First snow

Who: Reader x Chase Malone What: It's the twelve smutty days of Christmas and your true love gave you a smutty story that turned your real life into a smutty wonderland. You know the big bang theory? Let me introduce you to the big Smut theory Story: N/a

"Chase! Come look at this!" You screamed. "What is it babe?" He said coming out of your kitchen. You were in your bedroom looking out of the blinds. You had your Santa dress on and black thigh highs on with short black heels. Had you been going outside you would've been seen as crazy but you were having people over for a small party, among those people were Jay, Loco and Gray since they weren't doing anything for Christmas. Cha cha wasn't going back to Seattle until after new year's so you two had some time left with each other. He came up behind you as you watched the white fluffy snow dance from the clouds to the ground below. The way they fell softly had you feeling in a romantic mood. Chase snaked his arms around your waste and he licked his lips of the chocolate batter he probably stole from your mixing bowl. He kissed the nape of your neck causing a coil in your stomach and then his voice met your ear. "Hello beautiful." He whispered. You smiled at him but pointed at your window. "It's snowing, look at it." You said. It was your first snow since you lived in the tropics and then in the desert area most of your life. Your interest in music production brought you to Korea since you'd been a fan of K-pop and that led you to meeting Jay. Jay introduced you to Cha cha and the rest was history. Despite only knowing each other for eight months, Chase knew everything about how to make you weak to him. He was using it against you now. While you continued to marvel over the snow you'd seen for the first time, Chase kissed your neck again. Little by little he added his tongue making you moan. "Cha cha look at the snow." You whined like a child. "I've seen snow before babe." He said into your neck. His arms brought you closer into his body he sucked more on your neck. Your hands went to his arms trying to pry him off of you. "I haven't and I want to watch a little." You said. "You look so fucking hot in this dress babe. I want to fuck you so bad." He whispered in your ear, clearly only one thing was on his mind. "Cha cha," You moaned. "I want to watch the snow." He pushed you so you bent over and your hands were pressed against the window. "Then watch babe." He said. He lifted up your dress so he could view your ass. His hand running over it and then curling into the trim of your thong. He pulled them down before he got on his knees and his tongue swiped your slit. You moaned calling his name and he answered with hums. You came down on his face and he slapped your ass making you straighten your legs and push against the window a bit harder. "Cha-Chase, stop." You moaned. "You want me to stop even though you're this wet? You're all dirty Y/n let me clean you up." He said before going back to lick you. "You'll ruin my dress." You whined. He simply hummed into your folds. The intense pleasure had you rolling your eyes and moaning his name into the room. Your head thrown back and your hands pushing against the window. He came off your clit with a pop sound. "Shit babe you taste so good. I need more." He said. You were taken by surprise when he stood up and quickly pushed you down on the bed. You pulled your dress down to cover yourself and then crossed your legs while he pulled off his shirt and pants. The reveal of his abs had your body warmer but you put on a pout face anyway and kept yourself covered. He laughed when he noticed you. "Baby," he cooed. He crawled over your form pushing one hand up your dress and touching your body while he leaned on his elbow by your face. "You think you can stop me?" He whispered. "You always said you'd never do anything I don't want." You pouted playfully. "You're right baby but are you really going to leave me like this? You can't prance around in a sexy dress like that wearing a thong no less and not expect me to want you. Come on babe take responsibility for what you've done." He said into your neck as he kissed it. His hand came out of your dress to place one of your guarding hands on his hard on. You moaned as soon as you felt him large and in charge in your hand. You looked down while Chase's lips continued on your neck, "Damn." you said. He chuckled into your skin. "This is what you do to me." "Don't ruin my dress Chase." You whined. "Then take it off babe. I want to see all of you." He pulled away so you could pull it off. You stood up pulling the dress over your head and tossed it too the ground. "Damn baby girl no bra either." He said licking his lips. You rolled your eyes embarrassed. You went for your thigh highs but he said, "No leave those on. You look so sexy like that." He held out his hand to you and you took it. He pulled you close to him, standing up so he could tower over you. He kissed you while bringing his hand to the back of your neck then up to your head. His fingers ran through your hair before he lightly tugged your head back. Your hand moved from his chest to his arm as you took in a quick breath. You swallowed at the look in his eyes. His eyes were much darker than before his