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Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the night I sat here by the christmas tree outside, after had been in a fight. Yeah that right.... outside in the cold snowy night. With nothing but my ugg boots, leggings and pull over sweater. I had gotten into a fight with my rents, over how I was getting to old to do somethings. " Humbug..." They always knew how to make me hate christmas. I'm the youngest of four, and the only one in the family that doesn't havw a mate or kids and still works as a waitress to get by. You would except them to be happy I finally mange to move out in the spring. But no I had gone from being to old to live with my parents, to being to old to be alone and not have kids. Like come on, I the first one in my family to actually be able to say I'm still a virgin. My eldest sister got knock up at 15. My brothet got married at 18 and my twin brother ... ugh... don't even want to think about it. Luckily I had my phone and headphones. So I was able to hide under the backyard tree, in a dry spotb and blare my music as I silently cried. I knew I should of worked christmas and stay in Seattle. But no I had to come visit my twin brother with the family to celebrate christmas in their new home in Seoul. My twin brother had serviced his country, resulting in him traveling and meeting his beloved wife here in South Korea. "yah!" I looked up to see a talk handsome man, eith a leather jack, jeans and slick back hair, leaning over to get my attention. "y/n? am I correct?" He made me glad I minor in Korean in college, cause it seem he only spot the native language. "Ne... and you are?" I try to wipe away my tears, and hide that I was crying. He had gotten down on one kneeb to put my hoody on my head, and help me wipe away my tears. "Min Taek, I'm your sister-in-law's friend." I blinked at him twice when he spoke English. "Your twin brother asked me to come check on you." I looked back at thr house, and could see thr entire family having a grand time without me. "I don't see why he would care... they all seem happier without me." I sigh heavily, and rest my head on my knees. I felt a hand pet my head, making me look at him. "That just the outside appaearance, y/n. I know your twin loves you very much. Your the only sibling he won't stop talking about." I rolled my eyes, choosing to not believe him. I just hug my legs closer and burry my face into my legs. I felt something be put over my shoulders. It came with an amazing scent. I glance up to see he had put his leather Jacket around me. Leaving him in a long sleeve turtle neck sweater. Min Taek looked me in the eyes, and gave a gentle smile. "Seems like you need a get away. Want me to take you somewhere else. far away from here?" I felt like I was caught under a spell, as I found myself saving yes, under my better judgement. I just met him, and here was a total stranger, taking me away in a foreign land. Min Taek offer me his hand, which I happily accepted. I got up, and walked back towards the house. "Now don't be surprised by what happens." He looked back at me, before opening the back door. "Imma take you far away... somewhere.... where you will be happy this christmas and feel loved completely." the back door had turn into a snowing portal, but gave off a warm and fuzzy vibe. I looked over at him, as he grin. A carol started to come through the snowing portal, becking me to come forth. I looked behind me, and saw where I was sitting was empty. I then pinch my arm to make sure this was real. "ow." He checked, before stepping in front of me. "y/n you agree you wanted to get away and be happy else where... this is me granting you're christmas wish." "So tonight.... you will be somewhere else.... feel loved... and fully welcome..." I smiled warmly at him, and interlock my fingers with Min Taek fingers. He then guided me through the portal.

