La La Land: As Perfect As They Say?

I went into La La Land knowing about the stellar reviews it was given.

I'll admit, some scenes were laugh out loud funny and every scene was visually stunning, but there were some moments that made the film seem a little too long for me.

I think the director was paying tribute to the old dream of Hollywood but at least two of the musical scenes felt too long :/

However, Emma and Ryan did an amazing job - they were realistic dreamers.

Emma, who played a wannabe actress, and Ryan who played a struggling musician, had the dreams and lifestyles of many young people in Hollywood.

They moved out to LA with dreams of hitting it big and usually end up with part time jobs and no call backs. They didn't make this seem romantic at all (although Emma had the most amazing wardrobe for a struggling artist that I've ever seen)

They fought like a real couple, they loved like a real couple.

Overall, I felt that it wasn't a waste of my time. It was a cute story, and the directing (though odd at times) is very different from what we've been seeing in theatres lately.


If you have time, watch it, but if you're saving money - just wait til this is on Netflix <3

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