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The question is... Who do you think is the Kimberly Smith's (<----Main Character) bias of BTS? Why do you think said group member is her (Kimberly Smith's) bias?

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Warning: May contain sexual content and/ or cussing

Word Count: 1284


“You just need to worry about yourself and let me worry about me okay? Okay!” I replied, trying to convince him, but he seemed to become even more frustrated. He looked up at the ceiling as he sighed and covered his eyes. “Tae…” I wined, doing my best to be cut, and poked him in the side causing him to squirm a bit. He looked at me seeming to be angry. “No… don’t do that… it tickles…” “Oh, really?” “No, we are not having another tickle fight… we are having a serious conversation…” Tae replied trying to be more mature, but kind of failing a bit because he tried to look serious. “If you’re trying to look serious it’s not working very well.” “Oh, yeah.” He grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder. “Put me down!” I laughed and he threw me on the bed, straddling me to keep me from escaping his hands as he tickled my sides.

“Stop…hahaha… please…hahaha…” “Not unless you say I can be serious…” “Okay…haha… you can be serious… hahaha,” I said in a strained. He stopped and I could see him smiling down at me through my tears. “What?” I asked. “I just… okay…” “Okay, what?” “Okay, to this… lets be 'friends',” he used air quotes around the words before leaning down and pecked me on the lips. I smiled and gave him a deeper kiss…

I felt a smile spread across his lips as we kissed. He moved his lips from mine to my neck. I giggled as I felt his breath on my skin. He started giving my skin little playful nips with every kiss down to my collar bone. I moaned as he got to my collar bone, causing him to pause to look me in the eyes. “I like the noise you just made…” He said with a chuckle and grinned so big that his eyes crinkled. I hit him on the shoulder playfully playful as I blushed. “What’s so funny? Huh? Are you laughing at me?” I snickered as he tried to keep a serious expression to respond, but ended up laughing instead. I laughed harder and ended up snorting. “Hahaha… that was very cute…” he replied as he tried to uncover my mouth. “No, that was embarrassing, I haven’t done that since I was in high school.” “Oh, come on uncover your face! Don’t cover your beautiful face, I want to be able to see it for as long as I can!” he wrestled with me playfully trying to get me to uncover my mouth.

My phone buzzed and I sighed. I looked at it lighting up on the bed side table and the screen read ‘Bubble Butt’. ‘What now?’ I thought. I reached for my phone and made sure Tae couldn’t read what he had texted me just in case it had something to do about us. I clicked quickly on the message and read it. ‘Hey, do you know where Tae is? Everyone is looking for him…’ “Shit!” I said out loud. I texted him back quickly saying that I haven’t seen him “What? What’s wrong?” Tae asked with a concerned look on his face. I quickly had to come up with something to get him out of here and back to his dorm room. I sighed “Mr. Kim just texted me to tell me that we have another meeting soon…I have to get work done…” I looked at him cautiously to see if he bought it or not. Suddenly, his phone goes off. He sighed after looking at his phone, “I guess I should leave…” He gave me a weak smile and a peck on the nose before getting off of me, helping me up off the bed and headed towards the door as I walked him out.

“I’ll see you tomorrow…” He smiled again before heading towards the elevators. I felt relieved when he was out of sight. A few minutes after I closed my door and got another text from Suga. ‘Speak of the devil, he’s back… how are you?’ I tried to continue the conversation without sounding suspicious. Slowly, but surely the texts got more and more spread out, and I fell asleep on him. I woke up reading good morning texts from all Tae, Namjoon and Suga. I giggle at all of their different personalities come through their good morning texts. Tae’s read “Good morning, sunshine. You ready to practice with me today?”. Suga’s read “I can’t believe you fell asleep on me last night. That’s okay… I forgive you… see you later?” and Namjoon’s read “Hey, got some free time today?”.

I replied to all of them quickly and began to get dressed for the day. It was Friday, and I was happy that I had my day off tomorrow. I looked in the mirror and saw hickeys down from the neck to my collar bone. The only way I could hide them were to wear a scarf, like back in high school all over again. I laughed, remembering when my mother found out I had gotten my first hickey, feeling like a teen again and putting on my work out clothes was something I never thought I would be doing. I put some make up over the one you could visibly see and headed out the door to meet Tae for practice. I was surprised to see Jimin joining us for once. “Hey, long time no see…” I said as I entered the practice room. “Hey, how are you?” Jimin asked. “Just fine, you ready to practice?” I asked stretching with him while we wait for Tae to show up.

“Yeah,” I looked over at him and I caught him staring at me. “What?” I asked. “Nothing,” He said with a smile. Tae walks in a few seconds later and starts to stretch with us before we started. We worked on new choreography for a new song and we were dripping in sweat when we finally took a break. “You two were great,” I said congratulating them on how hard they worked as sat down to take a sip of water from my bottle. “You did good, too. I didn’t think you could keep up with us…” Jimin teased as he took the seat next to me. Tae had walked over to the radio and fiddle with the music. I had a feeling Tae was trying to lay low with our newly-found ‘friendship’, which was a good idea. “What’s that on your neck?” I had forgotten that I didn’t put the scarf on and just make up for now. “Oh…um…” I hesitated for a second and said “I burned myself with a flat iron.” “Oh, okay,” He looked like he didn’t buy it, but he didn’t ask any more questions after that, which I felt relieved that he didn’t.

After practice, everything went the same the rest of the day. I went to work like every other day and the sun, slowly started to burn out of the sky. I was packing my stuff up to leave when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Jimin, looking upset, in front of me. “Hey, what’s up?” “Can we talk… in private?” I looked at him confused and said “Sure…” he grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me into one of the empty meeting rooms. “What the hell, Jimin? What is up with you?” he ignored my protest and practically ripped my scarf off my neck, exposing the hickeys on my neck and collar bone. “What the hell is this? Huh?” He asked in a frustrated tone. “I know you didn’t burn yourself with a flat iron…”


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