Jimin oneshot~ //For Kyla~

Hey guys! This is a short, fluffy story for my best friend in the whole world. Hope you like it, Human!!

//Dear Kyla, this was supposed to be written on your birthday, and here I am a month late. Sorry!//

Also, I'll be tagging all my usual readers. You don't have to read or like this card, because it's really not that great. I wrote it while i was bored during a long car ride.

My best friend, who I called Kitten, and I had moved to Korea just two short months ago with nothing. We had change in out pockets, and the clothes on our back. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit.. We had a little money saved up, and a small duffle bag of belongings each. It was Kittens dream to live here, and I willingly followed wherever she wandered off to. We made a comfortable life for ourselves rather quick. She was working at a cafe, and I worked at a department store, making enough money to afford the apartment of her dreams. We lived with three pets, two of which were kittens responsibility to look after and the other one was mine. Kitten had a cat that I referred to as Satan because it hated, and i mean HATED, anyone who wasn't her or her boyfriend, so Satan primarily stayed in kitten's room. She also had a snake. I'm not happy about it, but it was either that slithery bastard, or something much more evil, with eight legs, beady eyes and fangs. And I had my precious puppy. A tiny poodle named Little. Kitten and I had an easy, happy life far from where we were born and raised. ~ I was out walking Little one afternoon, when I tripped on the curb and fell flat on my face, into the street. As I fell, I let go of the leash and Little went running. As I sat up and struggled to brush the embarrassment off with the dirt on my jeans, i heard a man with a voice like honey asking if I was okay and telling me I should be more careful as he helped me to my feet. I thanked him awkwardly without looking up from my feet. I didn't want him to see the red in my cheeks from the sheer embarrassment I failed to clean from my brain. As my eyes met his arms, I saw my tiny dog resting her head against his strong bicep. I quickly grabbed her and met the strangers gaze to thank him more sincerely, but when I did, my heart skipped a beat as I fell in love at first sight. "What's your name, sir? So I can thank you properly" I said, sounding much more confident than I felt. "Jimin. My names Park Jimin. And yours, beautiful girl?" He said in a cute tone. "My names Kyla." I said with a smile. He then picked up my phone that I hadn't realized I dropped, put his number in, then handed it back and said call me as he jogged back to his group of friends. That night Kitten and I sat on the couch, her in between her boyfriends legs, and me on the end cushion. She helped me get the courage to text Jimin. And when I finally did, it was like we'd been friends forever. We chatted about the things we liked, food, animals, music. He asked what my life was like in America, and explained that he was an idol and what it was like being known worldwide. We continued talking for days, then weeks, and soon months. Simple check in conversations made me smile ear to ear. He took me on dates at the park, or fancy restaurants. He gave me tickets to his shows for my friends and I, and invited me to practice all the time. He was the prince charming I failed to find, and he never let me go without knowing how loved I was. Every time we left eachother he would kiss me so softly, it seemed like he was afraid I would shatter before him. One night, we sat on a bench by the river, watching the stars. Out of nowhere, he told me he loved me. It was the first time i had heard it in the months we'd been dating. My heart beat so fast I couldnt count the thumps, my stomach did flips and twists, and my mouth went dry, rendering me silent in fear i might cry or puke. My silence lasted too long for his liking, so he grabbed me and put his lips against mine, kissing me hard. When we broke for air, I smiled at him with stars in my eyes brighter than those in the sky. "I love you too, Park Jimin." "I can't wait to marry you one day, Kyla."

I hope you like it Kyla! I know it's not exactly what you wanted.

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