Oppa is a Kpop Star: Chap 7 - Just a Little Rain

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Chapter 7: Just a Little Rain

Thunder cracked as lightening lit up the night sky around us. An involuntary squeak left my lips causing Donghae to hug me closer to his chest. “Shh it’s okay.” He cooed in my ear softly.

If you don’t remember, I have a huge fear of thunder. I can watch lightening light up the sky all day… but the moment thunder sounds…. I am nothing more than a crying blubbering mess on the ground. This was how he had found me. Why it had to be him I didn’t know… but just the fact that I wasn’t alone brought some kind of comfort.

“Nari.” I looked up to gaze at the worried expression on Donghae’s face. “Are you okay?”

Another crack of thunder had me grasping his shirt in my firsts and my face turning to hide against his chest. “No.”

“Hey, I’m right here. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.” He said gently as he stroked the back of my head.

If someone would have told me earlier that I would be clinging on to Donghae for dear life all while crying my eyes out in his arms… I would have told them they had lost their ever loving mind… but here I am… a total mess… and the only person around to comfort me is this guy, who can’t decide if he wants to be nice to me or give me hell.

Let’s back up and let me explain how exactly I ended up being comforted by Mr. Moody here……


The soft sound of bustling people and merchants calling out to potential buyers filled the air. I looked around in awe at all of the stalls and shops that filled the small space around me. “Over here Nari!” I looked up to see Henry smiling at me. “You will like this store.”

Curiously I made my way over to him and instantly let a happy gasp leave my lips. The store was lined with traditional hanbok in every color from yellow, pink, green, and purple to black, gold and red. I eyed the shiny material and intricate floral and lined designs. I don’t know why I liked them so much, maybe it was because they were so different from other countries styles back then. Japanese had the kimonos, Europe had those horrible rib breaking corsets, but hanbok were more gentle… not to mention looked 100 times more comfortable. I walked around the store looking at the handmade leather shoes and flashy hair pieces.

“Do you like them?” Siwon walked up behind me.

“I do. They are pretty.” I nodded my head.

“You should try one on!” Kyuhyun and Henry agreed.

“No I think I am happier just looking.” I laughed and turned towards the stores door. “Let’s see what else we can find.” I looked back at the dresses one last time before smiling and following the others back into the busy street.

“If you like them so much you should get one.”

I looked up shocked by Donghae’s sudden appearance. “I would have nowhere to wear one. It would just sit in my closet so I will just stick to admiring them from afar.”

“Nari.” Kyuhyun walked up to me and grabbed my hand dragging me away from Donghae. “They had some really pretty hair things over here. You should get one.”

The table of brightly colored hair accessories stretched out in front of me. I ran my hand over a pretty blue bow then turned my attention to a fun headband with silver flowers. “They are pretty.” I admitted smiling at Kyuhyun.

“I think this one suits you.” Kyuhyun said picking up the blue bow and holding it to my hair. “Let’s get you this one.”

“I think this one is better.” I looked up at Donghae who held up a pretty silver barrette. Without even waiting for my opinion he slid the barrette into my hair and turned to hand the merchant his money.

“You didn’t have to buy me one.” I said slightly suspicious. Donghae had been like this since we all got ready to leave the house this morning.


I pulled on Kyuhyun’s jacket and smiled to myself. Thankfully not everyone was a klutz like I was. If Kyuhyun wouldn’t have let me use his extra jacket Oppa would have yelled at me for not taking care of myself while he drug me out to find one. Looking in the mirror once more I pulled my hair back into a ponytail before running to meet the others at the house entrance.

“Nari!” Henry beamed brightly while waving at me.

“Good morning Henry.” I called out as I caught up with the group of guys standing around. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did, you?”

I stretched and rubbed my shoulder. “Sleeping on the floor is not something I will aim to do regularly.”

He chuckled and motioned towards the door. “Well looks like we are all here, should we get going?”

“Let’s go!” I jumped a bit too excited to go walk around the marketplace. Now despite my lack of sleep I was in a very good mood, so naturally I was acting like a goofball. I jumped around and danced as I made my way in front of the group of guys. I spun around and smiled at Oppa as he shook his head at me and scrunched up my nose for a cute aegyo look I threw at Henry. As he started to laugh I spun back around to walk forward… only to step on my own shoelace. I threw my hands out and grabbed on to the first thing I could reach…. Which just so happened to be Donghae. Strangely it was like he was ready and waiting for me to fall. His hands reached out and grabbed mine pulling me back to my feet.

“You should really be more careful.” Donghae sighed heavily as he moved to tie my shoe then come up and straighten my jacket. “You are like a child. I am surprised you even remembered to bring your jacket.”

I shook my head not sure if I should be mad about him calling me a child or thankful he had pretty much saved me from a nasty fall. “I didn’t remember mine. I ran out of Oppa’s house and completely forgot it. This one is Kyuhyun’s, he let me borrow it.” I smiled as I motioned over my shoulder to Kyuhyun.

