Sad News for WAVE :*(


I Am Speechless

They have made a personal decision with their company to leave both the group and the company. (A full translation of Zuk’s instagram post explaining everything will be posted later today. For now, you can send them both words of encouragement.

From Kichun's IG.

Zuk's letterabove"WAVES, I know we’re all very very sad about the news of Zuk and Kichun leaving Bigflo… So, for their sake, we’d like to start a tag on Twitter called #재욱_기천_고마워요 (#Jaewook_Kichun_ThankYou). Please contribute anything to the tag, and please spread this as much as possible. Ask everyone you know to participate, to spread this around, even people who aren’t Waves - people in any fandom can understand the pain of losing one group member, let alone two. If this gains enough momentum I’ll even personally dm both Zuk and Kichun so they can see that we still care about them and love them. Go, Waves! Spread this!!" From fyeahbigflo

Even for myself I don't know how to comprehend this right now. I'm in tears. I'll support them no matter what but, I wish we could've had Kichun longer. He had only joined the group last year for their Incant comeback and now he's leaving. Furthermore, Zuk was placed as temp leader for the group after Jungkyun enlisted so it's unclear who will take that position now. Maybe Ron... I wonder how the other members are taking this. Especially Jungkyun since he's in service rn. It's also reported they're adding a new member before they make their comeback early next year. Though the newer member is not at fault for this, I hope they make good memories with the remaining members.

No can replace Kichun and Zuk but we shall welcome the new member with open arms. We'll never forget the lovely memories we had with you guys!

Zuk, Kichun, thank you for the time you spent with the group. We won't forget you~

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