Bringing Out The Bad Boy (snippet) (Mature) Pt.1


Friendly Fire Much later, Fay and I were in front of Jimin's door waiting for him to open it. I'd one- upped his suggestion of wearing a skirt and wore a cute, but body hugging sundress that barely grazed the top of my thick thighs. I felt confident enough to see me and Jimins little game through until the end, which I hoped would be tonight. Fay was sporting a dressy pair of short- shorts and a white crop top that showed the piece of jewelry in her bellybutton. "You have my keys in case you sleep over tonight right?" Fay gave me a smirk and said, "Yeah, yall nasty asses are probably gonna disappear at some point tonight. Just know Im sleeping in your bed." "Yeah, fine. Maybe you and Yoongi can hook up too." "I just want to appreciate his gorgeous face; Im not a freak like you." "I am not a freak. You're just too scared to say more than two words to him at a time." "I'm shy, leave me alone!" "Shy, my ass, you curse like a sailor and have so much attitude with me, but you get within a mile radius of him and you clam up." "Whatever, just see if the damn door is open." I laughed at her before trying the door handle which did happen to be open. There were more than a few people crowded into the modest apartment that was a mirror of mine, except you could tell it was definitely a bachelor pad and was currently done up in an overload of party decorations, which were most likely the work of Taehyung. I chuckled a little at the garish display, squeezing through a crowd of people to the kitchen area. We filled our cups up with some concoction that came from a huge container that had chunks of fruit floating in it when I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Hey Namjoon, what's up?" His trademark platinum hair was squished under a baseball cap and I could see how rosy his cheeks were, meaning he'd been drinking for some time. He gave Fay and then me a hug giggling, actually giggling, in my ear. "Jimin is in trouble tonight." "What do you mean," I asked coyly. "Oooh, nothing. Fay, Yoongi is in the back if you were wondering." She tried to play it off at first as if she wasn't interested, but two beats later had ducked back into the crowd. We shared a knowing look before I sipped at my drink again. "Hey," he said after a moment, "Wanna dance?" I knew then that Namjoon was definitely drunk because otherwise he wouldn't be caught within 100 yards of a dance floor. I spotted Jimin behind Namjoon to the far right of the apartment and he had definitely spotted me, his eyes burning a hole into me and Namjoon. I smirked and downed my drink, accepting Namjoons offer. I don't dance usually, but sometimes I'm in the mood for it, especially if the purpose is to rile a certain person up. I wasn't going to take it too far, just enough to push some of Jimin's buttons. I led Namjoon into the crowd turning around so my ass fit comfortably in his lap, which was a feat because Namjoon is at least a foot taller than me. I put his hands on my hips as I began to dance on him twirling my hips to match the tempo of the beat, scanning the crowd trying to locate Jimin again. It took a little bit, but I saw him coming from the left of me looking like he was about to pitch a fit. "Hyung, what are you doing?!" I could hear Namjoon laughing behind me; he leaned forward and said into my ear, "Uh oh, Jiminie is about to have a tantrum." To Jimin he said, "My bad, Jiminie, I forgot she was your girl." He slipped from behind me and walked away patting Jimin on the back. I simply smiled at Jimin as if nothing happened. "You're only supposed to dance with me," he whined, pouting those tempting lips at me. He looked down at my outfit and his gaze darkened, "Especially when you're dressed like that! Noona, you want me to kill Namjoon hyung, don't you?" "Oh Chim Chim, it's not that serious. I just didn't see you and I wanted to dance," I lied. He came closer to me, his hands gripping my hips and leaned down towards my ear. "Noona… why are you lying? You just wanted to get me riled up. Well, you succeeded.l He pressed his hips into me, laying a kiss on the side of my neck that I instantly felt below. Our little moment was interrupted by a hyper Taehyung appearing from the crowd of people. "Hey guys, we're playing some drinking games in my room, come on!" I couldn't say no to Taehyung, so I followed his lead pulling a pouting Jimin behind me. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Fay were seated on the floor in a half circle. Namjoon, upon our arrival broke into a devilish smirk and nudged Yoongi who broke his façade of boredom to smirk at us. I glanced back at Jimin who was fixing them both with a glare and I lightly smacked him to snap him out of it. "Hey, I didnt do anything!" Fay was sitting between Namjoon and Yoongi with a noticeable distance between her and Yoongi. I motioned for her to move closer, but she fixed me with a stare that made me stop pushing her. I took a seat next to Namjoon with Jimin following. "Namjoon hyung, can you scoot over a little?" "Why," he asked being difficult. "Yeah why, Chim Chim? We're perfectly comfortable," I teased. Namjoon put an arm around me cuddling up closer to my side. Jimin puckered his lips in disapproval. "Hyunnnng!" I pinched his cheek telling him how cute he was. "Noona," he said waving me over. I leaned over to listen to what he had to say, "I guess I'll have to get you to scream my name so loud that hyung knows who you belong to." I pulled back a little, biting my lip to keep my emotions in check. I waved him back over. "I don't belong to anybody." "All right, we'll see." Women's liberation be damned, I was finding possessive Jimin kind of hot, but I definitely wasn't going to admit to it. "You'll see what," Fay asked smiling knowingly. I grinned back at her, ready to show her two can play this game. I leaned over to face Yoongi. "Yoongi, doesnt Fay look nice today?" He glanced at her and only said, "Yeah." I could see Fay giving me warning looks but I ignored them. "Isn't your favorite color white?" He looked at me quizzically before saying, "Yeah, howd you know?" "Oh Fa-" "Hey! How about we start these games, huh," Fay interrupted which made me and Namjoon laugh at how nervous she'd become. Yoongi first looked confused staring back and forth between me and Fay, but then I saw a glimmer of a smirk as he looked Fay over. Interesting. I felt a tap on my arm which was Jimin again. "Noona, pay attention to me. Stop playing matchmaker." "Who knew you were so needy." "Theres only one thing I need right now." His gaze was penetrating as it slid from eyes and down my body. I could practically feel him tearing my clothes off with his stare as it traveled down my breasts and down my stomach before fixing on a certain point in my lap. "Yah, lovebirds stop eye fucking each other and help choose a game," said Yoongi snapping us out of our moment. "Yo Taehyung, bring some more girls," Namjoon said. "Kay hyung, be right back." "Are we playing American or Korean because last time we played Korean drinking games, I was hungover the whole next day," said Fay. "Oh, Im ready this time. I learned up to the number ten," I said. Taehyung appeared with two more girls, presumably undergrads because I didnt recognize them. One was tall and most likely Korean and the other was a shorter, Hispanic girl. "I've got an idea," he said, "Let's play Never Have I Ever!" Fay and I locked eyes and the only thing I could say was, "Oh no…"

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