You've all been waiting a while so here's the challenge and why I didn't say what it was. if thus card gets 300 likes all 21 of us will watch boku no pico (gotta go on the honor system cause I can't monitor whether or not you actual it watched it) The first reason I didn't say what it was is because less people would want to do it then the second reason I did is, look at the only picture I added on the first post it's my buffer image that I yes for wcchi mostly Yuri ecchi so all the people that know what that is wo-ill click it excepting ecchi and realize there isn't but the challenge would peak their interest so they would basically I'm getting a bunch of people that like Yuri to watch yaoi hentai including myself

Will it happen thus Time? I don't know but if it does look at all the people doing it @ZacharyStewart@ShinigamiSan@NickDiaz@linkmaster98@Nyan@LMoore@Gibbous1992@HaitiQuake@KatlnnRotato@rexamisprime@Xgnsouls16@strifers11@SabrinadLoran@JessyRay19@supermex1447@assasingod@HathcoatBrandon@SimoneSanders@SteveZuniga@CraigNess

If you want to be tagged just say so I'm the comments. ^w^ @Alletaire @antwonbro12@assasingod@Beanerific321@Bobthe37@ChristopherKenn@CollinShipley@CoryWilkening@ctsr1 @CraigNess@DarionCampbell@dildil15@HaitiQuake@LMoore@JessSenpai@JessyRay19@jonathan11@KatieRussell@KennyMcCormick@linkmaster98@Lorena13 @Majestical@MasonBurt@midnightdarknes@NathanielMoanan@NickDiaz@nicocoup @Nyan @NykelHawthorne@rexamisprime@Ritu @RamonPizarro@SabrinadLoran@ShinigamiSan@Silverfang@Soulforger@strifers11@yamijeanfranco@YankLugoGlez@Xgnsouls16 @ZacharyStewart

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