Last Christmas (Luhan One shot)

Alrighty we are down to 1 story left for the quarter...I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Man this tree was huge. I always loved dates meeting around it and then spending the holiday together. I glanced down at my watch. "(y/n)?" I smiled and turned to the voice, but once I saw who it was my smile dropped. "What do you want?" I snapped. "Wow aren't in a happy mood huh?" He laughed. "Now that I've seen you...I want to throw up." I said looking back at the giant tree. "Oh come on you know you still love me." He said causing me to turn to him. "Oh buddy are you wrong. I hate you more than anything. Last year, you left me for who? Oh right a stripper. Instead of breaking up with me before Christmas you did it the day after I confessed how much I loved you." "We had been together 6 months and you didn't let me get any farther than kissing." He snapped back. "So you run off to someone who will give you what you want, fine I don't care. I learned my lesson that day." "Oh what are you a slut now?" He smirked. "What if I am?" "Then I might want a go around." I looked at him then passed him. Oh man was he in for a rude awakening. "I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I'm only giving sex to those I love." "And I know you still love me, even if you say you hate me." He really was full of himself. "Baby!" I said smiling as he got closer to us. "See." He said stepping closer to me and grabbing my arm. "Let go of my girlfriends arm." Luhan placed his hand over the guys. "Oh she's your girlfriend?" He asked and backed away from me. After that I don't know my ex left but I didn't care. "Lu I waited so long for you." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. He hugged me back with a light laugh. "I'm sorry I had to get you something special for our first Christmas Together." He smiled pulling out a bracelet. Everything else around us was gone. I only could see the two of us and I liked that. I was kissing him deeply and enjoying just being with him when my phone buzzed. I pulled away and looked at my phone. "Give me a second." I said and he nodded and just pulled me close to him. I was so happy and to think I never felt this happy when I was with HIM. "(y/n) I need your help I can't pick out the right outfit for tonight. " My best friend said sobbing through the phone. "Ok first stop crying that's not going to help and second just think of what he likes best on you." "But but..." "Listen you'll be fine. I'm with Lu right now so I'm hanging up." "Ugh ok fine that's for the quick advice. Now go get lucky." That last sentence had me laughing as I hung up the phone. Luhan kissed my head and I leaned into him more. "Alright so what are we doing?" I asked glancing at his face. "Well are you hungry?" "Not right now." "Ok then we are going to Namsan." He took my hand and we walked the distance to the tower. As we made our way to the top we talked about the idiot who was messing with me earlier. "He's an ex from last year. He cheated on me because I wasn't easy enough. Although you know if he wouldn't have just ended things the way he did I would have probably been in a relationship with him now, And man he is not good looking at all." I gushed. "Well your taste in men have changed. " Luhan put his arms around me. "Yeah I'm so glad they have." "I love you." He whispered into my ear. "What!?!" I asked trying to turn to face him, but he wouldnt let me. "I love you. I will fight to keep you forever." He kissed my cheek and finally allowed me to turn to face him. "I love you too!!" I said and flung my arms around him and kissed his lips. Just as we got to the top and we jerked I pulled away. "Time to lock out love in." Luhan said as he led the way. I guess I am very thankful for last christmas, otherwise I wouldn't have this amazing guy with me right now.

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