Changmin - Fun Sized


The hot sun beat down on the people that walked outside as you slipped on some flip flops and walked outside with your shorts and tank top, your hair bounced in a ponytail as it swung from side to side as you skipped down the street.

On your way to see your boyfriend, with school out for the weekend and all of your homework done, you thought that you would treat yourself. Pulling open the glass door, the air conditioning wrapped around you as you let out a sigh of happiness as you felt the water on your skin become cold and goosebumps began to form.

A man at the front desk looked at you as you walked up to him.

“Hello sir, I am here to see Shim Changmin.” You announced quietly, not knowing if there were any fangirls around.

“I have to call him to see if he knows you, please give me one second.” He got up from his desk as a phone hung on the wall, he dialed the number as you clicked your heels together as you waited for the ok to you up to him.


“I got it!” Yunho called as he reached over the couch and grabbed the phone, pressing it against his ear. “Hello?”

“Hello this is the front desk and there is this girl at the front, she says that she is here to see Changmin.” The man said as he looked over at you. Yunho shuffled the phone over to Changmin.

“What does she look like?” Changmin asked as he listened carefully, pulling up a picture of you in his mind.

“She is wearing flip flops, shorts and a tank top, her hair is in a ponytail and she is really cute, but short, I would say she is around five feet tall.” He said as Changmin furrowed his brow together, wondering if it was you or not.

“I will be down just to make sure it is the right person that I am expecting,” Changmin said as he hung up the phone. Slipping on his own pair of flip flops, he made his way down the stairs as you looked over at him. A bright smile came to your face as you saw him, he saw you and smiled as he walked over to you and wrapped his arm around you.

“Thanks for the call but this girl is my girlfriend. Thank you for being cautious.” Changmin slid him a tip over the counter as you walked over to the stairs with Changmin.

Something about you seemed off to him, something wasn’t right. Both of you walked up the stairs as he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Tilting his head from one side to the other he looked at you and opened the door to his place.

“Thank you for coming to get me Changmin, I know that security is tight now-a-days. You slipped off your shoes as he followed you.

"Oh hello Yunho-ssi.” You waved as he got out the ice cream to cool him down.

“Hello, would you like some?” Yunho asked as you nodded, he pulled out two more bowls as he filled them up with ice cream. Walking over to his side, you stood on your toes and looked into the ice cream bowls as he filled them. Changmin snapped his fingers as he thought he had found something that was different.

“Did you do something different with your hair jagiya?” He asked as he walked over to you thinking that he had solved the mystery.

“Ah, no, the heat just kind of makes my hair all curly.” You blushed as your fingers tried to straighten it as he silently sighed. Yunho handed you each a bowl as Changmin saw that you were a little shorter than usual. But just to be sure, he had to hug you.

Walking over to the couch, Yunho put in a movie as you set your ice cream on your lap as Changmin stood in front of you.

“Yes, Changmin?” You looked at the tall figure that towered over you with a playful smile.

“I didn’t get a hello hug.” He said as he set down his ice cream and you stood up, you set down your ice cream next to his as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Wow you are tiny!” Changmin said as you pulled away from the hug and grabbed your ice cream and sat down as he sat down next to you.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” You took another scoop of the cold ice cream into your mouth as it quickly melted.

“It is just cute, you are really tiny, not just shorter than me but really short.” He said as he looked over at you knowing that he had cracked the case.

“I have always been the same height.” You said almost defending yourself.

“No, it is like you are shorter or something today.” Changmin tapped his spoon on his lips as it clicked. “You were wearing heels on our date to make you look taller.”

“Yeah, is that bad? I thought girls were suppose to impress guys with their heels?” You said as you took another spoonful and put the ice cream against your tongue.

“I was wondering, is it hard for you to get things or do you jump up with your tiny legs or do people help you? Maybe I should come over and help you!” He just thought of you as you closed your eyes as he was just being curious but it felt like teasing to you.

“I have learned to live with my height, it isn’t that hard. I climb on things too.” You said as you tried to focus on the movie.

“I bet you can fit into tiny spaces and that you can slip out of people’s arms and run really quickly.” Changmin continued as he began to tease you more and more. Standing up, you put your empty bowl in the sink as you washed it. Changmin watched you as you stood on your toes as you tried to put the bowl back in its place.

“Does my little girlfriend need help with the tall shelves?” Changmin cooed like a little boy, but you just ended up putting it on the shelf below. Regretting your choice to come, you began to look through your purse that you brought that sat next to the door.

“W-What are you doing, _______-ah?” Changmin asked you.

“I just have a text that I have to go.” You slipped on your shoes as he saw your fingers

fake texting and checking on your messages as your eyes didn’t even move across a text.

“No you don’t, do you not like being here?” Changmin asked as he quickly came to your side.

“I don’t like it when you are making fun of my height, something that I have no control over, I am me, the same girl that you took out on seven dates, the girl that you hug when we meet and when we leave, I am still the same girl that gave you a kiss goodnight on our first date, I am still the same girl, but you are so hung up on my height that I don’t think that this isn’t worth it anymore.” You lifted your purse onto your shoulder as you opened the door. He grabbed your wrist as he pulled you back inside.

“I was just being interested in your height and what your challenges are, I want to make your life easier.” He tried to look in your eyes but you wouldn’t have it.

“Oh yeah, you are a really big help right now.” You ripped your hand away from his as you folded your arms over your chest.

“I don’t think that you height is a bad thing, I think it is really charming and cute, and I want to help you.” Changmin’s fingers tried to coax you to look at him as his fingers lightly made their way across your exposed skin.

“You called me short and tiny!” You said angrily as you looked at him in the eyes.

“I-I shouldn’t have called you those things. I’m sorry, I wanted to say something but I couldn’t find the words.” Changmin was now the one adverting his eyes from your eyes.

“What words were you looking for then?” Tilting your head to once side you let your arms fall from their defensive position.

“Fun sized.” He let out a small chuckle and a smile on his lips as he looked at you.

“Why do you say that?” You began to chuckle at the kiddish behavior that he was showing.

“You are just so fun to hug and to figure out how to get to things and when you walk you have to tottle faster than me so you can keep up and it is just the cutest thing ever!” He bounced up and down like a fangirl as you let out a laugh.

“Do you really think that I am that cute? Being that short?” You looked down at yourself.

“Fun sized” He corrected as he whispered in your ear. “Would I be able to do this with a regular person?” He lifted you up by the waist and brought you over his head as he held you in the air and brought you down and kissed you on the lips before resting you on his

hip as you felt like a kid again.

“I guess not.” You snaked your arms around his neck as you smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Sorry for everything, I just love you and your fun sizedness.” He stole another kiss from your lips as you giggled. “Do you really have to go?” He looked at you with his big puppy dog eyes as you shook your head.

“I think I could stay around for a little longer if you are sure that Mister Changmin doesn’t mind his fun sized girlfriend around.” You said as he carried you to the couch and cuddled with you as you felt his arms tighten around you and knowing that his cuddles and kisses would still be the same and even better now that he knew how tall you were without your heels.

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