“Hm.” To say what happened next surprised me would be a lie… but watching Donghae’s eyes look at me with such disgust and anger was even a bit extreme for him. He pulled roughly on the jacket almost causing me to stumble towards him, and yanked the zipper up sealing me in. “You should learn to take care of yourself. Don’t you think Kyuhyun?”

My eyes flickered over to the man in question and I swore I saw a smirk on his lips for only a moment. “I am okay with taking care of her hyung. Don’t worry.”

A soft snort came from Donghae as he let my jacket go and turned to look head on in Kyuhyun’s direction. I wasn’t sure why they were upset but I would have to remember to ask Kyuhyun later. “Nari?” I was pulled from my inner thoughts by a smiling Henry. “Is there anything you are hoping to find today?”

Henry linked his arm with mine and quickly pulled me ahead of the group and away from the tension in the back. “I don’t know. I just want to see what they have I guess.” My eyes flicked back to Kyuhyun and Donghae and I couldn’t help the strange way they were reacting to each other creep up in the back of my mind.


“I know.” Donghae let a small smirk form on his face as he nodded to Kyuhyun.

“How nice of you.” Kyuhyun said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

There were at it again! I couldn’t help but sigh loudly as I turned to find Henry and Oppa. I needed to get away from these two before I decided to join in on the fight. My eyes landed on Henry and without warning I bolted away from the two men and ran over linking arms with Henry.

“What’s up?” He asked curiously.

“I have no idea but whatever it is they should hurry up and start playing nice again.” Henry’s eyes followed my gaze and we watched both of them argue silently. We weren’t close enough to hear them and honestly I don’t think I wanted to anyways… but anyone passing by would know that they weren’t deciding where to eat lunch.

“You really have no clue?” Henry asked me a look of amusement on his face.

“No, how would I know?”

Henry chuckled as he patted the hand now looped through his arm. “You are so cute sometimes Nari.”

“What?” He only laughed in response and shook his head. “What did I do?”

“Everything and yet nothing.”

I stopped walking and looked at him like he might have actually lost his mind. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You will have to figure it out yourself. I am just going to sit here and enjoy the show in the meantime.”

My eyebrows knit together and I stuck my lip out in a pout. “That’s not nice.”

Henry smiled brightly and laughed. “Come on, I think I saw something up the way you might wanna try.”

With one last glance over my shoulder. I watched as Donghae and Kyuhyun stopped arguing to start to follow Henry, Oppa, and I further down the marketplace.


UGH! I had had enough. No more.. I could not take anymore of whatever they were up to and the fact that they felt the need to drag me into it. All day… all day! They had been passive aggressive with each other and tried to act as if no one would figure it out. Then they would try to pull me in to settle their arguments when really all I wanted to do was escape…

So that is what I am doing now! I peeked around the corner once more to be sure none of them were looking in my direction. Honestly Henry hadn’t done anything wrong. And Oppa had run off the moment he had gotten a phone call from his manager…. BUT…. I couldn’t stand it anymore. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Kyuhyun and Donghae were fighting over something simple like cats and dogs would. They just could not see eye to eye today, and I for one was done with it all.

I will take the chance to sneak away and see the rest of the market before heading back to the house. Oppa should be at the house anyways so he won’t worry once I get there. With my mind made up I turned on my heels and headed away from where the three guys were standing.

I slowly meandered through the marketplace my eyes dancing over old bookstores, colorful trinkets, handmade crafts, and all kinds of different food carts. A smile snaked over my features as I watched street performers dance and perform for happy crowds of on lookers.

I am not sure how long I wandered around alone… but by the time I reached to check my phone and realize I yet again didn’t have it with me… I noticed the orange and pink colors hanging in the sky announcing the suns descent and the moons rise. “Oppa is going to kill me!” I squeaked. There was no telling how long he was trying to call me; he might even be in the marketplace looking for me. Trying to find him here would be useless as the vendors started to pull out lanterns and even more people started to crowd the streets. Right now I needed to get back to the house and get my phone.

Rushing down the street I was thankful that I was at least good at directions….. Okay… somewhat good with directions. I can’t always be getting lost can I? The sun had all but disappeared completely by the time I made it out of the crowded marketplace and onto the street leading towards the house. I pulled the jacket even closer around me to try and fight off the growing night chill. If I didn’t hurry up and get inside nature would kill me before Oppa had the chance.

I walked along the street for what seemed like forever. The sun was long gone and I seemed to have wandered off somewhere unknown. There were no lights around for me to see and I didn’t need someone to tell me that I had somehow missed a turn or gone down the wrong street. I sighed heavily and spun around to face the direction I had come from. I could no longer see the lights from the marketplace and the house was nowhere in sight. “Good going Nari… Go and lose yourself when Siwon Oppa is probably already freaking out. You are never going to be allowed to leave the house again.” With a dark chuckled I looked back down the way I had come. “Whelp might as well go back. If I at least find the market again I can have someone point me in the right direction.”