teasing face was now more serious and your heart was racing. "You look so fucking sexy Y/n. I wanna eat you up." "Cha-" "Turn around." He demanded in the middle of your breathless call. He let go of your hair and you turned around. You could feel his fingers roam your entrance before he pushed them into you causing you to cry out. You bent over, your hands finding the desk by your window, he pumped his fingers into you quick allowing no real time to get adjusted. He moved them quickly, making you moan loud and you shook your head feeling so good. You bit your bottom lip then suddenly his fingers left you only for him to fill you up again. You moaned at the way he stretched you out. He was amazingly big and it was always hot to feel him completely inside you. He kissed the side of your neck and licked it before he said, "You wanted to watch the snow babe so watch it while I fuck you." You moaned in a small voice but when he started to move inside you fast and rough, your head went back. He pushed your head back down so that you could look at the snow falling. It was so gentle, white and pretty a huge contrast to how hot and hard he was against your body. He pulled you on him harder making you cry out. You gripped the desk and felt him pull out of you then push into you again while he pulled you on him. You moaned loud and you hung your head trying to catch your breath. He wrapped his hand around your neck and had you look up again. He kissed the side of your neck, "You sound amazing." He said still fucking you hard and fast. He snuck his finger into your mouth and you sucked on it while his other hand gripped your ass. He slammed into you again squeezing your cheek and your mouth opened releasing a loud moan and his finger. Your body jerked against his despite not having come yet. He slapped your ass while moving in you, five times you counted hearing the loud smack echo in the room. Your butt was burning, your body was hot, you were so turned on. You felt his hands come to your naked breast and he teased your nipples, pinching, twisting and rolling over them making you cry and whimper his name. With each motion he made against your body, you were losing your mind and the once beautiful snow that had your attention was no longer on your mind. You pushed back onto him while he was slamming back into you. "Chase!" You said in a high pitch. "Fuck babe." He said. He pulled out of you and pushed you onto the bed quickly and hard. He pushed your legs wide open and began to grind against your clit. His fingers went to your thighs running over your thigh highs. He lifted your leg onto his shoulder and slowly entered you. You sighed, "Cha cha." You whined. "I love your voice babe." He said leaning over you. He pulled out of you until he was almost out and then slammed into you making you cry and grip the bed sheets. He kissed your calf moving harshly inside of you. Your hand ran through your hair, his hard thrusts moving your body hard and the bed even harder. The head board rocking at the same rhythm as his hips. He lifted your head off the bed and made you look him in the eyes as he fucked you. Your hand went to his neck, so much pleasure was going through your body your eyes were struggling to stay open. Your mouth was open moaning his name, whining with every amazing hard thrust. He was so deep inside you and you were so ready to come. He kissed you, he pushed you back on the bed and kissed you and lifted your ass higher. You screamed at him hitting your g spot. Your body shaking and ready for your release. "Chase!" "Don't come yet." He said. "Cha cha! Oh my god." Your hand ran through your hair again. He brought his hand to your neck coming down on you harder and faster. "Shit babe squeeze me tighter." he said. You had tightened even more around him and his moan let you know he was feeling good. "I'm gonna come." You squealed. He pressed his forehead against yours breathing against your lips. "Baby." He whispered. The way he called to you with his body hot and sweating, your legs shaking, you felt yourself closer than before. "Cha cha!" "Shit." He said. You felt him release inside you, your toes curled and your body jerked as your screams came down. You both had come at the same time and the way your body tensed while he continued to roughly and brokenly fuck you had you shaking more. Your moans broke up and then his lips covered yours in a fast and hungry kiss. He grabbed your wrist and raised them above your head and pinned them to the bed while he kissed you, his body still riding into yours. "I missed you babe." He said into your neck. You smiled, "I missed you too." Your eyes went back to the window for a second and you saw the snow still falling gently to the ground. It was such a beautiful sight and it had your complete attention once again. You smiled and then looked back at Chase after a while. You sat up and he said, "I really like that dress on you babe, just make sure you behave at the party," he kissed the side of your face. "Or I'll have to punish you." You looked back at him while picking up your dress. You could see him eyeing your thigh highs on your naked body while he bit his lip. You could behave, the question was could he....

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