Bias challenge!

Got challenged by@JordanShuler! I tag @JohnEvans@HeichousRegalia@IsoldaPazo@MelissaGarza@StefaniTre

Super incredibly beyond rude, I'M SERIOUS

Bias Wrecker #1 Freakin' Jaehyun with his dimple and white skin and amazing cooking skills!! I wish I could try his and F4's dish from NCT life 😔 Can you please just let me LIVE 😭😭

Bias Wrecker #2 Mingyu aka the source of my breathing problems lately (Boom Boom mv got me shook) First the suspenders in 아주 Nice and now these visuals 😭😭

Bias Wrecker #3 Jungkook is either a child sipping on banana milk or a rude wannabe grown up and I'm not okay with that sir BigHit I will sue you TRY ME

Bias Wrecker #4 Sungjoo!!! Such a fluff ball and sweet WHY do you make me question my life?!?!

Bias Wrecker #5 Chanyeol/ V I can't really pick which one affects me the most but damn if I do get stressed because of them. Maybe it's their deep voice🤔 or multiple talents.

My life in a series of memes because of these guys, the struggle is REAL

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