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I was spinning in a chair, waiting in the studio for my Boo to come back. He had gone out to get us hot chocolate. We were in thr holiday spirit already apparentlt, cause our favorite drink was spiked egg nog, and hot coco. I was even wearing flannel pants with rain deer on them, and my black a6ove sweater.... well his haha. I always put on his sweater when he leaves it around somewhere. It smells just like him, and its my imagination wonder. I snuggles up to his sweater, while I spin around once more. "Is my little Eskimo cold and bored... wait that my sweater." I slow down the chair spinning, until it stoppd. I was a bit dizzy now, as he looked at me. He had his handful with a DBZ and starwars mugs. "You are forever wearing my stuff. You're lucky you're my girlfriend." He smiled warmly before, handing me the starwars mug. "Its not my fault, you left it there on thr couch. It was calling my name." He peck my lips, before taking thr chair beside me. "So Chase, are we gonna get this christmas jingle going, or what?" I was a music producer just like my man. He wanted me to collaborate with him for a holiday track. "You alright witb Featuring your vocals on thr track too?" I hum whilst tapping a sip of my coco. "Even if its you moaning my name?" I cough at his comment, nearly having thr coco come out my nose. I cover my mouth with my sleeve, as he took the coco from me "I'm so sorry y/n, I didn't intend to catch you that off guard." I softly slapped his muscular arm. "Yah! no joking about that... you're still on thin ice for that track you did with Jay." Chase grinned proudly while I glared at him. "You mean about me singing about grabbing your booty?" I held my legs close to my chest and pretend to kick him. When Chase told me that he was thinking about me, when he came up with his part for Feature. I was honestly flattered, until I heard the lyrics. Jay had gotten him to talk about things he would do to me. If not wanted to do with me. I was embarrass and had throw pillows at them both. Chase knew how it bother me, and teased me from time to time. "Seriously, you're still have me in the dog house for that?" I puff my cheeks as I pouted and turn my chair away from him. "I regret nothing, cause you made me sexually fustrated when we did that song." I glare at him with my cheeks still puff. Chase chuckle before squishing my cheeks. I sighed, and was reward with a kiss for ending my pouting moment. "I didn't want to make you sexually fustrated. I was too... it was my time of month though." He raise his eyebrow for a moment, before turning back to the board. I took my hot coco again, and drank more. "Didn't you just finish your time a month a few days ago?" I froze, with the mug at my lips. He remember, which was bad news to me. It meant he knew I was still horny. I was always at my peck of sexual fustration when that time came. Chase had this bad habit of feeding that fustration, two days after it ended. He got up from thr board, and went behind me. "Aren't you hungry?" He whisper in my ear, after making me put down my coco. "You mean you are thirsty." I teased him, but thr result was him pulling my chair into the sound booth. I giggled and held onto the chair for dear life. "Cause I love you, I always give you two to three day grace period afterwards." I felt his hands running down my arms. "But you know the say you marry me, that going out the window." I looked up at him, a bit caught off guard by his words. Chase took advantage of thr moment, and softly kissed my lips. His hands moving under my flannel pants, to rub my thighs. He was always so gentle with me, but direct on what he wanted. I broke the kiss to point at the micophone. "If that is on, I swear Chase. I will cut you off for a month." He just grin, before pulling his hands out my pants. "Oh come on, not my fault harmonizing with your body sounds like beautiful music." I glared at him, while he move to be in front of me. He winked at me, before leaning down to kiss my lips. I touch his face with both my hands, as one of his found their way to my waist. Chase used his free hand to slip under my panties, and rub me. I whimper into the kiss, as he reminded me how much I long for his touch. He moved the hand on my waist to my booty. I felt my flannel santa pants being tugged at, and notice the hand on my rear, was trying to pull them off. I remove my hands from his face, to lift myself up a bit. He instantly moved his hands fast, and pulled my pants along with panties off. He got down on his knees, and parted my legs. "Y-yah Chase!" He smirked whilst I cover my womanhood with my hands. "Unless you are planning to play with yourself, you better let me make you song for me." I felt my face warm up, as he firmly grabbed my behind. My hands intinctly grabbed thr chair arms, when he moved me closer to the edge of the chair. His lips pinch my clit between them, before Chase's tongue makde its assult. I started breathing heavily, and closed my eyes. Had my legs resting on his shoulder, as he made a meal out of me. Sending waves after waves of pleasurable sentations. my hand had moved from the chair to run my fingers through his hair. Chase flatten his tongue, to dip, as he replace his tongue on my clit with his thumb. My toes curled as I gasp from the sudden change. "Yi Papi..." He chuckled softly, when he slowly stopped. I whimper in disappointment, from not being allow to hit my climax. "No whimpering, I'm just planning to give you something stronger." He winked, whilst he pulled down his flannel SeaHawk pants. Lean up towards him to kiss him, but he beat mr to it. Chase interlock his lips with mine, making me taste myself. He adjusted my hips to be level with his own, before thrusting himself inside of my heat. He move slowly, making my moan soft, enough to sound like a hum. He rest his forehead on my own, as he rubbed my thighs. "Ready to me my sexual collaboration?" I giggled softly, whilst wraping my arms around his neck. "Gonna grab me by my booty too?" Chase chuckled, as he actually did grab my rear. He then push the chair away, to lay me down on the floor. "Of course... you know I'm an ass man." I licked his lips, earning me a quick thrust from his hips. A loud moan slip pass my lips as an result. He pulled me in close so I was now staddling him. He started kissing my neck, whilst his hands give my the signal to move my hips. Without hesitation, I started moving my hips against, with his hands still on my behind. Telling me the pace he desire. I threw my head back, while pleasure wash over my entire core. "Oh ChaCha!" He groan when I cry out his nickname. I rarely ever said it unless we were with his foreign friends that didn't speak English. I felt him getting harder inside of me from my moaning his nickname. "Oh shit baby girl!" Chase started bucking his hips in sync with my own. The pleasuring to over my mind, and had me mewing so much, I felt like I was actually singing. "Damn baby... I'm about to cum.... cum with me." I nodded my head, and started to make out with him. The moment our climax was reached, I had a hand full of his shirt, and moan loudly into the kiss. He slowly lay me down. on the floor, while gently laying in top of me. Chase kiss my cheekb and rest his head on my shoulder. I pet his head, as er both ease our way down from this high. "God I can't wait to make you my wife. You'll be on all my songs." There it was again, Chase brought up the subject of marriage. I knew we were dating for 2 years now, but he seem to want to wife me. He got upb and removed himself from my body. He then reach into the sweater and look out a tiny box from the pouch. "I know this isn't the right timing, but I can't wait til Christmas. Y/n will you marry me?" Chase open the box to reveal a beautiful sapphire diamond ring. I sat up, to get a closer look. I smiled warmly before kissing him. "Yes... I would love to be Mrs. Malone."


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