Noted Pt. 6

[ Yanna's POV ] I stayed with BTS in their dormitory for almost 3 weeks now. Taehyung insisted I should stay here, and my mom allowed it. She said it would be better to stay at a more lively environment than in our house. I didn't understand what she meant by that. All I know is that I heard her talk to V about how staying at our house might trigger some of my bad memories to come back. And it wont be good for my situation. "Can I call you Noona? Yanna noona. Yanoona??" Kookie exclaimed with a smile on his face. He's been very playful since my stay here. "Ya ya ya. Stop disturbing Yanny" Jin scolded Kookie. "Yanny? Ugh Hyung her name's Yanna Noona. Stop giving her a nickname." "I'll call her what I want. besides, you like Yanny right, Yanny?" I giggled. "Yanny is fine. You could call me Yanna, Kookie. We're almost the same age anyway." "Aniyo. Kook you call her Noona. Stop being spoiled. Go and help set the table." Jin pinched Kook by the ear and they went to the kitchen. I was left alone in the living room watching tv for a few minutes, then Yoongi sat beside me. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked. "Yes. Everyone's really welcoming." I answered with a smile. We watched tv together, til I started scratching my casted arm. "Hey. Do you need help? You shouldn't be moving that much yet. Here, let me help you." Yoongi gestured as I pointed my elbow. "Aaah that feels so much better. Gomawoyo" After a few minutes of watching tv together, I think Yoongi got bored, and he started doodling on my cast. He doodled BTS' faces and I laughed at how they looked. "Ehem." Taehyung cleared his throat. He stood in front of us, his eyes looking at Yoongi but Yoongi didn't mind and continued his doodle. "Hyung. Could you please give us a minute?" He asked. "Oh. You were there? Sure. I'll continue that later, Yanna." Yoongi said, and left with a wink. I feel like I blushed a little. I faced Taehyung and his eyes were now fixated on mine. I don't know what I'm feeling but I felt a bit nervous by the way he looked at me. "Yanna...Do you now, perhaps, remember anything from our past?"

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