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12:21 AM DK:Who wants to get the comments on this post up to one thousand"People who can, don’t give up and just write"DK: "I didn’t think we’d make it over a thousand.."12:44 AM

This is something you’ve never seen right?Dokyun's comments:"Ok, just come to instagram for now... I’m posting something right now.."

Silly DoKyun lol Kyungil posted this photo

1:08 AM Instagram DK: "You haven’t seen this right" 1:12 AMDK: "Sigh,, This is a picture Kyungil hyung took on my phone, I didn’t know he posted it.. What to do now.. I’ll promise next time.. STORIA1:19 AMDK:This one I really know

"I will definitely regret this tomorrow.." "That everyone.. is me.." "I will definitely regret this …"

I could just have 5 baby Dokyun's and I'll be so happy!!!

DK: "Since we miss him #WhatTheHeck"


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