Dara slays! 😍😍😍

Let me get this straight. I love 2ne1. They were my first girl group and my heart will always hurt a little when I think about how they are no longer together...

BUT! Seeing this side of Dara, a side of her that was never showcased as a member of 2ne1, makes me really happy. I feel like Dara always had that image of the "least talented member of 2ne1" or that she was just a pretty face, but I think that perhaps during the seven years that 2ne1 was together Dara's talent was never fully showcased so she was always being overshadowed. Admittedly, I've always overlooked her a little bit as well (Cl has always been my bias) , but dang! Girl has got serious stage presence! I hope that one day we'll be able to see her perform the way she did in this video, but in Korea.

Also, watching those guys' faces when Dara was stepping inbetween their legs was hilarious lol.

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