Betrayal by Friend

Hey my vingles how have you been? Good! That's good to hear. Well chapter three is here and waiting for you to read. Well if you are a new reader and want to start for the beginning but don't know where to go. well let's get to the story.

Y/N POV**I hope I don't get pregnant! I don't want to ruining Jackson career. Ugh! Why did we have to have sex last night. Ugh! What should I do? if I am?**

We got up and started to get dress. He gave me a kiss before he left the house. I tried to stop thinking about the what if. I clean up my house and went to get the guys something to eat. They love this café by JYP. They told me they make the best donuts and rice cake. When I got to the building, the security guard open the door for me. "Haha got food for the boys again huh?" He joked. "Yea I gotta make sure they eat something in the morning." We laughed as I walked in. Almost everyone wave at me as I walked pass. JY Park saw me and walked over to me. "Hey! Y/N." "Hey Mr. Park." "I see you bring food for the guys huh? I'm glad, they really don't eat in the Morning because of rehearsals." "Yea I know Jackson tells me all the time. But I always try to make sure they eat." He smiled and had one of his people help me care the food. JYPark wasn't really okay about Jackson still dating me. He was really uptight about it. He didn't want our relationship ruining Jackson career. But as he was how much we loved each other. He let us be together. He always kept a close eyes on us to make sure we aren't doing anything. He knows we be having sex since he found an empty condom wrapper in Jackson pants. Oo I remember how he scold us for that. But then he was okay about it because we use protection. That's when he lets do what we wants and treats as if I was his daughter. I got the dance studio. You can see how hard they are working to make sure everything is perfect. You also can see how mad JB gets when bambam and Yugyeom play around. I swear I feel as if JB is their dad. Then here comes momma Jinyoung telling JB don't yell at the babies. I always loved how they act toward each other. I open the door and walked in. "Hey look guys it's Jackson wifey!" Young Jae said. They saw me and smiled "I'm only his girlfriend and I brought food." They didn't waste no time jumping up and grabbing the food. Jackson came and put his arms around me. "Why do you always take care of them?" "Becasue they are your family." He smiled and gave me a kiss.

Mystery Boy POV

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I like the girl friend she takes good care of the boys. But did mystery boy have to do that Young Jae? I think we gave a better to see who is the mystery boy. I Wonder who it is?

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