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Her nervous jitters kept her walking back and forth in the small corridor that separated the living room from the main entrance. Her feet had been aching all day but she didn't notice the mini needles, her mind right now was elsewhere. In a different dimension. Somewhere with him.

“Do I look okay? The house is clean, right? Did I fold the laundry right? Aishh, maybe he won't be hungry. Maybe he'll just want to sleep. Damnit, I knew I should have bought that new bedding the other day.”

A thousand questions flooding her mind kept her distracted from the soft knocks on the door. She stopped once the sound became louder and turned to look at the opening door, her heart in her throat.

“Hello? Anyone home? Bri?”

“Sail!” Bri ran and threw her arms around the girl peeking through the door. “Omo! What are you doing here!”

Sail chuckled, “I came to kidnap you- er- get you.”

Bri stepped back and looked at her friend, “kidnap? Why? Ta-”

“Oh look! You're already dressed! Let's go!” Sail pulled the nervous girl without any hesitation towards the car outside, ignoring her complains and giving sweet short answers.

“But I promised I'd wait for him at home!”

Sail scoffed, merging into the freeway. “Really? Because you left that house plenty of times during the past two years.”

“Of course I did. I had to go grocery shopping!”

Sail turned and looked at her beloved friend for a quick wink. “Trust me okay? When have I done something wrong?”

“Well, the iKON boys did mention that-”

“Yaah! We don't speak of those rascals in my car. It's a curse.”

“Then Seungri oppa mentioned-”

“Yaaah! Riri oppa is always trying to make me look bad!”

She giggled. “Sail, you know I love you.”

“Ya know, sometimes I wonder.”

“Where are we going?” She asked, noticing the familiar exit that Sail took.



“Because that's where I'm suppose to deliver you.”

“Deliver me?”

“Er- Look! A tteobeoki stand!”

She looked away towards the window, searching for a second until she realized that it was almost impossible to pin point which cart sold tteobeoki since there were so many of them settling on the side of the road. “Where?”


“Sail, are you dodging my question?”

“Whoo! YG! Okay, let's go in!”

The car entered the parking garage before the nervous girl could adjust to what was going on. As the two girls jumped out of the car, a short figure came jogging towards them out from the building.

“You're here! Great!”

“Youngbae oppa?”

“She's all yours, oppa.” Sail smiled sweetly then waved goodbye to her friend and Taeyang.

“Where are you going?”

“Sail has a few things to do with Mino and Bobby,” Taeyang explained. “Shall we get going?”

“Where are we going?” Bri asked, following Taeyang to his car.

“We're going to Jiyong's place. He has a few things for us to pick up.”

“Pick up?” Bri kept repeating the phase in her head as Taeyang backed out of the company garage and merged onto the street. The car ride this time was quiet. Very few words were exchanged between the confused girl and BigBang's bright Sol. Was it because they had an awkward relationship? Of course not. Bri had began to wonder if something was going on but she knew too well that she couldn't pick on Taeyang to answer her question.

“Are you nervous?” Taeyang finally broke the awkward silence.


“Seeing hyung.”

Her heart leaped. How could she have forgotten that today was the even for a split second? Even after crossing the days off the calendar, and figuring out what she would wear, or what the first thing she would say be.

“I need to go home.” Bri mumbled under her breath.

“Well, ask GD, maybe he'll take you home.” Taeyang turned and shot her a generous smile as he turned off the engine and unlocked the doors.

They hopped out of the car and head towards the apartment, only to be met with Daesung and Seungri running out towards them, hands waving high above their heads.

“Hyung! Get GD's stuff, we'll take Bri from here!” Seungri said, grabbing Bri's wrist and dragging her towards another car.

“Wait- what's going on?”

Before she could say anything else, Seungri had opened the back door open and shut her inside. She watched Seungri and Daesung say something to Taeyang before he disappeared into the apartment and the two maknaes jumped in the car.

“So where do we go?” Seungri asked Daesung.

“Go to Sail's apartment. We gotta get her to Sail first.”

“Sail is at YG doing something with MOBB,” Bri interjected, eyeing both of the maknaes carefully when they gasped.

Seungri turned around to her, “Are you sure they're not holding her hostage?”

Daesung laughed, “That doesn't sound like Sail at all.”

Bri shrugged. “I just need to go home.”

The two men brushed off Bri's statement and continued bickering among themselves, leaving her voiceless in the back with an anxious feeling crawling up her skin.

It was disastrous. More than she ever imagined. When she first heard the rumors, she laughed it off, thinking that wasn't possible because he flew all around the world on his own. But it was true. Seungri was a horrible driver and now they were stranded, with no gas because Daesung had forgotten to fill up the tank a few days ago, miles away from the closest gas station.

The need to want to smack each of them was definitely there, but she couldn't. They were her oppas but she really needed to get home in time.

“Hyung, just go and I'll stay with Bri. That way she's not alone.” Bri heard Seungri tell Daesung as she climbed out of the car to get a bit of fresh air.

“Bri, do you have your phone on you?” Daesung asked. “In case this panda starts getting weird.”

“Yaah! I would never!” Seungri yelled back, making Bri and Daesung laugh at his automatic response.

“I don't oppa, I forgot it at home but it's okay. I have dirty on Seungri oppa if he tries anything funny.” Bri smiled.

Daesung reflected her smile while he waved goodbye for a moment then took off running in the trail they had been on to get to the gas station.

