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Warning: may contain sexual content and/or cussing

Word count: 1014


“I know I screwed up…If I forget about it ever happening… will you please talk to me?” I stop walking away and turned to look at him. He looked relieved that I had stopped for him. “Walk with me back to the dorm?” I started walking and he ran to catch up with me. We walked back in silence, which was weird for Tae to be so quiet. “Tae?” “Yeah,” He responded. “We can only be friends…” I retorted plainly. “I know…I’m…I’m sorry.” I didn’t want to do that, but I already have too much stuff going on to get him involved. I didn’t need to take him down this hole with me. Mary was right about one thing, I’ve dung myself a hole and if one of them say something, it’s my ass and they shouldn’t go down with me.

“No, it’s okay Taehyung…It was not your fault it was mine. I shouldn’t have let you kiss me…” He grabbed my arm and I when I was ahead of him. “Why are you pushing me away?” “Because it’s the easiest thing to do right now… I really don’t want to hurt you…” “How do you know that you’ll hurt me if you won’t even look at me while I talk to you? You’re hurting me more now more than ever…” He paused. I felt my arm being tugged with an enough force that it made me collide with him. He held me tightly in a hug. “I want to be your friend, just let me be your friend…”

I mulled it over for a few seconds and said “Okay, we can be friends… but nothing more, just friends…” the rest of the trip back to the dorms were practically silent. The only thing that made a sound was our surroundings and my thoughts swirling in my brain as I tried to make since of my life currently… my life has flip flopped in less than a week and I was still trying to wrap my mind around the insanity of it while thinking it couldn’t get any worse…but clearly, I was wrong because it got a hell of a lot more confusing, exiting, depressing and happy all at once.

Jin had let us in after Taehyung and I had walked all the way there. He had offered me something to drink, but I refused. I raised up Kookie’s phone and said “I bumped into Jungkook earlier and our phones got switched. I came to get mine back…” he allowed me to go to his room. I knocked on Jungkook’s door and sighed when he didn’t answer the first time. I knocked again, but this time a little harder. Still, there wasn’t any answer, so I just barged in. As I opened the door, Jungkook had his back towards me, his head phones on, and he was working on the computer. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around with a jump. “You know you shouldn’t sneak up on a person like that… What brings you here?” “Well, earlier when we ran into each other, we switched phones. I came to trade for mine back…” I replied as he stood up and looked for the phone. He pulled it out of his work bag and handed mine back to me. I shoved it into my pocket quickly, but before I gave him his phone back I decided that I was going to tease him a bit.

Jungkook reached for the phone in my hand, I jerked it back before he could get it. “I have something to say before I give this phone back to you…” he squinted his eyes in confusion. “You should really learn to clear your search history…” I smiled deviously at him. At first his expression didn’t change, but then he his face became a light shade of pink. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” he tried to cover his embarrassment up. “I mean the porn you have been looking up…does that ring any bells?” I asked as his face grew darker shade of pink. “Just give me my phone back…” I jerked my hand father away from him so he couldn’t reach it and I let a smirk come across my face. “Oh, you think this is fun and games…huh?” he asked. His serious face had change into a more of a playful smile.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. This whipped the smile off my lips, as I was about to pull away from him, not expecting him to be acting like he was. “What are you doing?” I was asking him, but I was cut short by his lips pressing against mine. My eyes were wide with shock, but I didn’t pull away. I could feel his hands searching for his phone as he pulled my arm back to my side. He finally let me go when he retrieved his phone.

He winked at me and turned back around to sit back down to his desk, sliding his head phones back on before getting back to work on his computer. I turned and quickly escaped to room and slammed the door behind me. I needed to stop playing these games or things will just get worse from here. My mine keeps thinking about what Mary had said before “Do you know what would happen if either of them found out?” “No, but I don’t intend to find out… no more… no more. I can’t risk this anymore… not ever again…” “Is everything okay?” it was Taehyung standing in the hall way a few feet away from me. “No, but it will be…” I replied not looking into his eyes. I pushed pass him and made my way out of their dorm room, going back to my own.

I reached my room, I felt like I hadn’t been breathing this whole time, so it felt as if I just took my first breath. My whole body shook as I tried to regain my composer. I heard a knock on the door…

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