My Last Chance 10


"I'll ask Hina," Yoseob turned and walked back in the door. After a couple minutes he came outside with a less then happy expression on his face. "She said no," Yoseob lowered his head hearing a few annoyed breathes. "We all have roommates," Jun Hyung stated. "ahhhh why me?" Yoseob bit his lower lip and lifted a hand. "Im not sharing a room with anyone," the male cringed in defeat. "Good luck man," Gikwang smirked and patted his shoulder before shaking his head. "I'm married so even if I had the space haha," "alright where is your room Yoseob?" Hyunseung adjusted his hold on the passed out damsel that laid in his arms. "my arms about to fall asleep," Yoseob bit his lower lip as he glanced at each of his friends then back at Tae Chan. "alright it's this way," he started to move and the others followed. Once the group arrived at the door they seeked Yoseob unlocked it and moved inside. He turned the lights on before hurrying to the closest bed. Moving the blankets out of the way he waited for Hyunseung to place Tae Chan on the bed. "your coming for her at what time? Does she have any sleeping problems like sleepwalking or screaming?" "she just snores a little. Its very soft I remember and I'll be here around 8. You dont have to wake her up if you don't want to." Hyunseung stated as he moved a few strands of hair out of Tae's eyes. He took a deep breath and stood up looking at Yoseob. "she is not that hard to take care of. Just leave her alone and go to sleep," "And Yoseob. Don't feed her after midnight or she will turn into a monster...oooooo" Gikwang teased as his fingers wiggled up and down to scare Yoseob. "let's go," Junhyung rolled his eyes and lead Gikwang out the door after he put Tae Chan's heels and phone nearby. Yoseob scoffed and moved to the door. "I've seen that movie and women don't turn to monsters with long ears," he closed the door behind the others. The next morning Tae Chan slept in till about 9:30. Light from the curtains seeped through the room filling it's corners andnearby and bringing a light warmth. Tae Chan groaned lifting the blankets over her head and turning. Why did MinHyun open the curtains? Stupid woman........Minhyun!?!?! Tae Chan's eyes shot open as her body almost flung itself up. Tae looked around the room in confusion. How did she get back to her room? Who brought her? MinHyun is a big nope. Groggily the female scanned about letting her eyes adjust as she moved her hair out of her face. The room was bright and all she could make out were shapes. What in the world? She felt a small pain in the back of her head that made her suddenly feel dizzy but Tae Chan fought it. She squinted her eyes and started to move out of bed. Her hands felt around for her phone under the pillow but it wasn't there. How weird? She thought for a moment then her eyes caught sight of her phone laying on the nightstand next to her. She took the phone. Tae held the side of her head as she stood up. As her eyes adjusted she seen that she was still dressed as she was the night before. "I must have overdid it," she grumbled then started towards the dresser. Tae Chan pulled her dress over her head and was about to pull the drawer open when the door to the cottage suddenly opened. Tae's arm quickly let go of the dress shoving it down over her body as fast as she could. "pervert!!!" she jumped back. "Tae Chan? Pshhhh" Junhyung close his eyes as Hyunseung stopped behind him and Yoseob. "who are you calling a pervert when your getting naked in someone else's room?" Yoseob blushed as he covered his face. "uh what?" Tae was cought off guard. She glanced around the room noticing that there were items laying about that didn't belong to her. She felt her face burn and covered it with both hands. "I'm so sorry. I thought this was mine.....they all look identical," she pleaded. "well as long as you know then stop complaining," Hyunseung stepped inside with a tray full of food. "eat and then go back to your room," he set in down on the nightstand and watched as Tae Chan sat down on the bed. "Ummmm thank you guys. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused," she took a spoon off the tray as she glanced up at the three men. "You weren't that bad." Yoseob smiled. "we will be back in a while," at that the males left the room leaving Tae Chan with some space. Once she was done stuffing her face Tae gathered her things and fixed the bed she slept in. She found a piece of paper and a pen before writing down a thank you note to whoever it was that let her sleep in their room. She left the note and the room in a hurry with her heels and empty tray in her hands. She was now in a hurry to get back to her cottage. Tae Chan felt the need to shower and take something for her head. Quickly her feet carried her down the path to get to her destination. On the way Tae kept her mind on fixing her pain. It was amazing that she didn't see the figure that was right in front of her as she darted fast down the sidewalk. She hit the other person head on feeling yet another jolt of pain rush to her head. Tae gasped as the other female let out a yelp. "Ahh Ahhh," the other woman stumbled to turn around while a whimpering Tae held her head in one hand. "Tae Chan?!?!?! Watch where your going idiot!" MinHyun growled then suddenly stopped. "wait where did you sleep last night?" she sfolded her arms and studied the girl in front of her. Tae Chan glanced around the floor making sure she didn't drop anything from the tray before looking at MinHyun. "A friends room," she stated. "can I go now?" "fine whatever." MinHyun held up her hands. "I'm just curious since I wasn't disturbed is all.....wait I didn't see you with Hina, " the females eyes switched from one emotion to the next. "Is this your how do they call it? Walk of shame?" MinHyun smirked crossing her arms. "I passed out fully clothed so don't accuse me right now," "and that explains why your in such a hurry. Oh he even was sweet enough to bring you breakfast before kicking you out of his room. How sweet," MinHyun eyeballed the tray in Tae Chan's hands. "you look like a train hit you so just admit it. Your not as good as you used to be. Make-up smudged and your hair is messy. I guess America changed you little miss goodytushoes." Seriously? Was this harpy really accusing Tae of something she mastered a long time ago? Tae Chan grumbled and opened her mouth. "I don't have to tell you anything," she lifted her chin and walked passed MinHyun.


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