As I came out the other end, Min Taek had his leather jacket again. I on the other hand had change attire completely. I was in an all winter dress with lace sleeves. It went up to my knees and I notice my crystal slipper. The place was amazingly beautiful. It appear to be a penthouse, with blue and white furniture. "Welcome to the north pole." My jaw dropped as I went to the window. Down at the bottom was Santa and elves working at the workshop. "Oh my stress.... Then does this mean?" I turn around to look at Min Taek. He bow like a true old fashion gentleman. "It is a pleasure to meet you, You may know me as Jack Frost." I cover my mouth with my hands. "But my real name is Min Taek...or Elo from AOMG. I get board when its not winter anymore for a good three months. So I decided to pick up a music career on the side." I was srill in shock, and back away as he slowly walk closer to me. "Tonight... would you mind being my Mrs. Frost.... or do you prefer to keep being Miss Scrooge?" I blinked as I try to think as to why I was Miss Scrooge. Then I remember I was regretting spending time with family that enjoy making me feel like a loser and crap. "You really think you can turn Miss Scrooge into Mrs. Frost?" I decided to play with him and welcome what was happening. He touch my cheek, and his touch was so warm. Min Taek then made an ice rose with his other hand, before offering it to me. "Now that.... is up to you my beloved." I hesitated on accepting the ice rose. "If you can actually make me feel loved and wanted... I would gladly become Mrs. Frost." I saw his eyes mist over, before his lips found my own. His lips were soft and gentle, ehile2 his hands found my waist. "There is a catch though." He whisper between out lips. "If you become my Mrs. Frost you will be my eternal bride. Like a legal marriage." My arm wrap around his neck. "Married to Jack Frost.... Now that sounds interesting... I do love the snow more than rain." "Then say it... I y/n give my heart soul and body to Jack Frost." I looked him in the eyes, as realize he wasn't joking. He was asking me to marry him. "I have been watching over you for a long time, y/n. You are the only one that can be my bride. You are truly one with winter." Min Taek brush his lips against mine, and pulled my body closer to him. He slightly breathe a brisk cold air into my mouth. He had taken advantage of my trance, and move his hand over towards mine left hand. He then snap his fingers to have an artic diamond ring appear on my left hand. He has me right where he wanted me, and I wasn't regreting my decisions at all. "I y/n give my heart body and soul to Jack Frost" The monent I spoke those words, the white gown I had on turn into snap and fell to the ground. I was left in a white set bra and panties. He kiss my lips with such passion, that it gave me chills. Min Taek gripped my behind, and slowly had me lay down on the bed, with him towering me. His lips travel down towards my jawline, and made way along my beck towards my collarbone. I gave off a slight moan. His touch had turn a bit cold, but the perfect cold to stimulate my sensitive. He snap his fingers three times. His clothes excwpt his briefs, and my bra and panties turn into snow powder. It wasn't cold thst much either. His lips crawl towards my chest, as his hand glided along my waist, snd move downward. "M-Min Taek..." I softly whimper as his fingers found their way between my legs. He looked up at me, and smiled. "I know you're a virgin, my beloved... I promise to be kind." His words made my entire body relax, as he purposely made his touch ice cold against my clit. I gasp, and arch my back from the shock wave. It was cold but it felt amazingly good. Min Taeck ice cold tongue came to my nipplesb and was a man of his word. He used the cold sensation aid his gentle ways. I shut my eyes as I enjoy the sensation of pleasure being mixed with cold chills. The idea of being Mrs. Frost wad becoming more and more amazing. His tongue left my nipples alone and numb. Min Taek was now kissing his way back to my lips. "Nice and Cold m-much?" I made a comment through my hicked breathing, making him smile and chuckle. "Yet you're enjoying it so much." I bit my lower lip, while slowly rubbing my leg against his a bit. "You have no idea how much I missed the warmth of another." He. confessed how lonely he had felt, up until now. "So glad I saw your sparkling snow angelic soul." Min Taek complimented me so whole heartly, as his hands move up my thighs, and away from my clit. "Are you ready to make this official?" I nodded happily, as he adjudt himself between my legs, and held my legs far apart. He then slowly loved popsicle inside of my heater. We both gave a heavy breath the moment he was fully inside of me. "Damn Mrs. Forstb you feel so warm an amazing." I was biting my lip hard to to dull out the slight pain fron losing my vriginity to Jack Frost. He then slowly started moving his hips, turning the pain into a slow waves of pleasure. Once amin Taek noticed I was panting in pure pleasure, he pick up the pace. He once again purposely made his touch ice cold. I gasp between moans, ad his icey hands glided down my lets to hold my hips. I was shivering from his touch, but it felt so amazing. I was grabbing at the pile of snow around us. He came down towards me, and softly kissed my lips. I felt a rush of heat taking over my body, as my legs began to tremble. I could feel him twitching inside of me. My back had arch, pushing my body into his own. He then slow down and pulled out soon after. "Get some rest baby girl, enjoy your first orgasm." I smiled at him, as he explain the sensation I felt was actually us climaxing. He lay beside me, and pulled me in closer towards him. He made a warm white blanket appear and cover us. I used his chest as a pillow and drifted off to sleep.


When I had woken up, I was back in my twin brother's guess room. I was wearing my clothes from before I left. I sighed heavily in disappointment. It must had been a dream. I went to move my arm to cover my eyes, but froze. I saw the snow diamond ring on my fingers, and it shine beautifully. It wasn't a dream... I had really married Jack Frost and consummated the marriage last night. I turn to look to my side, and saw Min Taek sleeping peacefully. I smiled happily and just snuggle back up to him.

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