Garden of Evil {Orange Pig} ((Gluttony



You held out your finger towards the door with the orange pig above it. “Gluttony, lovely choice.” He whispered as he pushed you towards the door. Your hand was shaking as you grasped the doorknob. You slowly opened the door. Finding it hard to actually push open. The smell of food filled your nose. The room was filled with items. Dozens of books, clothes, memorabilia, and musical instruments covered the floor and walls. It was as though you had walked into a room of a hoarder. Right in front of you was a large table, covered in food that was piling over it. The food appeared delectable; cookies, cakes, salads, meats, and cups of wine. You took a seat on the table and heard a chuckling from the other end of the table. You looked over it and found a man sitting in the chair at the other end of the table. His cheeks were filled with food, but despite this piggish action, he was still beautiful. “Welcome to the room of Gluttony. I would not advise you eat the food. It tastes rather awful.” He told you as he downed a glass of wine to get the food down. You stared at the filled room. The room was almost suffocating. But the man stood, moving around the items as though he could see an invisible path. He stopped before you and wiped his finger against the icing of a slice of cake that sat before you. He licked the icing off of his finger while staring down at you. “So, what brings an angel to this room?” He asked in a bell like voice that seemed to fill the room with delicate music. “I am escaping my troubles.” You told him honestly as you felt your mouth begin to water at the sight of the cake. He smiled down at you and held out the glass of wine towards you. “Then feel free to drown your troubles in anything you wish within this room. I have plenty to share.” He told you sweetly. “The name is Seokjin.” You rose your own glass of wine towards him and stared down at it. It appeared to be normal wine. Nothing special, nothing dangerous, but something about this room felt dangerous all on its own. You brought the wine up to your lips and took a small, slow sip of it. You almost spat it out. The taste of motor oil filling your mouth; pushing you towards nausea. Seokjin smiled at you, downing his own cup of wine and keeping the smile in place. “I know, it tastes terrible. But I promise, there is one way to make it better.” He whispered in a quiet voice. You stared at him and began to feel your stomach growl. You wanted the food, you wanted a lot of it, but you were scared of what he would say as the means to make it taste anything but shit. You remained silent as he walked back over to you and ran his finger over the ice cream once again. He brought the icing up to your lips and smirked. “You have to admit to being a sinner. It is as simple as that.” His voice was like butter as his words slid from his lips. Your breathing quickened and your palms became sweaty. You shifted in your seat and heard the several papers beneath you crumble loudly. “If you please and pamper your stomach, you will hurl yourself over the precipice of bodily impurity, into the fire of wrath and fury, you will coarsen and darken your mind, and in this way you will ruin your powers of attention and self-control, your sobriety and vigilance. Will you remain pure?” Your eyes met his and you could see the need in them. The need to lick the icing off his own finger, the need to satisfy his never ending hunger. But the longer you stared up at him, the more you began to question whether it was the food he was hungry for. “Are you a sinner, my dear little angel?” He asked as the brought the icing closer to your lips. You hadn’t meant to, but you found yourself nodding to his question. “Yes, I am a sinner.” You whispered. As your lips parted to speak, he slipped his finger into your mouth. Your tongue rolled around it, taking in the sweet taste of sugar. Your eyes remained on his as he slowly pulled his finger away from your lips. His smirk widened. Without saying another word, he leaned down towards you and pressed his lips against yours. The moment your lips met his, your body began to rise. You wanted him. NO, you needed him. You had a thirst that needed to be quenched and he was like a cold glass of water. Your lips were locked with his, your tongue slipping into his mouth and moving around his. Your tongues moved impatiently around each other’s. His hands rested on your cheeks at first, quickly moving down to your shoulders, to your chest, then down to rest on your hips. He pulled you up with surprising strength and placed you on the table. You felt something cold on your butt, but at the moment, you could care less about it. His hands pulled your dress up and over your head swiftly. You pulled his clothes off just as quickly; needing to feel him all over. Needing to envelope yourself in his scent and touch. You stared at his body, eating him with your eyes as you felt your hot core begin to throb with uncontrollable need. He smiled at you and reached over your head, grabbing the chocolate on the table and began to drip it down your body from your neck to your stomach. His tongue followed the trail with ease, lapping up the chocolatey path. You moaned under the feeling of his tongue against your hot skin. You placed your hand in his hair, guiding his head further down where you wanted it most. He happily obliged; wanting to taste you even more. His long fingers hooked around your underwear and slid them off. He lowered himself, licking off the icing, from the cake your legs were now lying on, off your thighs. The feeling sent shivers up and down your spin as he almost teased you; licking just out of reach of your wet folds. He inched ever so slowly towards your mound, licking up your slit quickly. His tongue was like a snake, slithering into your folds with ease, and roaming around all over. His right hand made its way to join his tongue, paying extra attention on your swollen nub of nerves. While his left hand moved up your body, taking up whatever chocolate he had left behind, and stopped at your mouth. You wrapped your tongue around his fingers and took them into your mouth, sucking them dry of all the sweet substance. But that wasn’t enough for you. No, you needed more of him. You needed to taste him. You pushed yourself off the table, moving him away from you and dropped to your knees on top of some of the cluttered papers on the floor. You pulled down his pants hastily; freeing his erect member. You glanced up at him and found him eating a strawberry as he watched you closely. Your fingers wrapped around his member, pumping it a few times before leaning forward and taking it into your mouth. The taste of him on your tongue was like the best tasting piece of dessert you have ever had. You could not get enough of it as you bobbed your head back and forth quickly, feeling his hand pull your head away from him. You stared up at him in confusion before he laid down and gestured for you to come over to him. You did, and he pulled you over him, turning you so you were facing his legs and he brought your entrance down towards his lips once more. You lowered your own lips down to his member again and licked the tip as his quick tongue slipped out to flick your clit. The faster he moved his tongue, the faster you moved your head. You felt the tightening in your stomach and you knew that you were close to your climax, but you didn’t want this to end. If it ended, you would just need more. You moved your head faster, loving the feeling as Seokjin began to pick up the thrusting on his own. His thrusts were quick and long, taking in as much of the feeling as he could. After a few more thrusts, he released, filling your mouth with his taste as you swallowed it hungrily. You released not long after, feeling his tongue lap up your juices like the last remaining water in the middle of a desert. He picked you up and placed you back on your seat at the table. You stared up at him, watching him clothe himself again. But you weren’t done. You needed to keep feeling you, to taste you, to have you taste him. “Enjoy the feast my darling, but remember. You will never be fully satisfied when you are a sinner.” He said as he began to back away. You wanted to argue with him that you were not finished with him yet, that you didn’t want the food, but your hand was already reaching for a leg of chicken. “Welcome to the Garden of Evil.” The words floated to your ears as you dove into the food, realizing after a few minutes that you were now alone in the room with the food, and the unsatisfying need that you would no longer be able to get from him.

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