“You have dirt on me? How?” Seungri pressed the question.


“Aishh. You don't say.” Bri giggled to herself as Seungri paced back and forth the sidewalk, trying to think of some way to kill time but ultimately sitting down on the curb to play games on his phone.

She watched, and watched, at one point, losing herself in her thoughts about the strange stitching pattern on his back until Seungri had to poke her out of her thougts.

“I'm gonna go look for food, stay here okay?”

“You're leaving me alone?” Bri asked, taken completely aback.

Seungri grinned a he began to back away. “Scared?” He disappeared around the curb, making Bri sigh in frustration until she herself ended up pacing back and forth.

The colors in the sky had gradually started to change while she was still staring at Seungri but now that she had nothing to distract her mind with, night had conquered faster than she realized.

“I need to go home, I need to go home.”

What time was it? Was there any way to find out? Probably not. Oppa would come home and she wouldn't be there like she had promised. The entire idea of it ate at her, making her even more frustrated with the fact that she was stranded in an unfamiliar part of Seoul, that she didn't speak up when the boys took the wrong exit, and that she didn't say no to Sail when she dragged her out of the house.

“Screw it! I'll just walk home!” Bri fumed and began marching in the direction they were suppose to be going.

She crossed streets, turned on bigger intersections, even took shortcuts through parking lots, but she was still lost. Not a single soul was out and about tonight, she had lost track of where she had come from but that didn't stop her. Somehow, she needed to reach home. Somehow, she needed to get there before he arrived and noticed her missing. Somehow, she needed to be the first one to welcome him back.

Tears had started to appear from her eyes. She cursed the wind for nipping at her face and causing the tears, but deep inside, she knew why she was crying. There was no way she could get across town in the little time she probably had. Hell, oppa was probably already home and she missed the whole thing.

Bri leaned against a stop sign to maintain balance while she wiped away the tears. She tore her face away from the bright headlights that approached and covered her eyes with her hands to protect them from being blinded.

“Yaah. Why are you out here in the dark? That's dangerous for a girl you know.”

A sweet voice made her peek through her fingers. Jiyong smiled brightly at her from inside the car and waved her to come inside.

“Oppa, how did you find me?”

Jiyong grinned, “Hyung asked me to take care of you while he was gone. I'll continue to do that until you're safely with him.”

Bri rubbed her eyes thoroughly to double check that she wasn't seeing things, then turned to Jiyong. “Will you take me home?”

With a gentle nod, Jiyong began to drive, making Bri more restless than relieved the moment she started to recognize streets and buildings. Was oppa already home? Would he be mad? Would he think that she didn't wait for him? The questions ate at her like worms at an apple. Two years had gone by slower than she imaged. Two years had made her realize that every second with him was more than she could ever ask for. And all she wanted to do, was to be home when he arrived.

“We're here.” Jiyong announced, but Bri already knew it was too late. “What's wrong? Aren't you gonna go inside?”

“The lights are on.”

“Didn't you leave the lights on when you left?”

Bri shook her head. “He's home.”

“He's been home. He's waiting for you.”

Bri turned back to look at Jiyong. “He's been home?”

Jiyong bit his lip to hide his amusement. “Go in there before I have to kick you out myself!”

She jumps out of the car on command, yelping out of shock when Jiyong shuts the door and speeds away. Her head moved back to the house. There was no where to escape, there was no point in escaping either. She wanted to welcome him home but what was the point when he was already there? She missed her part in the whole ordeal. But why did Jiyong say it like that?

“He's been home.”


Her legs carried her to the front door. Her arm willingly reached up and turned the doorknob. All this was happening without her consent, and yet, there was no way of stopping it.

“So. Where have you been?”

The words made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

He was there, sitting in the middle of the floor, krissed crossed apple sauced, arms also crossed, staring back at her. His dark hair trimmed down to a style that didn't fit him at all, but was fitting at the same time. Thick, well maintained eyebrows, a jaw that defined the definition of define, and dimples that hid well under his serious tone.

“O-oppa. You're h-home.” Bri managed to say while she closed the door behind her.

“I thought you were going to be here when I arrived.”

“I was but-”

“I thought you broke your promise to me and ran off.”

“I didn't, it's just that-”

“Why weren't you here?”

“Because I-”

“And why isn't there ice cream in the fridge?”

Bri stared at him. Unable to answer. Afraid to answer. It wasn't her fault, she had been kidnapped, exchanged between criminals, and even abandoned in the middle of an unfamiliar side of Seoul.

He exhaled loudly and shook his head, then rose to his feet. “When I asked the others to kidnap you for a while, I didn't expect them to take you away from me for so long.”

Bri's eyes widen. “Y-you-u wh-what?”

A deep voiced chuckled escaped through his lips, making her queasy inside after not hearing the very sound for two years. “I'll have to yell at them when I see them tomorrow.”

She continued to stare at him, like a doe frozen in front of a predator. Lost in a haze of confusion. “What?”

“Are you going to welcome me home or not?” A teasing smile spread across his face, breaking the trace she was in. He spread his arms open, encouraging Bri's motor skills to act without her permission again and run straight into his arms.

He was finally home, he was finally there. No more letters, no more crossing off the dates on the calendar with a red marker. Oppa was home.

“Welcome home, Seunghyun oppa.”

Seunghyun laughed, “I've been home, love. With you in my life, I'll always be home.”

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