Our Duty

Seek you first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you. We are to put all our energy into one effort – to do God’s will. We are not to be anxious about raiment or food – that is God’s matter. We are to take thought, however, about our duty, the filling of our place in the world. Too many people worry far more about food and raiment, lest they shall be left to want, than about doing the will of God. That is, they are more anxious about God’s part in their life than about their own. They fear that God may not take care of them, but they do not fear that they may fail in faithfulness. We should learn once for all that providing for our wants is God’s matter, not ours; and that our only care should be our duty. This God will never do for us, but if we are true to Him we shall never have any occasion to fret about our care. Suppose we are starving? Well, we must continue doing our duty in the circumstances, and not worrying; and in due time The Lord will provide.

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