Someone Will Kiss Me (Jay Park Holiday FanFic Entry)

Hello everybody! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

This is my second entry to the holiday fanfiction event that is going on. This story stars Jay Park as one of the main characters in this story, since I didn't feel like he got much in the last contest either.

I hope you all enjoy reading this fanfic as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you aren't familiar with Jay Park then please check out his music!! He's pretty popular so I hope you all know who is at least, and if you don't then that's fine too, now you do!

This story is shorter than my last one (still not as short as I wanted it to be Dx) so I hope you guys like it. I'm hoping to write more stories for this contest, but to be honest, I really hope more of you guys enter stories for this contest!!!!

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Hope you all enjoy this fluffy/angst holiday themed fanfiction with Jay Park~ ^-^


Snow began to fall outside as my mother and father came down the stairs to sit on the couch that rested in front of our Christmas tree. My sister and I were already handing each other our presents. My parents opened their presents first and my mother got a beautiful beige coat and black leather gloves, while my father got a new razor and a book. My sister then opened her presents and got a new drawing book with beautiful colored pencils.

It was then my turn to open my presents. There were two from my parents and my sister, but I found a small present decorated in white and blue wrapping paper that had been hidden underneath the tree. The present didn’t say who it was from. My heart started to pound against my chest. Oh no. Please, not yet. I’m not ready!

I hesitantly began to open the present with the encouraging words from my family, but I already knew what was inside, and so did they. I finished tearing the wrapping paper off and I lifted the lid off the box. I closed my eyes and pulled the object out of the box. My family gasped and started congratulating me. I opened my eyes and, as my parents began to hug me and say how excited they were for me, I stared at the item in my hand: a mistletoe. I had finally come to age to kiss.


I was standing with a bunch of women of different ages. Some young and some old. Even some guys stood in the line with us. The line led up to a small dark oak gazebo that was decorated in multiple Christmas lights. In the center of the gazebo was a gorgeous, large mistletoe that hung from the ceiling. On the far right of the gazebo was a clump of men, also of different ages, wearing beautiful tailored suits that were all pinned with the same small mistletoes that matched the ones pinned on the woman. Some women in suits were also scattered throughout the group.

Snow had begun falling and I watched the women shiver in their beautiful long dresses, thankfully also wearing coats that matched the dresses and kept the women warm. I rubbed my arms and tried to focus on how cold I was instead of the terrifying thought of having to go up on the gazebo when it was my turn.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m here with all of you young gals,” the women in front of me started to say. “Well you see, I found my cheater of a husband kissing some other girl last Christmas. The nerve! And after all I’ve done for him! I could’ve left him and ran away with him for multiple other guys, but did I? No, because I am not that shameful!”

“Oh, I’m sor-,” I began to say, before the women interrupted me and said, “Oh, don’t be. It was bound to happen anyway. And it’s not like I’m going to be one of those sad wenches who doesn’t get kissed underneath the mistletoe. No, I’ve still got some fire left in me that all those old blokes want.”

I looked over at the guys on the other side of us and I did see some of the older men waving and winking at the woman, who just giggled and flirted right back with them.

The woman continued to talk and talk about herself as the line got shorter. I kept nervously playing with the mistletoe on my breast and biting my lip. I was not ready to go up. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be. You see, every Christmas, people who are not in a relationship will come here to be kissed underneath the mistletoe. And once you are chosen and kissed then you two will become life partners. But sometimes, a woman (or man) will go up to the mistletoe and no one on the other side will come up to kiss you, so you have to wait till next Christmas to see if someone will want to be your partner then. This was my first Christmas being of age, and I was horrified.

Finally it was the woman’s turn to go up and, just like she said, a man went up on the gazebo and gave her a big kiss and they walked off, hand in hand. Then it was my turn. I gulped and went up the stairs. I slowly turned around so that I was facing the huge crowd of people and waited. The women in the line began to chuckle a bit and the men kept glancing around at each other. But no one was coming.

I waited a bit longer and tears began to fall down my cheeks. I stared at the ground and hurriedly walked back down the stage and passed everybody. No one said anything. It was like I didn’t exist, and to them, I probably didn’t. I knew that this was going to happen. No one had ever wanted me, and no one ever will.

I walked passed a group of couples who had come to support their friends and family. My family was also probably somewhere in the clump of them, but I didn’t want to go find them. I felt a hand brush against my arm and I glanced up at the owner of the hand. A handsome man with piercings and tattoos looked back at me. I froze for a second as our eyes locked and the tears stopped coming, but just for a second. My eyes slowly glanced at his other hand that was holding the hand of another woman. Matching rings decorating their fingers. He was already with someone. Time to walk away.

Without looking back at him, I turned my head and walked away. Never looking back at the gorgeous man or at the mistletoe.


Snow seemed to always be falling and the sky was always dark whenever I left my house. I shivered underneath my large coat and stuffed my hands into my pockets, but I was still cold. I was walking passed a row of houses when I started to hear shouting coming from one of the houses. I glanced up at the house and my heart seemed to stop. The dark skinned man that I had seen on Christmas was arguing with the woman who was partnered with him.

