Epik High's Sasaeng Anthem

I absolutely love Epik High.

One of the first songs I heard by them was this one, 'Fan.'

The lyrics and video talk about a stalker, a sasaeng, someone almost insane with love and the person doesn't know they exist.

The video is extremely creepy and the lyrics make it all the more haunting:

[Chorus] Oh! (Even if I can't have you)

Even if it's only in my mind

(Even if I can't touch you)

Even if it's only a meaningless dream

(Even if I can't talk to you)

Even if I hide and watch from far away

(You know I do)

I love you

(Even if you don't know who I am)

Oh baby don't you know, you don't even know my name

I spend my sleepless nights gazing at you

Oh so beautiful, your solo picture clutched in my hand

The heartbreak of my crazy love buried in the cheers of the world

You're not even listening, you wouldn't even know if I died

Even in your next life you will live without knowing who I am

I want you so bad and it's too late to turn back

Even tonight I want to kiss you so I clutch my pillow tight

Today is our first meeting right?

Only you have this sort of dialogue

Again today I talk to your retreating figure

It's always the same thing but still I give a nervous hello

Even though the whole world's stops listening, I only need you to hear me

The further you are the hardened my heart becomes, please listen to me

Farther, and farther, fortune works wherever

Will I be able to see you? (Tell me)


Darling, why are you not smiling today?

It would be nice if it was not a big problem

I couldn't look at your face filled with anxiety

It would be better if I was in pain but the impossibility of that brings regret

Hold me, the one who could respond to your question of “how are you?”

Can't come close, can't touch, you're the one I can't hold

I'm going to go meet you tonight in my dreams

Even if in my dreams everyone ridicules my love

Even though everyone says I am crazy and the entire world disappears

Babe you belong to me, but why are the worthless multitudes talking you away?

No, there is no way. I'll make you see only me

I'll give you everything, I'll make your lips meet mine, I'll go get the world and give it to you

I'll make it so you can never leave me, I'll keep you in my sunken heart

You are My star, I'm your no.1 fan

Baby please, take my hand


Boys and Girls in a crazy love say oh! oh! oh!

Boys and Girls in a stupid love say oh! oh! oh!

Boys and Girls in a meaningless love say oh! oh! oh!

Boys and Girls in a love like mine say oh! oh! oh!

Even if you don't know who I am!!


Anyone else love this?

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