy you more stuff like that." He said. His tongue flicked at your entrance and you already felt yourself tighten as you moaned. He slowly ran his tongue up your folds collecting your sweet taste on his tongue. His lips closed around your clit and his tongue roamed there; he hummed lightly while he sucked on you. Your moans filled the room out beating the mood music and your hands gripped the bed sheets. You struggled to keep your eyes open. You felt Kiseok flatten his tongue and slowly lap you up again and again and again. "Shit baby you ate pineapples didn't you? You really wanted this, that's why you were already so wet." "Oppa." You whined. "It's okay baby you'll feel good." His finger teased your clit while his tongue came down to your rim. Its presence had you jumping to close your legs but Kiseok had pushed your leg down into the bed. Your hand held onto the bed sheets with Amazon like strength as you felt him lick circles around your rim. You whined his name while bringing your other hand up to bite the back of your finger. He grabbed your hand and placed it on top of his head. Your fingers ran through his hair and gripped it. You sighed as his tongue went up to your clit again licking around the nub. His hand came up to squeeze your breast while his other hand came down to your heat his finger feeling where his tongue once was. He started to lightly push his finger in but you gasped and jerked up. You looked down at him. "Baby trust me." He said. "B-but." "It'll probably hurt more if I don't prepare you. Do you want me to stop?" He said. You shook your head, it felt good but that part had you nervous. He smiled at you and came up from his knees and kissed you so you could taste yourself. "You're so sweet Y/n." He said. "Kiseok." You whispered. He kissed you again deeply but slowly. He was leaning on his side next to you playing with your clit again before he moved down back to your entrance. You felt him push his finger inside you slowly. You gasped in his mouth and he held his finger still till you became adjusted to it. He kept kissing you and the more he did the tighter your walls closed around him. He groaned into your mouth at the feeling and his finger started moving, curling up slightly so that you could feel more. Oh boy were you feeling it. He had been so patient as to wait for you, even when he was begging to have you moments before, he wouldn't have touched you farther than a kiss if you didn't give him permission. You being a virgin unnerved him at first, you could tell but he liked you enough to keep dating you. A few times you almost told him you were ready but he could see you weren't. He'd tell you he wasn't going to touch you until you were really ready. He had to encourage you a bit tonight but the way he was kissing you made you want him. You were just nervous. His finger moved slowly and you opened your eyes to look at him after he kissed your nose. Your hand was still on his shoulder and you looked down to see his hand moving. You moaned lightly at the sight and you heard him groan at your little moan. You tried to unbutton his shirt to keep yourself focused. The soft music filled your ears as he kept his finger pumping into you. He pulled his finger out of you once you had successfully unbuttoned his shirt. You sighed slightly relieved from the pain but missing the pleasure of it. You could feel your clit throb for attention while you waited for him to pull his shirt off. You slowly crept your hand down to touch yourself and moaned at your fingers meeting your swollen clit. Kiseok looked back down at you and he grabbed your hand to stop you. "This is mine don't touch unless I tell you okay?" He smiled. You nodded pouting and he kissed your cheek. He removed his pants and boxers and took his position beside you again. He took your hand and placed it on his erection and showed you how to touch him. He came to your ear while his fingers took their place again. He stuck a second finger inside you, making you moan onto his collarbone. Your breath was hot but he didn't mind. He kissed your neck before he said, "Keep moving your hand like that baby." "Ahh- Kiseok-ah." You moaned. He pushed a third finger inside you making you cry out. Your hand couldn't continue its work. Your hand came to his chest and your breathing became heavier. He kept moving them faster; you were closing on his fingers tighter. "Damn it baby you're amazing." "Please-" "Don't come yet, just a little more. I want to be inside you." He said. You nodded but your eyes were shut tight as you tried to get your breathing under control. You kept moaning into his chest, your hands not knowing where to settle so instead roamed his body. His fingers separated inside you and you whined while your body jerked to the pain-pleasure feeling. "Kiseok!" You whined into his chest. "Taste." He said bringing his fingers up to your mouth. He pushed all three fingers into your mouth running them along your tongue. Your tongue wiggled around each