Bts Jimin FF/smut-One shot (18+)

Title: My boyfriends shirt


Genre: Smut

Warning: Language & Smut is included. Please do not proceed if you would not want to read such.

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One night, beneath a sky full of twinkling stars. Jimin an I were walking through the park. We were alone together walking hand-in-hand admiring the sky. When suddenly he stopped. He looked quietly at the night sky. "the stars seem more beautiful than ever." jimin said the words casually as if it were nothing special. I smiled at him. I lean a little closer to his arm and felt his warmth by my side. I love spending time with him like this. Just then... "Ah" - y/n I felt a drop land on my check. and within moments, rain was pouring down like a waterfall. "y/n this way!" - Jimin Jimin took my hand in his and we took off running towards an alley with a roof surprisingly. the rain continued to pelt down on us as we ran. When we reached the ally way the two of us stopped to catch our breath. We could hear the rain ponding down even harder out. "We sure got soaked." he said as a heavy drop of water slid off a lock on Jimins hair. "yeah." - y/n My clothes were drenched sticking to my skin. but we have to get back to our apartment. I looked out watching the rain pour down harder and harder as it gets cold. "the rain only got my sweater wet." -Jimin "really!?" - y/n I looked at Jimin who was taking off his sweater and then... "Here put this on y/n." - Jimin He held out his dry black shirt towards me leaving him shirtless. "B-but Jimin." - y/n I hesitated but Jimin reached out and lightly touched my lips. His eyes gazed kindly into mine. "At times like this, just let me spoil you, besides... I don't want anyone else to see you like that y/n." "o-okay." I felt bad taking his shirt, but i was relieved and touched at the same time. I looked at his shirt and back at him. it's probably a bit to big for me. "can you turn around?" - y/n He nodded and did what I told him to. Unsurprisingly, the sleeves were definitely too long. By the silky-smooth shirt felt good against my rain-soaked skin. "Jimin." - y/n Jimin turned around at the sound of my voice, and his eyes went wide. "Oh."- Jimin "Jimin?" I approached him wondering what was the matter and he turned his eyes away. "I'm sorry y/n, please don't come any closer." "What? Why?" I froze and looked up at him and noticed that Jimins eyes were big and wide. "I feel a bit strange. I just want to take that right off you again." -Jimin He looked directly at me as he spoke and I felt my checks flush red. Now that I think of it... Jimins face is red too. I realized we were both probably the same shade of pink. "Well... if you really want to. I don't mind."- y/n "Huh." - Jimin "I love you Jimin. I want the same things you do." -Y/n it feels really cheesy to say that but... "Are you sure? " -Jimin I couldn't tear my eyes away from his as he pushed me back against a wall. "Because I want a lot right now." -Jimin. in response, I tilted my head up and closed my eyes and then I felt his lips pressed hard against mine. Jimins fingers slid gently down along my neck and slowly stripped the black shirt from my shoulders. "Mmm." My senses seemed heightened everywhere he touched. I love you Jimin. I wrapped my arms around him as I whispered those words inside my heart. he started kissing down my neck whispering sweet nothings against my neck. His soft lips touching my exposed skin sent vibrations through my body. He looked up at me and kissed me again only with his tongue shoving inside my mouth fighting with my own. With my shirt discarded, his warm hand went behind my back and fumbled with my bra. I giggled at his attempt. "D-dont laugh." - Jimin I looked at him gently. "I can't help it, you're too cute." I said to him smiling. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow up. "Cute? You know that I am a man y/n. I could be more than just 'cute' " I looked at him with wide eyes. he finally succeeded and took off my bra in an instant. the cool air hit my exposed skin as I covered myself up. "I-its cold Jimin ." I looked down shivering. "Don't worry y/n. Soon you'll be hot and bothered." Jimin said as he placed a finger under my chin and lifted my face up to meet his. His eyes were clouded with lust at he stared down at me. I averted my gaze and looked out at the still raining storm. "Don't be shy... No one is going to be around here anyways " I looked back at Jimin and remained calm. he smiled at me and kissed me again. His hand grabbed both of my arms and pined them above my head. He kisses down my neck and bit a sensitive spot. "Ahh~" He licked and sucked on that same spot until he left a satisfying mark. He went lower and gently bit my colkarbone. I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning again. His lips went lower and placed his lips against one of my buds. His free hand groped my other breast and fondled it. It felt good yet ticklish at the same time. His tongue flicked my bud and gently bit it causing me to squirm. He sucked on it and let go. He switched sides and gave my other breast the same treatment . He looked up at me and smirked. He let go of me and started to unbutton his pants. He dropped his pants down along with his boxers. Our breathing was uneven as we tried to catch air. His fingers went down to my underwear and slipped them off. He went back up to me and placed his hands on my legs. "Jump." I quickly jumped and Jimin held me tightly from my legs and The wall was also supporting me. "Are you ready y/n?" I nodded my head. His tip gently touched my opening making me more impatient. He finally trusted inside causing me to scream. "Are you alright y/n?" I looked at Jimin with a worried face which was cute. I smiled at him. "J-just give me some time." he nodded his head and placed himself on the crook of my neck breathing in my scent. After a while I started to feel uncomfortable. I moved a bit which caused me and Jimin to moan. He looked at me questioning if he can move. I nodded my head and closed my eyes. My arms were holding onto a jimins neck as he moved slowly in and out. "You're so tight y/n." he grunted. He started to move at a faster pace. "Ahh Jimin~" I moaned next to his ear which caused him to go faster. My head went blank from the immense pleasure. The air was thick and it was getting hard to breathe. "y/n I'm c-cuming." "D-dont stop." - y/n Jimin kept going until he hit a special spot inside me that threw me off. "Yes Jimin, right there!" I threw my head back enjoying him filling me up. "Jimin I'm c-close!" "me too ugh." His moves became sloppy signaling he is close to his high. "Ugh. y/n!!" I felt his hot liquid flowing inside me making me come after him. We held each other tightly breathing each other's air. we looked at each other smiling and placed our foreheads together. "I love you y/n." "I love you too Jimin." ~*~ "Hey babe is the baby okay?" -Jimin. "yes he's fine alright." I looked at Jimin. coming towards me and bent down to my stomach. He gently placed his ear closely and rubbed my stomach. "You're daddy is here ok, I can't wait to see you." He whispered to my belly. I smiled down at him and he stood up. "I'm glad to have you and our baby y/n." He kissed my forehead and then my lips...

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