Noted Pt. 5

[ Taehyung's POV ] "YANNAAAA!!!" I screamed but it was too late. "No. No no no no. I take it all back. I don't hate you. Oh my God, no." I was practically crouching by now. I can't breathe. I can't look at her. I want to hold her. "Yanna?" I was careful not to move her delicate body. "Someone call an ambulance!!! Right now!! Jebal!!" I sat there for a few minutes until the ambulance arrived. I went with them to the hospital but never did I talk a single word to anyone. I was still in shock. All the anger I felt was gone. I despised her so much but never did I wish for something like this to happen. "Taehyung!!" "V!!" J-Hope and Yoongi hyung rushed towards me. "Are you alright??" "Are you hurt??" Kookie and Jimin asked me simultaneously. "V." Namjoon hugged me, trying to be the calmest among all of us. "I'm fine. but... Yanna" I was on the verge of crying when the doctor came out from the operting room. "Is she going to be okay?" I asked. The doctor smiled, "We'll still observe her state, but for now, she's far from danger. She's got fractures on her right arm and broken a rib... and I should warn you now, she might suffer from temporary memory loss because of the impact when she hit her head. Right now, she's still unconscious but we'll expect her to wake up within the day. Excuse me." the doctor left us after that. "V!" They shouted altogether as I fell on the floor. "She's fine. She's fine." I repeated to myself until I cried from relief. --- I stayed with Yanna and Jhope-hyung the whole time. The others went back to our dorm since Jin-hyung was left alone last night to take care of the dorm while we're all here. After a few hours, Yanna's mom came rushing to her room. "Yanna! My darling! I'm so sorry. Oh my god, my baby." She kept crying while seated beside Yanna's hospital bed. "The doctor said she'll be fine, but she might suffer from temporary memory loss" I told her. She turned her head around and looked at me, "Taehyung-ah. I'm really sorry to you, too. I caused you a lot of trouble. I was a bad mother to her. It wasn't you. I apologize sincerely." she kept crying as she grabbed ahold of my hand. "What do you mean?" "I caused all the scars on Yanna's body. I was mean to hear because I didn't want her to meet up with you. Her father left me and you had a lot of similarities with her father which made me hate you and vent out all my frustrations on her. I made the story up to your parents. All I wanted was Yanna to come back to me. I didn't know it would turn out this way." She continued pleading. I removed her hand from touching me causing Jhope to call me out for being disrespectful. "Hyung. You heard her. Don't I have the right to be-" "Who are you?" Yanna said in a soft voice, looking around the room clueless.

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