finger while Kiseok reached into his bedroom draw. He pulled out a condom and freed his fingers from your mouth. He was going to be inside you soon and you were excited but so scared. How would it feel? He saw you staring at the condom with wet eyes and he cradled your face to give you a soft kiss. His lips were soft and sweet, the way his tongue worked magic in your mouth calmed you down. Your body was warm with anticipation for what he'd do to you next. He pulled away from your lips slowly and said, "I really don't want to wear a condom but I'm sure you won't let me in otherwise right?" You nodded, he nodded back. "Thought so. One day you'll want to feel me though." He smiled. You gave him a smile back. He ripped the package open and slipped the condom on and situated himself between your legs. He fixed the pillow under your head so that you could get comfortable and he fixed himself by your entrance. "Are you ready Y/n?" He asked you. You nodded, "Just be careful." you said. "Don't worry. I'll start off slow." He said. He eased inside of you once again pain shot through you from him stretching you out but this time there was more pleasure. Your back arched off the bed a little as he pushed inside you. He placed a hand on your hip and started moving. Slowly his hips rolled into you. Each time, you took in a breath trying to contain yourself; he lifted your legs up and leaned over you. The new angle was so amazing. You held onto the pillow and his shoulder as he kept moving. His hips picking up a little more speed and bucking into you a little harder. You gave a little shriek but you could feel him deeper and it was so good. You chanted his name like a spell and he moved more. "Fuck Y/n you're so tight." He said. Your back arched up off the bed when he started moving faster. Your body tensed up and gripped him tighter. You felt high, it was amazing! Your head felt light and his tongue came back to your lips his hot breath on your body made you roll your hips on him. "Fuck yes, keep doing that Y/n." He said excited. He sucked on your other nipple making popping sounds as he came off of it. He licked up to your neck, rolling his hips into you at a slower pace again. You two connected so well like it was in the stars for you two to meet. He felt amazing on your body playing with your nipple with his other hand then coming down to your clit. "Do you like it baby?" He said. "Yes." You moaned. "Tell me how much you like it Y/N." "I want- more. Oppa, it's --so good." You moaned. "My beautiful girl. You're going to come so damn hard for me. Come on baby. Come for me." He said. He kissed you as he pushed harder into you. He groaned into your mouth when your nails scratched his back. He placed his hand on your hips and pushed you down onto him while he thrusted into you. You cried into his mouth but he didn't stop moving. "Touch yourself. Don't stop until you come for me." He said. Hunger finally showing up in his voice. It was probably always there and you just now noticed it. Your hands didn't move when he told you to so he grabbed your hand and placed it on your clit and made you move your finger. He kissed you again, one hand on your hip the other on your cheek. His tongue darting into your mouth and exploring it like it was a foreign place. He licked down your chin and to your neck. He sucked on the skin making mark after mark as he hit deeper inside you and faster than before making you scream into the room. "Kiseok! Oh my god!" "That's it baby, come on." "Ah!" Your moans filled the room as your body tensed under him and then started to quake. You stopped petting your clit but his hand came there instead making you shake even more from the over stimulation. You whined while he continued fucking you hard. "Oh, fuck- Y/n!" He called your name with so much lust that you felt your walls tighten around him again as he twitched inside of you. He came seconds later still bucking into you to ride the high down; you could feel something in you. He bit his lip at the sight of your naked body below him like he was just now paying attention. He moved slowly in you until he finally pulled out. You were tired but still looked down when he lightly said, "Damn it, I think it broke." "Kiseok." You whispered with sleepy eyes. "Baby don't fall asleep yet, let's get you cleaned up first." He said. He lifted you up off the bed and led you to the shower. He kissed the back of your neck while he helped wash your body. He'd thrown the condom away already but you thought about what he said, "Wait, did you come inside me?" "Maybe a little, it broke. Sorry." "It's fine, we just have to be careful." You said. He chuckled as you turned around and leaned against him. He brushed your wet hair back and out of your face. "You're tired baby, let's finish up and put you to bed okay." You nodded. "You were amazing tonight Y/n. I love you." "I love you too jagi." You said. He kissed you tenderly again....

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