10 Exciting Animes That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seats!


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Fairy Tail

This action filled anime has excitement to spare! Filled with hardcore action fights, love interests, magic, weapons, dragons, just name it because Fairy Tail has it all!


One Piece

This pirate anime has as much excitement as it does silliness! From cyborgs and taking skeletons to fruits that give you strange abilities, there is no shortage of anything here!


Dragon Ball Z

This anime is the definition of hardcore! From massive attacks to super powered villains! This anine has no short of insane and exciting fights!


Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Ninjas, need I say anything else? This anime has all sorts of ninja weapons and attacks! Weather it's a super cool ninjutsue or a tailed beast, your in for an exciting fight!



Will they win or lose, that is the question! These swimmers plan to take home the gold, and look amazing while doing it! Is this exciting or what!


Yuri!!! On Ice!

Talking about taking home gold, here is another athlete we are rooting for! Go Yuri, take gold, show everyone how your the best ice skater ever! Oh and Victor too!



This anime might be a bit dirty, but it doesn't give any shortage of excitement....... or boobs for that matter! Will they defeat the invaders and save Earth?


Fruits Basket

Who will she pick? What's wrong with Kyo? Why is Yuki acting like this? Watch this anime to find out!


Gurren Lagann

Beast men, gundam, the moon! What's next in this crazy exciting anime? Whether it takes place underground or up in space there is always enough excitement to go around!


Blue Exorcist

Demons fighting demons? I know it sounds strange but that's what happens in this exciting anime! And it all revolves around young Rin Okumara! Why you ask? Guess your gonna have to watch it to find out!


Honorable Mentions!

Fullmetal Alchemists: Brotherhood

Corpse Party

My Little Monster

One Punch Man


As you can see there are a lot of fun an exciting animes to watch! How ever they excite you, they are a joy to watch none the less. Talking about joy tune in next week, the theme to keep in the holiday spirit is Joy! You won't want to miss it! Also you can drop us a comment down below if you want to be added to our anime taglist! Have a fantastic day everyone!

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