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I hope you enjoy this edition of Asian News. I am bringing you news on Korea wanting to bring literature to the whole world, to box office fighting; which I mean Korean movies vs Western Movies, and then mass protests slumping the box office. Then I have other interesting news for you lovely Asian Drama Peeps. Like one of our Favorites Releasing an Album and Making a Hollywood Debut, What type of Kiss Scene will only this Exo Member ever think about doing, and Aaron Yan postpones learning overseas. Let me know what surprises you or has you excited.


Is Korean Literature Going To Take Over the World?

Korean literature aims at going international

Kpop, Khiphop, and Korean Dramas have all had international success. It really kind of saddens me that Korean literature hasn't had that success. I have a love affair with the written word and often than not love reading books from all over the world to be immersed in more cultures and knowledge. My sadness though may be at a turning point with the hope that comes from a literary organization that wants to bring Korean literature to an international scale.

Don't forget to click the hyperlink to read more but here is an excerpt from the article:

Korean literary works have been around for 1500 years, and yet, they have never achieved the international success of K-pop bands and K-dramas. But some passionate writers are getting together to change all that, and now the Korean literature world is finally making moves at going global. PEN International is a literary organization whose purpose is to spread Korean literature around the world, having just held a Globalization of Korean Literature Forum in Seoul on the 30th of November. With a registered membership of over 3400 writers, PEN International advocates for the proliferation of Korean literature overseas. "We need a sustainable effort and investment to introduce Korean literature overseas. It's a pity that Korea doesn't have a Nobel Prize winner," said Sohn Hae Il, vice president of PEN International Korea and director of the Korean Writers' Association of Korea. Sohn, along with five other writers and poets who co-represented the forum, published "World PEN Friends Together," an anthology of poems, children's poems, essays, and fiction, complete with English translations for each piece, all to promote their country's literary culture.

There is still a long road ahead of us that love the written word and reading but we can dim our sadness with a flame of hope this article provided.


Duking It Out For Box Office Supremacy

'Fantastic Beasts,' 'My Annoying Brother' rivals for top in weekend box office

Thanksgiving Weekend proved to be one for momentous events. I am a huge Harry Potter Fan; probably just as much as an Asian Drama Freak. So when I stumbled upon this article I was floored. To find out more please click on the hyperlinks for Source 1 and Source 2.

Here is an excerpt from the articles:

"According to real-time box office figures from the Korean Film Council, the Warner Bros.' fantasy adventure film retained its top spot in the chart, selling over 720,000 tickets over the weekend. The 132-minute film has grossed about 3.4 million viewers since its local premiere on Nov. 16...."My Annoying Brother," set out a week after its rival, rose to the No. 2 spot in the weekend box office. The comedy-drama family film drew 640,000 viewers over the weekend. The 110-minute film's cumulative attendance figure surpassed 1 million in five days since its Wednesday premiere. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” remained on top of the South Korean box office for a second weekend, accounting for 45% of the total weekend box office revenue. The Warner Bros. release earned $6.76 million from 896,000 admissions between Friday and Sunday for a total of $24.9 million after two weekends. Opening on Thursday (Nov. 24), CJ Entertainment’s “My Annoying Brother” debuted in second. The bromantic comedy earned $7.12 million from 1.04 million admissions between Thursday and Sunday"


Protesting Affects the Box Office

Mass protests in Korea causes box office slump

It surprised me that so many of South Korean citizens took place in a protest to demand resignation from their president. It really kind of reminded me of the protests here in America took place when Donald Trump was elected as the New President. Though the difference is these citizens have legitimate concerns after several scandals that their President was involved in.

You may be asking what does this have to do with Asian Entertainment News? Well "2 million citizens amassed to take place in this protest." Here is an excerpt from the article and don't forget to click on the hyperlink to find out more:

According to the Korea Film Council, the box office has been directly affected by the recent mass protests and political climate, with only 8.56 million going to the movies in November, compared to 17.16 million in October. That's less than half, and when considering that mass protests have been going on for five weeks in a row, it's obvious what's going on. Korean films are even being watched less than they usually are, with share of the market going down 17.3% compared to last month. It's as if the only thing on most Koreans minds is President Park not being president anymore.


This Actor is presenting Fans with an Xmas Gift and Wait Which Foreign Star is A fan?

Lee Joon Ki is thanking fans with a brand new single album release that could be your Christmas anthem

I really love Lee Joon Ki and he is in my top ten favorite actors now. He has been experiencing a lot of success the past few years. Knowing that is success wouldn't be anything with out his fans he decided to thank us with his lovely voice in album.

Here is an excerpt from the article (SOURCE1):

The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actor decided that his fans deserve much more than just an Asia fan meeting tour; they need his signature digital single album too! Tomorrow, Lee is releasing his single album Thank You , featuring two original songs and a Christmas classic. So, when he kicks off his tour this weekend, his fandom all over the world can listen to his sweet vocals croon the songs "Thank You", "Now", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". "Thank You" is obviously dedicated to his fandom, while "Now" expresses his desire to continue his great relationship with his global supporters.

Awe he is so sweet and it comes no surprise that this Hollywood Actress fell for him after working with him...

Milla Jovovich raves that Lee Joon Ki's action skills and incredible looks are "on another level"

Yes you read that right. It turns out our boy will be making his Hollywood Debut soon. I must say Milla welcome to his fan club.

Here is an excerpt from the article and to read more click on SOURCE 2: During a recent interview for her upcoming film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, actress Milla Jovovich could not stop gushing over her experience working with Lee Joon Ki. She praised him for being an amazing martial artist, working without a stuntman or wires to help him film. Even better, she couldn't get over how despite his beautiful looks, he was absolutely vicious and tough. Milla said it was incredibly inspiring to work alongside Lee Joon Ki.


Wait What kind of Kiss Scene

EXO's Lay says he'll only do one kind of kiss scene

First off, Lay stay in your lane. After reading this article I find him even more adorable. Which in turns probably makes Lay cringe because we all know he doesn't want to be seen as adorable, but all I have to say is: "Lay how can we not find you adorable after this?"

Please click on the hyperlink to read it. Here is an excerpt:

EXO's Lay has seen his popularity rise as an actor, and he is currently filming romantic drama Operation Love. During an interview, he surprised the reporter by revealing he has never actually kissed on screen. How has he managed that and why? He went on to explain there is only one scene where he will be willing to kiss.

Did you really think I would give it away in the excerpt? Go read the article and gush at his adorableness.


Postponing Education

Aaron Yan postpones plan to study in the USA

This is my last little bit of news for you my lovely Asian Drama Freaks. It brought a smile to my face. Aaron Yan was on schedule to come study here in the USA to further his acting abilities. He is one of my favorite Taiwanese actors and was actually born in the USA but moved over to China at a young age. So to hear is plans on coming here to study brought a smile to my face then a frown to find out he postponing but then right back to a smile for the reason why. He is doing another project first. One I will be highly anticipating.

Here is an excerpt of the article but please click on the hyperlink to read the whole article:

When Aaron treated his fans to a special fanmeet, on November 19, to celebrate his 31st birthday on November 20, he explained the reason. He was presented with a new drama that he couldn't refuse. Having been through some negative experiences, the popular actor has a requirement for any proposed new drama, that it needs to be a completed script with fully developed characters. He was assured that his requirement was the basic starting point. Apparently Aaron was impressed, and he has accepted the new project.

Happy Belated Birthday Aaron and I hope your wish for World Peace comes true.

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