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Part One

Everyone was gathered around. All sitting on the court, as the coach was impatiently waiting for himself to calm down. He couldn't help but feel angry. They worked so hard and so well together, but just what in the hell happened this past week? Why all of a sudden has it fallen? The team isn't a team anymore. Now we're just a mess of feathers piled everywhere. Birds who have been caught in midair and stomped on. Finally, after enough screaming silence he spoke, but it was not kind or soft. "What the hell is wrong with everyone! Why aren't we cooperating as a team! You're all arguing with each other and not syncing in matches! I don't understand what happened to us! We are Karasuno! The crows! We will rise! Now we are learning how to fly again. I want you all to come in early tommorow. I don't care what plans you had over the weekend, you will come to this practice or sit out in games and not play, it's up to you to decide what's right. That's all! Dismissed!" And as coach Ukai walked away, he seen the players lower their heads in shame. They know that they aren't playing their best and getting along. He just hopes that they understand what to do to fix it and make themselves stronger.

The next day, Ukai was driving to the school, when he heard a song playing. It was a little muffuled but could hear it none the less. He turned down his radio and listened. They sounded so happy and so in sync. He usually didn't listen to the "in" songs, but they were just so perfectly in tuned he lost track, almost crashing into a pole! He parked on the side of the street and followed the sound of a real team. He came to a stop, right in front of a store with a television in the window, full blast up, with the audio in beautiful harmony. He found it! The source of a true team at work! Definitely not his style though. It was a boy group. He might have heard the name a few times, but that's it. They were getting popular as it seemed more people talked about them and I believe, two other groups as well. He watched them dance and sing, all together as they had wonderous rythmn and vocals that fit as one. He watched as the tall one with grace held a hand to his heart. The other as his red hair swished at his bouncy and up-beat movement. One who had a royal stance to him. One who had kind of long hair that gave a kiss to the camera. The man next to him, gave a bow to it, as if he was trained to be traditional. Then, the screen showed a tall, yellow goldenish haired man, who made a cute pose and smiled bright. And last, but most importantly not least, the camera turned to a man that wore a hat and he had his findernails painted black. He put a fist in the air, almost as if celebrating something, then it quickly showed them all, posing and having fun. Smiles big and applause even bigger and louder. They finished their performance and waved while walking off stage. Coach Ukai saw the perfection they had as a group and the steps they took were in beat. He couldn't honestly believe that a boyband could have so much, team work! Then, there it was, the name, an agency, the the screen gave him an answer to what he had been searching for. He wasn't one for miracles, but here it was. Staring him in the face. This is what Karasuno needs in order to be a true team in sync. He needed a way to contact this agency and get an arangement made. All he had to do was look up the name and get the number, and so he was going to do that. He looked down at his phone which had 14 missed calls and one call now. "Ah crap!" He than answered his phone. "Hello? Yeah, yeah, I'm on my way right now! And I think I found what we're lacking! You'll see soon enough!"

Finally, the end of practice, but still no signs of improvement. While the players were cleaning up and doing a few more spikes in, coach Ukai took this opportunity to call. He went outside and dialed the number. The butterflies in his stomach grew with each passing ring. At last, someone picked up. It was a man, sounding serious, yet somehow joyous. "Hello? I'm coach Ukai from the Karasuno volleyball team and I believe you can help, this could also benefit you as well. It's nice to finally get a hold of you, Saotome. From Shining Saotome, the one who owns the ever so growung boyband, STARISH." The man on the other line, grew quiet. He wanted to hear everything, how this would beneift him.

The doors slamed opened and you could hear a loud cheer from the man who opened it a few moments ago. "Aaahhhh!" Went the oranged haired player. "W-what?! You scared me! What are you so happy about coach?" asked Hinata, the orange haired midget. "Everyone, gather around, now!" The coach ordered his, so called team. Everyone dropped what they were doing and gathered on the floor, sitting in front of Ukai, all wondering why he was so damn happy. "I'll have you know, I'm extremely disappointed in you all not getting along. So I contacted some help. They will get here in one week. I want you all to behave yourselves when they get here! I hope you all understand this. I don't care what you think of them or what their, profession is. They are a more better team then you are and you will listen to them!" The players looked around, not pleased but accepted it all. "I hope you all like stars, because when they leave, you'll be sparkling." The Karasuno volleyball team looked around puzzled, wondering what their coach had in store for them. Soon, in one week, they'd all understand what he meant.

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