And Jesus... saw two brethren... casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. It is interesting to notice the kinds of persons Christ sought for disciples. He wanted men who could be influenced by Him for good, whom He could train in the ways of His kingdom. It may be noticed, too, that He did not take those who were unemployed: He went among those who were busy in their common work. Jesus is always looking for men to enter with Him into the work of His kingdom. He does not choose those who are wise in this world’s wisdom, for they might not readily accept the wisdom which He teaches. He goes among those who are simple–hearted, warm–hearted, and who are busy at their duty of the day. God found a king for Israel in a boy keeping sheep. He found a prophet to succeed Elijah in a young man ploughing in the field. If we would be chosen to take part in Christ’s work, we must seek to be ready for it, with warm heart, mind open to receive truth, and ready for any service to which God may call us.

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