A “Living Piano” Brings Opera To The Streets

Opera doesn't have a reputation for being the most populist of art forms. But with this installation, TFO found an ingenious way of bringing opera to the people. The Living Piano is a giant 12-note keyboard that was installed in a public square in Quebec City during the Festival d’Opéra de Québec. Like the floor piano Tom Hanks plays in Big, this one sounds a note when you step on a key. Unlike that one, however, the sound comes from one of 12 flesh-and-blood opera singers standing at attention on a raised platform behind it, each assigned to their own note. Over the course of two-and-a-half minutes, a conductor puts a few crowd members through their paces before triumphantly soft-shoeing his way through a performance of one of those opera arias you'll recognize even if you could never name it, the "Habanera" from Carmen. Via Alltop

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