The Best Beauty Advice for Your Face Shape

Did you know that depending on the shape of your face, makeup application can differ dramatically between those with a round or oval shaped face? If you’ve ever wondered why certain makeup just didn’t look right, it may have just been because you applied it in a way that doesn’t flatter the shape of your face. Well, worry no more, ladies. Here are the proven application techniques that will flatter each face shape. 1. Brows Well groomed eyebrows are essential to anchor any eye-makeup you apply and accentuate your natural features. If you have a square face… You can pull off big and bold brows! If you have a long face shape… Flat and straight brows are best. If you have a round face… Go for sculpted, arched brows to open up your face. If you have a heart shaped face… Arched brows are also your best bet. 2. Blush Blush is one of my essential beauty items, along with mascara. I trust it to brighten up my entire face with just a sweep of color. All face shapes should begin blush application on the apples of their cheeks, then: For oval faces… You don’t have to anything else. Blush just on the apples of your cheeks is most flattering and natural. For long faces… Sweep the blush out towards your ears to balance your shape. For square faces… Take the blush from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples for a subtle lift. For round faces… Blend the blush slightly inward, without getting too close to your nose. 3. Highlighter Highlighters are a perfect way to subtly bring light to certain areas of your face and accentuate those features. If you’re heartshaped… Accentuate the sides of the mouth. If you’re round shaped… Highlight the chin. If you’ve got a long-shaped face… Highlight the temples and sides of the mouth. If you’re square-shaped… Accentuate with highlighter applied to the temples. 4. Lipcolor Yes, the flattering shade of lipsticks and glosses not only depends on your skin tone, but your face shape, too. For round faces… Try bold lip colors in shades of red and pink. For square faces… Go for softer shades to draw attention to the lower part of the face. For long faces… Keep it natural with sheer shades. For heart shaped faces… Try darker lip shades to balance out your face. Lastly, just do what works! Your face shape may not fall perfectly into one of the categories above, so experiment ‘til you discover what works best for you. Makeup is meant to be played with, so don’t be afraid to try new things out. Will you try any of these makeup tricks to flatter your face?

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