A Christmas to Remember

This is my entry for the contest.....If you find an error, please let me know so I can correct it. It's a Christmas fluff I guess.

I woke up in pain and immediately noticed that the other side of the bed was empty. Glancing at the clock I was surprised to find it was only 5:45 am, so I'd been asleep only a couple hours. I was really hoping for at least another hour, but I know I won't be getting any more sleep anytime soon. The house was completely quiet, so I was wondering where in the world my husband disappeared to. Usually I can hear him, as he is definitely NOT a quiet person.

As I tried to maneuver my very pregnant body out of bed, another contraction hit. This one was a little stronger than the last one. I realized I needed to find Chanyeol and let him know it was about time to head for the hospital. It looked like we were going to have a Christmas baby even though I had another week until my due date.

I paused as I opened the door, because I thought I heard something outside, or rather outside on the roof. 'What would Channy be doing on the roof at this hour?' I thought to myself. We didn't have snow yet, so he didn't need to clear off the roof.

Passing the children's bedrooms, I heard soft snoring from Minho's room and the mumbling of HaeSoo talking in her sleep again. I hoped whatever Channy was doing didn't wake up the kids yet. They'd be awake soon enough on their own, knowing Santa visited sometime during the night.

I still hadn't turned on a light when I slowly made my way down the stairs to the hallway. Just as I reached the last step, the front door opened. The suddenness of it made me jump a little, which turned out to be a very bad idea. The next thing I knew I was sitting on a wet floor as tears streamed down my face and clutching my huge belly. The pain was overwhelming, and I'm not sure what hurt more, my contracting belly or the spots on my butt where I hit the last step and floor.

“Oh my God Y/N. Are you okay? Please tell me you aren't hurt.” Chanyeol cried as he ran over to me a look of real concern on his face.

The pain subsided as Chanyeol helped me to my feet. I still felt a slight trickling down my leg, so I knew my water broke. So many thoughts went through my mind on what we needed to do, but as I glanced up at my husband dressed in his winter jacket, gloves, hat, and boots, my mind blanked.

“Y/N answer me. Talk to me baby. Are you sure you're okay?” Channy asked worriedly as he waved a hand in front of my blank face.

Just as I was about to answer Channy, we heard a yell from outside. Channy moved his jacket up a bit and glanced at his watch with an excited look on his face.

“It's time for my surprise Y/N” Channy exclaimed excitedly.

I had a real bad feeling about this. “What are you talking about Channy? We don't have time for surprises today.”

“Oh Y/N, Baek and I planned on surprising you and the kids.”

“Was that you I heard on the roof?”

“No Y/N. I kept my promise and I haven't been on our roof since that last incident. That's Baek up there. He's dressed as one of Santa's elves and going to come down the chimney to surprise the kids. Then we'll do the same thing at his house,” Chanyeol explained.

“What are you thinking? Channy, you do realize that there is no way that will work. Baek can't fit down the chimney, as it narrows in the middle from the flue liner we had installed last summer. You have to stop him now before he gets hurt or worse,” as I practically yelled that last part.

Channy visibly paled and went for the door. As he ran out, another contraction hit. I still hadn't told him it was time to leave for the hospital, so it's good the contractions seem to be holding steady at around 7 minutes.

Just as the contraction was ending, I heard a scream followed by a lot of shouting. This couldn't be good. I grabbed my coat from next to the door, threw it on, and waddled out as fast as I could. Channy stood half way down the walkway looking up at the roof. As I reached him, I turned around and looked up to see what he was staring at. OH MY GOD!!! There was Baekhyun half sticking out of our chimney. It looked like he was struggling to get out but didn't have enough leverage.

“I can't get out. I'm stuck and need help. My one arm is now caught too. Chan get up here and help me out,” Baek shouted starting to sound panicked.

As Channy took a step forward, I grabbed his arm. “Don't even think about it. You're not going up there. We have to get to the hospital. This baby is coming soon and isn't going to wait. I have to call Suho and Y/F/N's so they can come watch the kids anyway, and I'm sure Suho will agree that we need to call in the professionals for this.”

Channy just looked at me and stuttered, “The ba..baby is coming NOW? Can't you stop it or slow it down? Can't it wait just until we get Baek out?”

“Unless you want me to deliver this baby on the lawn, I suggest we get going.”

I glanced up at Baek still struggling, then went to find Suho's number in my phone. Thank goodness for automatic dial, because I was too upset to dial a number correctly. As the phone rang, Channy yelled up to Baek, “Hold on Baek. Y/N is calling Suho to come over.

I didn't hear Baek's reply as I turned around and tuned the guys out when I heard Suho answer the phone with a cheerful “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas Suho, and I hate to be calling you this early on Christmas morning.”

“Don't worry about it Y/N. The kids had us up at 5 am to open presents. Is it time? Are you having the baby? Do you need us to come over?” Suho questioned without giving me time for an answer.

