Bringing Out the Bad Boy Pt.3 (snippet) (Mature)


Full Metal Jacket It was the first time Id been in his room and I was impressed with how neat it was. There were stacks of books here and there, but they seemed to be in an orderly fashion. Even his bed was made, his black comforter arranged nicely on his bed. "If I didnt know any better, Id say you were expecting me." His mouth attacked mine in a flurry of tongue and a bit of teeth that had me moaning in his mouth this time. He had a firm grip on my hips as he flipped us around and helped guide me down on to his bed. Those same hands then traveled down to my thighs, firmly holding them as he ground his hips into mine. I rolled mine in response delighting in the harsh groan he gave me in response. My hands glided down his back until I found the hem of his shirt, trying to yank it off of his body. He helped me by pulling it over his head and I delighted in the feel of his hot skin as I retraced my steps, grabbing his ass and pulling him harder against me. His sinful lips had wandered off from my own to suck at the hollow of my neck, gently biting at it. I brought his head closer, gently tracing the shell of his ear before sucking his lobe into my mouth. I could feel his hand traveling up my dress and hooking his fingers into the sides of panties before sliding them down. His body followed, those lips leaving my neck cold. I lay on his bed wondering if he was going to do what I think he was before his lips found contact with my body again. I could feel the slickness of his tongue mixed in with the softness of his lips as they started from the inside of my thigh and worked their way up. The anticipation of that mouth, the one I'd been staring at for days, built as it came closer to where I hoped his main target was. I could feel how wet I already was as it pooled between my thighs like an invitation for him to go get it. As expected, when he got really close to my pussy, he skipped right over it and peppered my tummy with wet kisses. "You're such a fucking asshole," I told him, my hands meshing with the silkiness of his hair trying to coax him down to where I really needed him. I could hear him chuckle against my stomach eliciting a frustrated moan from me. "Noona, be patient." "Okay, remember that when its your turn." He was back in between my thighs, so dangerously close to the target. His light kisses had become longer, wetly sucking the sensitive skin of my inner thigh as his fingers tickled the folds of my pussy. "Don't make me have to tie you up," he said, stopping every so often to continue the assault on my inner thighs. Imagining him actually doing that to me wasnt helping my situation as I began to moan his name continuously, begging for him to stop his teasing. I let out a loud moan when he finally made contact with my pussy, his tongue swiping up and down my slit before circling around the most sensitive part of me. If it wasnt for the music going on out in the apartment, everyone wouldve heard me calling out his name. As he went to town, he pulled one of my thighs up, over his shoulder to give him better access. I couldn't keep still, delighting in the way he manipulated my pussy with just his tongue and lips. He pulled back suddenly, locking his eyes with mine. I held the gaze as long as I could until I noticed the sensual way he was licking my juices off his lips before giving me another surprise. I moaned out his name as two of his fingers thrust inside of me, their thickness stretching me out. He let my leg down as he captured my lips again. My breathing became more labored as his digits pistoned in and out of me, curling up to hit that nice spot that had me threatening to come undone underneath him. His lips soon joined the fray, attacking my clit with carefully planned swipes of his tongue. I could feel myself about to come, his fingers and mouth relentlessly working on my pussy. "Oh fuck, Jimin, Im coming," was the only warning I gave as I let go, tightening around his fingers and grinding my hips into his face. He let me ride it out until I went still, which is when he finally broke away and gave me a gentle kiss and lying beside me. "Shit," was all I could say, trying to catch my breath after. I turned over towards him, catching him licking his fingers off in a way that was making me want to jump on him already. I straddled him, sucking his bottom lip into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue as I grazed my hand over his body giving his dick a firm squeeze. My lips strayed over to his ears again and down to the hollow of his neck. I could tell he was restraining himself, giving me time to do what I wanted with him, his fingers dug into my hips with his efforts. I gave a lazy lick on his collarbone lightly biting the flesh with my teeth and continued my path down his body. My mouth worshipped every inch of exposed skin, his patience waning with every second. When he bucked his hips up as a signal to hurry up, I sat back up and smirked at him. "What? Is there something you want me to do?" His expression was between a pout and a glare that made me laugh. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down, slipping my hand under the waistband of his boxers giving him the skin on skin contact that he hoped for. "Is this what you wanted?" I moved my hand up and down in a circular motion, urged on by the groans coming from his mouth. "Suck it," he said with a hard edge to his voice, close to a command. I pulled his dick out of its confinement and gave one long suck, his hips bucked up again putting himself deeper into my mouth, but I accepted it without a problem. He had a firm grip on my head as I worked my mouth up and down him, swirling my tongue around the tip. Gradually I increased my pace, my hands playing over his skin. His dick stiffened inside my mouth, signaling me to increase the suction, but soon after he pulled my head up, devouring my mouth. He flipped us over, shrugging out of his bottoms. Then, reaching over the bedside to grab a condom out of a nightstand and with a little fumbling got it on. He dipped his head down and sucked on my breasts, taking the time to enjoy each one as his fingers dipped into me again. "Jimin, if you dont hurry up and fuck me already," I threatened him. I could feel him smile against my skin before coming lifting his head up to face me with that wise ass look on his face. "And what will you do, Noona?" He entered me suddenly, his eyes shut tight as he bit his lip, calling out to me. "Shit," was all I could say as he filled me up completely. Our lips met again as he began pounding into me in short, but hard strokes. I wrapped my legs around him to keep him in just the right spot that constantly sent tingles all over my body. His stamina was amazing as he kept it up, relentlessly working inside of me. I could feel my climax coming as my walls began to clench around him. Jimins face was becoming more stoic, the perspiration rolling down his face and down that gorgeous chest. I braced myself, clutching onto his shoulders as I came and soon after he followed. We stayed in that position for a few moments, catching our breath, and after he disposed of the condom, he joined me back in bed. He reached his arm around me and pulled me closer, snuggling into my neck. I was the first to fall asleep loving the feel of being in his arms and the sound of his heartbeat against my ear. I woke up the next day in one of Jimins shirts. He was still sound asleep, snoring lightly. He only had on a pair of gray sweatpants, the waistline hung so low I could tell he didnt have any underwear on. For a second, I thought about starting something up, but was distracted by my phone going off. I didnt know where I put it last night, looking around until I found it lying on the floor. I had about twenty texts, all from Fay, the most recent saying: -Im in love. I laughed out loud, but gave Jimin a quick glance hoping I hadn't woken him. He only shifted a little in his sleep. -Oh for real? Yoongi put it down like that, huh? Whens the wedding? - I should be asking you that. -Did he make you scream out oppa? -I am going to hit you. -You showed your ass last night. Luckily, you gave Yoongi some ass. -Anyway… "Who're you texting?" I jumped a little at the sound of Jimins groggy voice, so unexpectedly close to my ear. "Did I wake you?" "I didn't feel you in my arms." "Chim Chim, don't say things like that in that voice." "Whats wrong with my voice?" I gave him a kiss on the lips and nuzzled my face into his neck. "It sounds sexy as hell." "Is my normal voice not sexy," he asked, poking his lip out at me. "I swear I'll never get over how you can be such a bad boy in bed and an adorable, little goofball every other time." "Who are you calling little?" That dangerous edge was back in his voice. He was doing that sexy lip- biting thing again and the way he was looking at me meant he wasnt sleepy anymore. I guess the bad boy was out to play again.

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