Why Chinese Leadership and some other Governments Want a Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency?

CBDC will steal the spotlight of Bitcoin and therefore help governments to repress the digital currency revolution. Do you know what this will mean? https://mises.org/blog/why-governments-want-central-bank-issued-digital-currency This is the basic lecture about Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency. They are trying to make paper money disappear in next decade, I think! Do you know why? himyfellows@gmail.com whatsapp +821022534121

Hello, my friends! My name is SeongYeol, Ahn. People just call me Sandy because it's too long and hard to Ppronounce. I live in Seoul, South Korea. I work for a company, but also I do online marketing business as well. I am a simple busy man, hahaha. Have a great day, my friend!
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