KpopINT Meets Evil~ Nana's Only Hope

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Time for the murder-


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Christmas Party


Make up and glamour was her ultimate weakness, but what this girl didn't know was that sunshine and smiles was after her innocence. Maybe she should have been more careful, maybe she should have behaved, maybe, oh just maybe, she shouldn't have attacked dearest@Sailynn with foul intentions.


“Could you tell me where the bathroom is?” J-Hope said, standing up from his seat next to the overly cheesy V.

“It's on the first floor. Take the hallway down, then turn left and take the stairs around the corner. It'll be the forth door on your right,” Jojo answered.

J-Hope smiled then bowed politely as he left the room to find the rest room.

“When Hobi gets back, we'll start the scavenger hunt,” Sailynn smiled.

“Scavenger hunt?” Namjoon repeated, his eyebrows raised with curiosity.

“Yes. Jojo and I hid something in the company and the first team to retrieve it back safely win immunity for the next level from the punishments.”

“Punishments?” Elayne's jaw dropped.

“Yes darling, punishments.” Sailynn smiled even wider.

“So like Running Man?” Jin asked.

“Ehh, kinda.”

“Think more savage, because Sail created the games,” Jojo laughed.

“Yes. The punishments are bad. But there will be opportunities to redeem yourselves,” Sailynn added, shooting a death glare at Jojo for calling her savage.

“How do we choose teams?” Jimin said, looking around at his hyungs.

“I already chose teams, so there's no need to worry about it. I matched everyone up with people they'd be most compatible with.”

All the girls stared at Sailynn, all except for Jojo who laughed even harder no matter how much she tried to contain the sound.

“Let's wait for Hobi okay? In the mean time, please, finish the burgers. I was expecting you guys to eat more,” Sailynn complained, pushing the burgers towards the staff and the boys.

A few more minutes passed by with no sign of J-Hope. Not even the sound of footsteps echoing through the hallways.

“Aishh. Did that boy get lost?” Jojo ran a hand threw her hair.

“Why did you send him to the first floor bathroom?” Nana growled at Jojo.

Jojo stared at her. “Because someone broke the lighting in the second floor bathroom. If you're gonna give me attitude missy, then get off your butt and go find him.”

“Why me?”

“Because it's your fault I couldn't tell him to use the bathroom around the corner!”

“Aishh!” Nana got up and marched out of the room, turning to head down the stairs in search of J-Hope.

It wasn't her fault she accidentally broke the lights in the bathroom. She had ran out of her apartment early today without any make up due to having a meeting and sleeping through the alarm and needed great lighting to do it. Sure, she could have used the first floor bathroom but at the time she went to go do her make up, it was being cleaned so she had to use the second floor. Lighting everywhere else in the building sucked except for Sailynn's office but even if Nana asked nicely and threw in a couple of bargin pandas, Sailynn wouldn't let Nana enter her office just to put on make up.

'You don't do anything except distract me from my work!' Sailynn would often tell Nana when she'd stop by, even just say hello. But then again, Sailynn had all the good snacks, so a lot of the staff was always trying to get in just to grab something yummy.

Legend had it, if you gave Sailynn the right panda bargain chip, she would even let you nap on the bean bag that she had in the office.

“Aishh. Really? Where is that boy?” Nana grumbled, peeking through every corner of the first floor. “There's no way he could be in the basement. Please don't tell me I have to climb all the way to the third floor.” She groaned, tilting her head up as she dragged her feet towards the stairwell. It was times like these that she'd have to complain to the Executives to install an elevator, or how else could everyone do their jobs without the constant struggle to use the stairs?

Lost in her own world, she missed a step and started to fall forward, only to get caught in time with an arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her back.

“Noona, be careful please,” the voice behind her chuckled playfully. “If it wasn't because I got lost, you would have gotten seriously hurt.”

Nana turned around, instantly feeling the color drain from her face when she spotted a bright, vibrant smile. J-Hope.

“Are you okay?” J-Hope asked, steadying Nana carefully.

Nana's mouth had dried up to the point of cutting any type of verbal response. His arm was still wrapped around her waist. He was so close, she could literally see how beautiful and perfect the curvature of his facial features were. His natural scent of a fresh, dewy meadow tickled her nose. How was he so perfect? How did he maintain such gorgeous skin? He was more than beautiful- handsome wasn't a word that fitted him either.

“Noona?” J-Hope repeated, smiling down at her.

She could only nod. Were his eyes ever this brown in the photos? Did they ever twinkle this much? It must be because he was brighter than the sun itself. Who knows, maybe if she kept staring, they could somehow realize how much she loved it. All of it.


J-Hope raised an eyebrow, “what is it noona? Are you sure you're okay? You look a little lost.” He chucked. “Get it? Because I'm lost!”

Nana broke out laughing. That's why she loved him. He was one of the few men that could make her forget all her troubles and leave her clutching her stomach in attempts to control her laughter. Her knees buckled underneath all the laughing, making her fall forward on her knees as she tried to get the laughter under control.

“Ahh, you like my jokes! Okay, here's one the others didn't get but I think you'll get it! Noona, why did Jin hyung take Kookie to the hospital? Because he felt crummy!”

Nana smacked her floor with her fists, laughing hysterically at the corny joke that she knew she would have cringed if Sailynn had told it, but it was Hobi. Anything he did was uber cute, anything he said was deadly and often left her weak with laughter.

“Okay okay, why can't penguins break the ice? Because they're socially awkward!”

Nana laughed harder. Why? She had heard that joke before from Sailynn, and yet, she couldn't help but laugh like it was the first time she'd ever heard it.

“Thanks for laughing at my jokes Noona, the others usually judge me-”

“Hobi. What are you doing to Nana eonni?”

Nana tried to look up, but failed with how weak she had become from J-Hope's cheesy jokes.

“Practicing my jokes on Noona, why?”

“It looks like you're killing her.”

“Pfftt. Only with my aegyo, Sail. Right Noona?” J-Hope smiled brightly and pulled the cutest aegyo he could, making Nana shriek with a loud gasp until she fell completely silent.

Sailynn clicked her tongue. “Tsk tsk. Way to go Hobi. You killed Nana.”

He gasped, “aigoo! Did I really!?”

“Yup. You're so cute it killed her. Well, don't just stand there, help me stuff her body into that closet over there. I don't want to scare the children with a lifeless body.”

“Sail, is she really dead?” J-Hope asked in a soft voice.

“No, she probably just overdosed on your aegyo,” Sailynn giggled.

“Oh, okay. I can live with that. I'll grab her feet.”

Tossed in the supply closet, Sailynn and J-Hope walked back to the room with the others.

“Welp,” Sailynn said, clasping her hands. “Nana had a heart attack and died. Now. Let's start the scavenger hunt!”


1 down.

4 more to go.

Elayne...... you better start running. Now.


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