“Yes, it's time. My water broke, and the contractions are about 7 minutes apart. But we also have a big problem here. Channy and Baek came up with another one of their brilliant plans, and now Baek is stuck in our chimney. What do you think? Should I call the fire department?”

“Baek is WHAT?!? Stuck in your chimney? What am I going to do with those two? Don't worry Y/N. I'll call the fire department and we'll be right over,” Suho exclaimed, then gave a big sigh of exasperation.

It's times like these I thank the Lord Suho and his family live just a few blocks from us. He has such patience, and I wondered how he's not either gone crazy or killed one or two of the EXO members by now. Baek and my husband together have probably taken a good 10 years off Suho's life with all the antics they've done over the years.

I turned back around and noticed Channy wasn't beside me anymore. He was over by the door holding one child in each arm. Either all the noise woke up the kids, or it was just time for them to get up. At least both kids had coats on over their pajamas. Before I could say anything, my phone rang. Glancing at the screen, I noticed it said Byun Home.

“Hey Baek,” I shouted up to him. “Your wife is calling.”

“Y/N please, please don't tell my wife,” Baek shouted back just as I answered the phone.

“Merry Christmas B/W/N.”

“Merry Christmas Y/N. Is my husband there? I can't seem to find him, and the kids are anxious to open their presents,” B/W/N said.

“Yes, he's here and I think you and the kids better come over immediately. You won't believe what our husbands have done this time. Ohhh...” I moaned out the last bit as another contraction hit and I doubled over in pain.

“Y/N, you're in labor! Oh my! I'll pack the kids up and be right over,” B/W/N said excitedly then hung up the phone before I had a chance to respond.

As the contraction subsided, I stood back up and yelled up to Baek. “I didn't tell your wife, but she's on the way over with the kids. Sorry, but not sorry. The fire department is also coming.”

Channy made his way over to me with the kids in his arms. All of them looked up to see the now resigned Baek stuck in the chimney. “Why is Uncle Baekhyun in our chimney? Was he going to steal all our Christmas presents like the Grinch?” asked Minho.

Channy laughed as I shot him a death glare. “No honey. Uncle Baekhyun thought he could come down the chimney like Santa and surprise us. It didn't work and now Uncle Baek is stuck. The fire department will be here soon to get him out. Aunt B/W/N and the kids will be here in a few minutes, and so will Uncle Suho and his family. While the nice firemen help Uncle Baek, you will stay in the house and play with the other kids. Aunt S/W/N will watch you while daddy and I go to the hospital to have your baby brother or sister,” I explained to the kids.

Just then we heard Suho's minivan pull up. S/W/N and their 3 kids popped out of van as soon as the doors opened and headed our way. Another contraction decided to hit and this one almost made me drop to my knees. They were getting stronger and closer together. We had to go.

“Y/N, are you okay? What can I do?” Suho asked as he and S/W/N each held one of my arms so I didn't fall.

“WE. HAVE. TO. GO. NOW,” I practically shouted in between panting. “Give the kids to Suho, Channy. NOW!”

As Channy handed the two kids over to Suho, Suho handed him the van keys. “Take my vehicle and go. Don't worry about the seats. They wash.”

“Hey, what about me? I'm still stuck up here,” Baek shouted down to us as Channy helped me to the van.

We ignored Baek, as he was the least of our problems at the moment. Plus sirens could be heard coming up the street, so the fire department would be here in a minute. Just as I was putting my seat belt on, B/W/N appeared at the window. “Good luck Y/N. We love you, and we'll all be here waiting to hear the good news. Baek may be joining you at the hospital soon, one way or another.”

Glancing back as Channy drove away, everyone waved at us, and a fire truck pulled in to the now empty spot in front of our house. I caught a glimpse of Baek as Channy turned the corner. I sighed in relief knowing the kids were safe with family. I just prayed this little one would wait the ten minutes to the hospital.

“Y/N, I love you. I'm sorry for all the trouble this caused, but hey, it will be a Christmas to remember. What a story we have to tell the baby when he or she gets older. Right? Maybe we will even look back at this and laugh. Hopefully Baek is alright.”

“Yes Channy, maybe in the future we will laugh, but not now. I love you too, and I really think you should DRIVE FASTER.”

Two contractions later, we arrived at the hospital emergency room. We barely made it up to the third floor and into a delivery room before I had to push. At 6:58 am, Channy and I went from a family of 4 to a family of 5. By 8:15 am, I was cleaned up and had our 6 lb 10 oz bundle of joy in my arms. Channy called Suho to announce the good news and find out about Baek.

“The firefighters ended up dismantling part of our chimney to get him out. Cuts, bruises and a broken arm were the extent of his injuries, and he's on his way here now,” Channy relayed the information to me.

As Channy continued to talk to Suho, I knew this was a Christmas to remember. It was far from perfect, but it suited us. This is another of our 'it can only happen to us' moments.

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