Changmin - Love and Hate


Keeping up with the beat, your body moving to form a move right after the next, the bass pounding through the floor as you watched your reflection in the mirror. Slowly your eyes made their way over to Changmin who was smiling at you with his eyes as you blushed and gave him a glare through the mirror. The song ended as the dancers in the room froze.

Clapping from the please manager was your queue to breath and unfreeze as you put your hands on your hips trying to catch your breath as you walked around.

“Can I please see Changmin and backup dancer ________ in the hall please, everyone else you can take a break.” The manager said as he met you two outside, exchanging glances from each other, Changmin followed you out in the hall.

The cool hallway welcomed you as the manager stood on the opposite wall as you leaned against the cold wall. The door clicked shut behind Changmin and the manager smiled at the two of you.

“For this song I would really like it if you two would dance together. We will have the choreographer come in, in a few minutes to help you two practice but I wanted your approval.” The manager exchanged glances at you and Changmin.

“What is the mood of the dance?” You asked just wondering as you would have to get into the mindset.

“Sexy, hot and flirty for sure. You can handle that right?” The manager looked at you as you nodded with excitement growing inside of you. “Can you Changmin?”

“Of course sir.” Changmin bowed as the manager nodded and walked back into the room to tell the other dancers.

When the door clicked shut you looked over at Changmin who was looking down at the ground.

“You nervous?” You asked as you bumped shoulders with him gently.

“No, I’m scared. What if they find out, through our dancing… that we are dating, like we just look like we are too happy or this is too natural for us?” His eyes looked at you as you saw fear in his eyes.

“We could act really upset with each other and act that we really hate each other so that way they would never think that we like each other.” You said as you tried to bring some hope to him.

“That could actually work.” He brightened as you nodded. “No more mister nice guy.” He pushed you as you got off balance but caught yourself as he scoffed at you and walked through the door in front of you.

“Ok you two, front and center.” The choreographer said as you took your place. He took Changmin’s place as you danced with him to get the moves down as Changmin watched intently. Your body moved perfectly around the choreographer’s as he smiled and handed you over to Changmin to try.

Dancing around you was a dream for him, the way your body moved around his, walking away in the middle of the dance, he ran his fingers through his hair as everyone looked at

you two suspiciously.

“She stepped on my foot.” He pretended to limp as he tried to walk it off.

“Well I wouldn’t step on your feet if they weren’t so big.” You shot back as he walked it off and returned back to you.

“Ok start where you left off.” The manager said as the music kept going. Looking up into his eyes you saw a passion for you as you narrowed your eyes and challenged him through your moves. Pushing him away, part of your moves, he fell to the ground as the manager turned off the music.

“He isn’t strong enough to be my dance partner, you folded your arms as Yunho raised his hand instantly.

"Can I try it with her?” Yunho asked as the manager let out a sigh and nodded.

“I guess we could try other options” The manager grumbled as he gave Changmin some water to rest for a little bit.

The music started up again as you moved around Yunho, Changmin’s hands wrapped around his loose shorts as jealousy raged within him.The way that Yunho was dancing with you made him so angry.

Never the less, you finished the dance with Yunho as the manager clapped.

“May I try dancing with Changmin?” You asked as Yunho looked at you dreamily making you uncomfortable.

“Sure, we can try.” The manager said as Changmin shot up, Yunho slowly sat down as the other backup dancers complimented him on his dancing

Starting the music over, Changmin had this determination in his eyes as you challenged him to do better in every move that he made. Meeting your challenge, he challenged you as it soon became a competition. Once your solo dance was over, the crowd that was watching you felt a connection between the two of you and looked at both of you with wide eyes as you turned away from Changmin.

“How was that Manager-nim?” You asked catching your breath as your chest burned.

“I think that Changmin will be your partner/” The choreographer chimed in, “You two just had such a connection, it almost needed something else.” He began to look around

to see what he needed.

“I agree.” The manager looked around until the choreographer snapped his fingers.

“We need a kiss, something at the end.” The choreographer offered as the manager nodded. Biting your lip softly you glanced at Changmin as his eyes were wide, wondering if they got a hint.

“A-A k-k-kiss?” Changmin stuttered as the manager nodded, knowing that if he kissed you it would reveal everything.

“You can do that can’t you?” The choreographer asked as Changmin shook his head.

“I don’t want to kiss her, I mean look at her, she doesn’t look like a good kisser and wouldn’t that be bad for my image? For our image?” Changmin shot with determination and a raised voice at the manager who walked around and through for a moment as you felt a heavy weight came down on you. The way that Changmin said that hurt you, it was almost like he wasn’t acting.

“Yeah, let’s think about it. Do it again and we will watch you to see what it needs.” The choreographer told you as the song started up again. Rage flowed through you as you powerfully executed every move that you hit. Once you were on the final move, you pushed him and walked past him as the manager clapped.

“That is what we needed! A little sass! Perfect!” Everyone clapped as you folded your arms across you and glanced at Changmin with a stern glare.

“Alright, it is getting late, let’s end on that and tomorrow we will come back and work on it more. Good work today!” The manager said as the other dancers and Yunho began to pack up and leave the room.

Turning on the music you worked on your backup part as Changmin watched you with solemn eyes. Dancing to the song over and over again, Changmin could tell that you were working really hard and that you needed a break. Quickly pulling your hair into a ponytail, you worked on it once again but your muscles were exhausted at this point and you fell to the ground. Tears began to mingle with your sweat as you sat on the ground. The manager and choreographer left the room as it was just now you and him.

After the click of the door behind the two authority figures he ran up to you and helped you up holding you in his arms as he could tell that you were pushing yourself over the edge.

“I’m sorry, so so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that and pretending to hate you, hurts me so much.” Changmin said as your legs found a little energy to stand on your own two feet.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Honest.”

“Not as much as your words hurt me. I’m not good enough for you, I am a bad kisser and bad for your image.” You mumbled at him as you moved away from his arms finding a wall to help balance yourself.

“I didn’t mean that, they were just thinking that you and I had something I had to make them think otherwise.” He made his way over to you as he wrapped his arms around your waist “I love you, I love your kisses and everything about you.” Turning around in his arms you looked at his eyes as your hands slowly made their way around his neck. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as his eyes looked into yours and spoke his apology on repeat

“D-Did you like dancing with me?” You broke the silence with your soft voice as his lips curled into a smile as he nodded.

“I loved it” He tilted his head and pressed his lips on yours. Pulling away slightly, you pressed your lips back on his as you forgave him for what he said earlier, everything was good again with his kisses to fix the holes and the bumps in your relationship.

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