Teen Top Fan Contest Winner!!


Hello Hello!

It is time to announce the winner of our Teen Top fan contest!!

Each project that was submitted was amazing! No matter what it's great to see fans creating different things to show their love! :]

Are you excited to see the results!?!?!

For our first entry we had one of our mod supports

@AaliyahNewbell created an adorable fan sign as her entry :]

You can see her entry by clicking the link below


Our second entry was by@MelissaGarza

@MelissaGarza created a video of Teen Top and it was great!

You can see the entry by clicking the link below



Because we only had the two different entries we did change the voting rules a little bit. The rest of the mod squad voted without@AaliyahNewbell

But the rest of us voted and now it is time to announce the winner!!!

Remember both@AaliyahNewbell and@MelissaGarza are winners no matter what but who got first and who got second?

Drum roll please


Thank you Ricky

(Just imagine the sound guys lolol)


@MelissaGarza is our first place winner!!


*loud applause*

As the first place winner@MelissaGarza wins a Teen Top album! The album that will be sent to you will be the Teen Top Exito album!

It's a great one so I hope you enjoy! Congrats from the whole Teen Top Team :]


Our second place winner is the lovely@AaliyahNewbell

Don't worry love! You will win a prize!!

You get to select the theme for our Teen Top team for next week! And it's also the last week of the quarter!!


I can't wait to hear what your idea is! :)


Thanks again to both of you for participating! It was wonderful to see your projects!!


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