My feet started to move me forward… back the way I had come… when it happened. The rain seemed to have come out of nowhere, instantly soaking me in the freezing droplets. Crap! Quickly my hands moved to unzip the jacket and pull it semi over my head. “Why couldn’t you wait until I had gotten back to the house!” I yelled up at the sky.

As if to reply back a large crack of thunder followed a bright flash of lightening. A strangled gasp left my lips as I instantly moved down into a crouching position. My body was trembling violently both from the cold and the sound of thunder. “Oppa.” I pleaded silently under my breath. Of all the times to… another loud crack filled the air and I screamed loudly my body automatically pushing closer to the ground. My frozen fingers pulled the jacket more tightly around my head as I rocked back and forth slightly.

It had been years since I had been caught outside in a thunderstorm and now lost in an unfamiliar place was not helping me to keep my breathing even. Tears fell freely down my cheeks as another crash of thunder sounded above me. I could feel myself on the verge of a panic attack. I needed to get out of here before…..


I peeked out of my jacket at the flashing light that bobbed as someone ran towards me.

“Nari is that you?” Hands reached out and grasped my shoulders pulling me to my feet.

“Hey.” I felt the person push back my jacket and wipe tears from my cheeks. “What are you doing out here?”

“I..I… s..s..soorryy… I. g..g..g..g...got lost.” I stammered out as I finally got a good look at who had come to my rescue. “D..d..d..donghae?”

“It’s me.” He confirmed. “Let’s get you back to the house and out of this rain, hm?” Donghae reached out and rubbed my soaking wet arms. “You are going to get sick, let’s go.”

I nodded my head slightly and took his offered hand. Maybe I would be able to make it back to the house if I had someone with me? The sky lit up again with bright lightening followed by a deafening boom of thunder. Screaming I instantly started to fall back into a crouching position, only for Donghae to pull me back up. His arms reached out and wrapping me in a tight hug. I could hear his heart pounding in his chest and his breath coming out in heavy gasps. He must have been running around trying to find me. I needed to get back to the house and let Oppa know I was okay. If Donghae was this panicked there was no telling how Oppa was handling it.

Thunder cracked as lightening lit up the night sky around us. An involuntary squeak left my lips causing Donghae to hug me closer to his chest. “Shh it’s okay.” He cooed in my ear softly.

“Nari.” I looked up to gaze at the worried expression on Donghae’s face. “Are you okay?”

Another crack of thunder had me grasping his shirt in my firsts and my face turning to hide against his chest. “No.”

“Hey, I’m right here. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.” He said gently as he stroked the back of my head. “Can you walk?”

I nodded my head yes slowly but couldn’t bring myself to loosen my grip on his shirt. With a soft chuckle Donghae moved back from me a little, only helping to send me into a panic as I tried to move back towards him. “This isn’t going to work.” Donghae mused for a moment before I felt my legs being swept from under me. “Just hold on I will get us back to the house as soon as possible.”

I could feel his body jerk slightly with each step as he carried me. With each crack of thunder my face would fill with tears only managing to soak into Donghae’s shirt. To think I was being rescued from my own stupid fear by Donghae of all people was enough to destroy any pride I had left. There was no doubt he would tease me for this forever.

I could barely see lights peeking through my defenses as I hid my face in his shirt. Moving away from his shirt I looked around and noticed we were back in the house already. Donghae carried me to my room and tried to set me down. My feet landed on the ground gently and I started to pull back to look up at his face. “S..s...sorry.” I stuttered out.

A gentle smile I had never seen on him covered his lips as he pushed the stray hairs away from my face. “Don’t worry. As long as you are okay, that is all I care about.”

I opened my mouth to thank him again only to be interrupted by someone screaming my name. “Oppa?” Turning slightly towards the front courtyard I watched Oppa, Henry, and Kyuhyun come running towards me.

“Where in the hell……” Siwon’s words trailed off as he realized I was soaking wet and still held on to Donghae’s shirt as if for dear life. “Nari are you…” Another crack of thunder had me crying and burying my face in Donghae’s shirt again. “Thunder!” I heard a large smack as if someone had hit themselves on the head. “I’m sorry Nari, I completely forgot!” Oppa pulled me from Donghae and wrapped me in his arms. “Thanks.”

“No need to thank me.” Donghae said.

“Let’s get you inside and dry.” Oppa lead me into the door leading to my room, but before he closed it I caught a glimpse of Donghae looking at me strangely again and Kyuhyun glaring at Donghae…. I really don’t know what their problem is…. But it isn’t any of my business to look into as long as they don’t try and involve me. For now,. . I just need to worry about how much trouble I am going to be in with Oppa.

Ooo Looks like tension is building between Kyuhyun and Donghae.... and Nari is just as confused as ever. Think she will ever understand what is going on?

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