Noted Pt. 10

[ Yanna's POV ] 'He's so cute. Wearing cute pyjamas and he's got a smile on his face. I wonder what he's dreaming of?' I woke up early cause I set an alarm that I can get my cast removed today. It's been a month and two weeks since my accident. I haven't since remembered anything significant yet. But after that kiss, I always felt butterflies in my stomach whenever I see Tae. All I could remember is that, I liked this guy in front of me for a long time now. I could feel it, but I'm not quite sure. My mind could forget, but my heart surely won't. "SHIT! THE HELL, YANNA!! YOU SCARED ME!" Taehyung shouted. I was shocked and out balanced from his shout which made me sit on the floor. I was too preoccupied at looking at his pretty face, I didn't notice him waking up! "Ooowww." my butt hurts I kept rubbing it. "Are you okay? I'm sorry for shouting I just freaked out when I saw someone staring so close to me." Tae said as he helped me up. "Why are you in my room? and why were you looking at me so close?" he said. "I was watching you sleep." He blushed. "H-huh??? W-why?? *he cleared his throat* do you like me?" he said playfully while moving his brows up and down. No way would I admit that. "Don't get ahead of yourself. You got plenty of eye boogers. That's why." He immediately turned around, his face red, and started removing his eye boogers.. and I silently laughed as I watched. "Anyway, I'm here cause I wanted to ask you if you could come with me to the hospital. Today's the day for this to come off~" I playfully said while shaking my arm. --- [ Taehyung's POV ] 'Why do I feel like someone's watching me?' When I opened my eyes, Yanna was staring at me so closely. "SHIT! JESUS CHRIST, ALYANNA!! YOU SCARED ME!" I shouted causing her to get out balanced. I helped her up and asked her what she was doing and why she is here. My heart is still pounding for seeing her that close and as soon as I woke up. I teased her if she liked me and she just said I had a booger. I got disappointed there for a moment. Idiot. " "Anyway, I'm here cause I wanted to ask you if you could come with me to the hospital. Today's the day for this to come off~" "Aw acting cute huh" She was really cute. "Sorry, Yanna. But we have practice. We have to prepare a lot since our debut is less than a year now." I told her. "Oh. Okay." she frowned. "Hmm. Let's do it this way. I could ask manager if I could take you to the hospital. but we have to leave asap. And once we gwt to the doctor's office, I'll leave. is that okay?" Her face brightened up, "Sure! Thanks, TaeTae!" and she hugged me. I was taken aback by the sudden contact which she immediately broke. And it's the first time she called me TaeTae again. "Uh that was awkward. That..came out of nowhere... thanks again! I'll get ready now." she ran out of my room with an embarrassed look on her face. I closed the door, still dumbfounded. "Ugh. Taehyung, man up! You should already tell her later." I got out of the shower after 10 mins and started to get dressed, trying to boost up my confidence and look my best for my confession to her later.

I don't know when I'll make Chapter 11. Please do look forward to it cause I already have an idea on how it's going to be, and it's quite tricky. Just giving you a heads up. ;) Please leave your suggestions, requests, and reactions on the comments section below! If you want to be tagged too, just comment below :)) Tags: B:@BTSxEXO E:@EmilyCayetano J:@JaxomB T:@Taekookimonster

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