Diligent Preparation

Then comes Jesus from Galilee. It is interesting to think about the thirty silent years which Jesus spent in Galilee. During this time He had been living a quiet life in a lowly home. He had employed all His wondrous power in doing common things. He spoke in the temple about doing The Father’s business, and then for eighteen years lived in a humble home doing only the plain, common things of the day. We need not repine at our limited sphere, nor sigh for more room for our powers, since in a mechanic’s occupation, in a peasant home, in an obscure village, The Lord of glory for thirty years found room for His great life. We should notice, too, that Jesus was in no hurry to enter upon His public ministry. He took plenty of time to prepare for His work. Many young people in these days are in such haste to get into their calling that they can scarcely wait to prepare for it. Years spent in diligent preparation for life are never wasted years.

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