I knew it was rude to listen in on their conversation, but my legs would not move. So I stood there, staring at the window and I watched as they shouted and yelled at each other. Finally, the woman pulled her ring off her finger and threw it at him. She then grabbed her coat and stormed out the front door, stomping passed me. I watched as the man picked the ring up off the ground and stepped outside. He watched as the woman walked away from the house before he turned to look at me.

He walked down the stairs, so that we were only 3 feet apart. I quickly looked away and blushed, embarrassed for being caught. I was about to walk away when he said, “Hey, I’m sorry that no one kissed you.”

I shook my head and smiled, “No, don’t worry about it. It’s fine.”

“Ya,” he said, smiling. “There’s always next year. And, on the bright side, at least that mistletoe is pretty on you.”


He told me his name was Jay Park and for the rest of that night, we just sat there and talked about who knows what. It was perfect. After that night, I saw him everywhere I went. Once I was on the train and he spotted me and came to sit next to me. Wherever he was and no matter who he was with, he would come be by me and we would just talk and talk and talk, until one of us had to go.

I went to a restaurant one night and the waitress sat me at a table for two, but I was eating alone. I was looking through the menu wondering what I should eat when I heard a familiar laughing coming from behind. I turned around in my seat and saw that the laughter was coming from the woman I had met last Christmas. She was sitting with her husband and another couple and I noticed that she was laughing and pointing at me.

I turned back around to look at my menu when I heard her, very loudly, say, “Hey, it’s that girl. Do you remember her? She was the one who was left under the mistletoe all by herself. No one went up there to kiss her. I’m not surprised though. She looks like the kind of person that would end up all alone.”

I stared at my lap as tears started to form in my eyes. I had already known that I would be alone, but hearing them come from that woman’s mouth made it all the more painful.

“Hey there, I’m sorry I’m late,” Jay said, placing his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him, sniffling. He smiled at me and sat down in the chair in front of me, “So, what are we having?”

I turned around to look at the woman who was completely flabbergasted. “He can’t do that,” she said, her mouth gaping. “You two aren’t a couple!”

“No, we aren’t,” Jay said, annoyed. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t come together as friends.”

I couldn’t stop smiling at him as he folded his napkin in his lap and then began to look at the menu. Finally, when his eyes flicked up at me from the menu did I stop smiling at him like a creep. I stared back into my lap as my cheeks turned bright red. Only when I looked up did I noticed the mistletoe that decorated his chest. How long had he been wearing that?


I was once again standing in the line for the mistletoe. But this time, I was standing behind a young girl who looked my age who was shaking from the cold and nerves. I wasn’t as nervous and afraid as the first time since now I knew what to expect, but it was that tiny bit of hope inside of me that gnawed at my heart. I didn’t let myself look in the direction of the waiting men until it was my turn to walk up the steps of the gazebo, once again.

This time I straightened my back and tried to make myself look confident as I stood in front of all those people. I even smiled for all of them. I allowed myself to gaze down at all of the women and then my eyes washed over the men. I didn’t think that it would hurt as much this time, but it hurt today way more than it did last time. It was probably that little bit of hope that he would come up there and kiss me. But he wasn’t there. Jay Park didn’t come to kiss me because he didn’t even show up. No, that wasn’t it. He didn’t show up because he didn’t want me.


Today, the snow felt welcoming as it fell around me. After everyone had left, I had stayed behind and laid on the steps of the gazebo. I hoped that the snow would bury me or that my tears would drown me. Whichever came first.

I heard someone walk toward me and turned my head away to hide my puffy eyes. I sat up as the person sat down beside me. I didn’t even have to look to know who it was. I wiped my tears away with my hands and brushed the snow off my dress before I stood up. I felt his hand close around my wrist and pull me back down. He put his hand on my cheek but I just pushed it away.

He stood up and I thought he was going to walk away, but he instead grabbed my wrist again and pulled me into a standing position. He walked up the steps and I was dragged along after him. He turned to face me once we had made it to the center of the gazebo, right under the mistletoe. He held my hands in his and I looked up into his eyes.

Snowflakes decorated his hair and his eyes seem to shine in the night. He was even more handsome today than I had ever seen him. Seeing him made my heart well up in happiness, but it also made my tears come down even faster. I pulled my gaze away from him and stared at my feet, but his words made me look up, “I didn’t abandon you, if that’s what you think. I do love you. I hope you know that. But I didn’t want to kiss you.”

I wrenched my hands out of his grip and turned to walk away from him, but he grabbed me and turned me back around. Our chests touching.

“You didn’t let me finish,” he said, smiling. “I didn’t want to kiss you in front of all those people. A kiss is between two people, so it should only be between two people.”

He started to close the distance between us. Someone will kiss me, someone will finally kiss me. And that person will be Jay Park. He chose me, and I choose him.

We kissed under the mistletoe as snow continued to fall around us.


So....How was it???? cX

Haha, well I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm not the biggest fan of writing romantic stories, especially ones that end well. So this is a pretty rare story coming from me.

To be honest, my next fanfictions that I write for this contest or another one (or even just for the fun of it) will be a bit more angsty and dark, so if you're interested in those types of stories then please keep an eye out for them *-^

I'm looking forward to writing more fanfictions for this event and I'm excited to read the other entries.

Happy holidays everyone~^^

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