Destiny - Chpt 2

Chpt 2

"Oh...and you too" I told him then smiled "Then will you go out with me?" He asked "I sure will...Yoongi" I said then kissed him on the cheek -- "Yah! Shin Nayeon! Wake up it's the first day of school!" Eomma yelled at me to wake up "Huh, I thought school already started" I said with my sleepy voice "Pabo! You were dreaming! Now get ready!" She yelled at me again "Arrasso eomma" I got out of bed and got ready Was it all a dream? Does it mean that it was all fake? I was upset, but I did my morning routine -- I was walking down the stairs of my house before I started eavesdropping on my eomma -- "Eunji, of course I would do that, but is it a boy or a girl "A boy, I see" What the fuck was she talking about "Okay! I'll see this afternoon, bye!" I think she ended the phone call -- "Yah! Nayeon! Hurry up, the food is getting cold!" Eomma shouted and I pretended lile I was just coming down the stairs "I'm here eomma" I sat down in a chair "Okay..Nayeon I beed you to come home right away today instead of hanging out at Jina's place" She told me and I nodded "For what?" I asked "It's a surprise" She said and I made a face at her *Beep Beep Beep* A car horned "I think someone is here to pick you up" She chuckled and picked up my food that I was eating "Okay bye!" I quickly ran out of the house and saw Jimin and Jina waiting for me "Hey Nayeon!" Jina said "Hi guys" I got int their car and Jimin started driving "We're going to pick up Nari now" Jimjn said and I was surprised "The fuck!" I shouted "Relax, Nayeon...She changed" Jimin told me and I scoffed the rolled my eyes "Nayeon trust me she really changed over the summe" Jina turned around and told me since she was sitting in the front "Fine, but if she makes fun of me I will slap the fuck out of her" I said and they nodded -- Nari was now in the car and hasn't made fun of me yet "Nayeon how was your summer?" Nari finally spoke to me and I was out of words since she would always make fun of me "G-good! How about you?" I stuttered a little and Nari giggled "Better then ever!" Nari said with a preppy voice "Oh guys Nari and I have some news" Jimin suddenly spoke "Oppa?" Jina questioned Jimin "Nari and I are dating" He said with a really excited voice and I started freaking out again "See! I knew this would happen!" I yelled out and everyone started laughing "We all knew this would happen. So get out!" Jina got out and I didn't know that we were at school already "Oh! I see Taehyung, Jungkook, and Yoongi!" Jimin yelled out and I suddenly thought of the dream "Wait how do you know Yoongi?" I asked Jimin and he shrugged "Boi! He was here last year!" He chuckled and I forgot that and that this year we were seniors "Arrasso Jiminnie" I started walking towards the boys and saw that Jina and Nari were talking with them "Kookie!" I yelled out and hugged him "Oh hey, noona" Jungkook said and started getting shy "You look pretty" He complimented me "Thank you kookie" I ruffled his hair and went over to Taehyung "Hi Tae! How is your puppy doing?" I asksd "He has gotten bigger, but he can do tricks now!" He smiled like a little kid and finally I went over to Yoongi "Hi Yoongi" I smiled at him and he smiled back Then stepped on my foot "Just because I'm friendly right now doesn't mean that we're friends" He whispered in my ear "I thought that we were g-good" I said then there was a flash back -Flash Back- I was walking to my locker, but someone tripped me. It was Yoongi and he started laughing at me "Are you going to cry like a little baby?" He asked me and I didn't say anything "Of course you're just a little weep" He sajd out loud, but then I saw Sanghoon running towards me "What the fuck did you do to her?" Sanghoon was about to punch Yoongi in the face, but then Jimin joined in "Nayeon-ah are you okay?" He gave me his hand to get up "Yes oppa, i'm okay" I looked down "Nayeon! Are you okay!" Jina started running towards me "Yes Jina. Now lets go" I walked away with her, leaving the boys alone -Flash Back Ends- But I like you...I put my head down and walked over to Jimin "I'm going yo stay by your side for the whole dat" I told Jimin and he nodded since wehad the same schedule "Shall we go to our classes" Nari suddenly asked and we all nodded "I need to speak with Nayeon for a moment" Yoongi said and everyone nodded expect me "Jimin Oppa!" I yelled, but he didn't hear me so I made a weird face "Well Nayeon. I guess that we are alone" Yoongi walked towards me "I don't get it! Why are you so mean to me!" I started yelling "I don't know Nayeon..." He said in a soothing voice "Maybe because you're a weirdo!" He started laughing "You know what! I give up! I liked you, but not anymore!" I walked away into the school -- This is my own written story

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