The Suga Kookie Squad


Did you hear?

The Suga Kookie Squad is officially in session. We are a group created to improve the image of our fandom. Our group believes that it is important how other fandoms view us and how BTS views us. We also hope that we can get BTS' name known even more around the world!


Now you must be thinking, "Why do we care how other fandoms or people view us?"

Simple. If we show we are a strong, united, positive fandom who doesn't lie to spread hate and is dedicated, people will get curious and would want to know more about BTS.

The Suga Kookie Squad is a group to spread around the positive vibes. To beat negative, be positive. We've been known as a fandom where people feel that they "aren't proud to be part of the ARMY fandom". Our group wants our fandom to make people have that warm welcoming when they join our fandom.

We've created Social Media accounts and a website!! (Links are at the bottom)

What is this website?

The official TSKS website includes projects for you to participate in. We update you on the latest news on BTS and more! We even have links to places where you can get tickets for the WINGS TOUR! Including places like Chile, Brazil, and South Korea!

We are always editing our site to make sure it is updated for you!


Thank you so much for reading this and for your support! Going to finish this post with a few gifs hehe. I'll leave the social media links down below! For more information or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Social Media Accounts:




Facebook Page:

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