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I've been very inactive lately, so Here are some edits I made just now. Hope you all like them, even though it's not much. ♥

welp. here it goes. ^.^ For Christmas we visited my aunt, we actually always do that. But usually I have nothing to do, and since I'm kinda awkward and anti social when it comes to family reunions I just sit in the corner. I was lucky enough to have the password to their wifi, so basically I've been using it to be on my phone for the past two days. I'm really tired and I just want to go home, but turns out we are staying the night... again. I just want to leave and I'm not even considering this as any type of Christmas, but I'm at least happy that my mom got to spent time with her brothers and her sister. meanwhile .. I'm suffering, but it's all alright. Anyways, so I thought well why not make some edits, so here they are ~~

•Jhope x Suga x BTS



•Big Bang x GD

•These aren't really kpop but I made them too, so I'll just upload them as well. Hope you all liked them as much as I did Feedback? always accepted ;)

💚 SS501/301 & Big Bang 👑 ❤ BTS? currently trying to survive from those 7 dorks KHJ•KKJ | T.O.P Jin? Namjoon? Jungkook? V? J-Hope? Jimin? Suga?╥.╥
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