Christmas in Bed { BAP Holiday One Shot FF}

rated PG or PG13 I'm trying something new in this story. I'm using Korean endearments for the first time. So please be understanding if I used them. Christmas in bed {BAP Holiday One Shot FF} You are waking up to the smell of coffee and something cooking. You roll over to hug Youngjae, but he isn't in bed any more. You get startled and jump to a sitting position. You look around the room and see it beautifully decorated. It was like having a Christmas village in your room. Well maybe not as bad as a village, but it was pretty festive in there. You noticed the gifts you got Youngjae are next to yours. They were all in your bedroom. You are starting to wonder where did Youngjae run off to. You hear voices outside your room. It sounds like Youngjae is talking to someone. You stay in your room because you weren't dress to see who it is. You try to listen and figure out who it can be. After listening for couple of minutes, you figured out who is talking to Youngjae. Its his friend Daehyun. It sounds like He's leaving. Youngjae was thanking him for helping him out. Daehyun wishes him a Merry Christmas. Tell Y/N I hope she enjoys her Christmas. Daehyun says I'll tell her but don't worry I'll make sure she enjoys it. Youngjae replies After a couple minutes, you hear Youngjae walking towards your room. The bedroom door was quietly being open. You see Youngjae creeping in the room. He was carrying a large tray full of food and drinks. He was trying to be careful and quiet. He softly kicks the door close behind him. He looks forward the bed and see you are wide awake. Merry Christmas Jagi! Youngjae says with a big smile. What's going on Yeobo? You ask him It's Christmas in bed Jagi. He replays Christmas in bed? You ask him with a confused look. He starts carrying the tray toward the bed. He makes you sit up straight. He then places the big tray in the middle of the bed. He walks towards the presents and got some of each of yours and his. We are spending our Christmas in bed. He starts to explain while placing the presents on the bed. Which means we will eat breakfast first while starting a Christmas movie marathon. He goes to turn on the TV and starts playing Santa Clause part 1. Then we will start opening presents once we are done eating. He joins you in bed. You couldn't help but smile at him. You have everything planned out? You ask him Yea pretty much. Now let's start eating. While you are eating, you are enjoying the Christmas movie. Once you both are done. Youngjae takes the tray away. I'll be right back. You just relax and I'll be bring snacks and drinks to last us awhile. He says while going to the kitchen. You couldn't help but feel loved and happy. You were having a wonderful Christmas with the man you love. You were smiling when he returned as promised with lots of snacks and pulling a small cooler. Youngjae gets back in bed and starts handing out your presents. The next hour you both are opening presents. You both love your presents. Youngjae got you a couple necklace. You got him a couple bracelets. There were other presents from friends and family. Once you were done. Youngjae gathered the trash and put the presents to the side. He asks if you want something to drink or eat. Just a drink for now. You replied After getting your drink, he then climbs in bed. He draws you close so you can cuddle with him. You both start watching Santa Clause 2. The Santa Clause series are your favorite Christmas movies. Youngjae know this, so he got all three programmed to play back to back. Are you having a good Christmas, Jagi? He asks while kissing your head and hugging you close. Yes it's the best Christmas ever, Yeobo. You replied while hugging him tight to show how much you appreciate his efforts to make a perfect Christmas for you. Now you are enjoying cuddling and loving the time you are spending with your love on Christmas.

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