Bloody Cold (OC x Jeff the Killer)

Ch. 2 -Rough Beginnings-

"Ey, listen, blondie.. I don't quite appreciate your tone." Tucker growled warningly, which only made things worse for us. Brittney glared at him, furrowing her eyebrows in disgust, "Ugh.. and it TALKS. No, thanks." That said, she promenaded to one of the back seats of the bus, far away from us. "I fucking hate her.." I grumbled under my breath, crossing my arms over my chest. "Hope she won't be needing these!~" He chuckled. Looking over curiously, I noticed that he had snagged a few 100 dollar bills off of her, along with her phone. Confusion spread across my face. 'How did he manage to do that as she walked by!?' The thought flew into my head, and I tried to stifle a giggle as we heard her start to freak out behind us. "You're gonna get into trouble, I hope you realize that." I pointed out, nudging him and pointing over to her as she began to shout curses. "Eh. I'll give up her phone, but not the epic stash. Oh, here," He handed one of the 100 dollar bills to me and winked before putting the rest of the money into his back pocket.


A loud growl left me as I was dragged into a padded white room. The guards had me bound up in a straight jacket and chains, the lucky bastards.. "You won't keep me like this for long.." I chuckled, my endlessly-open eyes staring daggers into them as they connected the chains to something protruding out of the wall. The ignored my warning and continued their work. An angry huff came out of me, as I tried to move my arms, but failed, resulting in a rattling of my restraints. One of the guards looked over to me before mumbling to his associate, "Give him a dose to quiet him down--" "HEY! I'm taking to you!" I shouted at them, struggling to my feet and turning to stare at the two, probably scaring the hell out of them, seeing as they immediately backed away. I couldn't really do anything except walk around, but I guess the thought of being anywhere near me sent them into a panic.. "Patient 3.470, please calm down," A loudspeaker sounded from a corner of the room. My wide-eyed gaze slowly drifted over to look at the black, one-way glass that stood out against the blinding white of the rest of the room. "I have a name, you know... It's Jeff, Jeff the Killer!" A cackle left me.. They couldn't even remember my name? How pathetic..

Laughs continued to pour out of my mouth, that is, until one of the guards was brave enough to step forward and send a needle plunging into my neck, inserting a heavy anesthetic. The room began to spin around me, and I began to stumble, growling out a loud 'YOU BASTARDS!!' Before collapsing on my side and slowly slipping into unconsciousness.


Looking over to my right, I noticed that a sign was placed before an upcoming building. It read 'Hard-Grove prison'. "Hard-Grove Prison? Never heard of it.." Tucker grumbled beside me. Speaking of whom, he had given Brittney her phone back on one of the stops, so that's good, I guess. As we drove up, a line of five police officers came out to greet us. The bus rolled to a stop.. I reached down and grabbed my bag, but only just, before an excited Tucker squealed, "Come on!" And grabbed hold of my hand, literally dragging me out of the bus with him. Slowly, everyone filed out of the bus- including Brittney, who was busily texting on her phone.. How typical.. The officers- three females and two males- faced us. One of the females spoke up, "Welcome to Hard-Grove Prison. This is a field trip for you to learn about the people who are sent here. Come along." We were lead into the front office.. To be honest, it didn't look half bad! The floor was a polished, caramel-colored wood, to the side sat a few couches and a TV, and there was a big, wooden desk that separated the room from the back rooms. They urged us to walk through a metal door, into a room lined with cells on either side. My hand gripped tightly onto Tucker's, which made him blush slightly.. My eyes gazed over at one of the cells that was cloaked in darkness. Didn't seem too threatening..? I was sadly mistaken as a dark figure stood to its feet and threw itself at the bars, rattling and shaking them. In result, a loud squeak left me and I jumped backwards. "This is the Holding Cell, children. This is where people wait to be admitted to the jail. Don't worry, these cells are enforced with steel." A hot, embarrassed blush crept across my face. 'Really?!'

We were lead through another door, into another room- but this one was MUCH bigger. Jail cells lined the walls and upper floors, a lone of picnic tables was placed on one side of the room.. and lots of prisoners were here! As I stared at the tables, I began to notice a fight breaking out. Some police officers quickly rushed over and tried to stop it-- did one of them pull out a taser?! One of the female policemen piped up, "You all will be spending the night here.. have fun!" Before any of us knew what was going on, we were all handcuffed and separated, walking to different areas of the jail. "Tucker!" I whimpered loudly, but received a harsh 'SHUT UP' from the policeman who was leading me. I was being pushed towards a big, metal door.. Luckily though, the man was kind enough to explain where I was being taken, "Consider yourself lucky.. you get to go out to the courtyard." I could feel chills running up and down my spine.. 'I don't consider myself anything!' I thought as I was pushed through the door. Abruptly, blinding, white light coruscated my vision. I could hear idle murmur and chat, but that didn't offer any reassurance. Finally, my vision cleared, and my eyes scanned over the many women that crowded the yard.. "Best not to stare, Darlin'.." One of them piped up. Shyly, I looked down and began to inch my way forward, onto the grass. The voice came again, closer this time, "It's okay, Honey, I won't hurt you." A shadow snuck its way forth, through the lawn.

Finally, I mustered up enough courage to look up. A young woman stood before me, looking about in her 20's, with curly black hair and bright-green eyes. "I'm Molly. You must be new around here, sent here on a field trip?" I nodded slowly, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't speak! She took a moment, thinking up another question before I finally found my words, "T-to Juvy.. A field trip to Juvy.. They took us here, though." A small frown crossed her face. "There ain't a Juvy in these parts.. not sure why they told you that.. you're probably too old for it, anyway. Well.. What are you in for, Darlin'?" My eyes stared up at her, confusion clouding them. Could I really trust this woman? "Um.. well.. my parents were convinced that I was lying about being bullied.. even though I was telling the truth! They sent me here.." She nodded, frown growing wider. "Parents can be a bit troublesome.." Now my curiosity was peaked. "I-I'm Kiera.. What are YOU in for, Molly?" "Shoplifting.." She put in guiltily. A moment of silence passed between us before she continued, "My family is deathly poor.. we needed food, and I got caught stealing.." Sympathy began to stir up within me. This poor lady! I was about to sympathize with her, when I was suddenly yanked back into the building by the back of my shirt. "Time's up.." The male police officer growled in my ear as he lead me to my new cell.


I slowly awakened from my slumber and stared around the white-padded room.. 'Those bastards will pay for what they did!' I thought, swinging my legs around and sitting on the cold, hard ground. My head pounded from the small headache I received, from the anesthetic.. Trying to distract myself, I remembered the warm, metallic taste of blood on my tongue.. The soft 'chhk' sound that my knife makes when it comes into contact with bone.. I began to chuckle, driven wild by the recollection. My wide-eyed gaze slowly turned up to look at the surveillance camera in the upper corner of the room.. I knew they were watching, so I flashed my brightest, twisted smile, and cackled. "When I get out of here.. you all are DEAD!"


My eyes darted along the dark jail cells as I shuffled along. The guard behind me STILL had my hands cuffed behind my back. I don't know why, I mean, I wasn't a threat? Maybe just protocol? "Hah. Well lookie who it is~" Brittney's annoying voice reached my ears. I turned my head to glare at her, but the guard shoved me forward causing me to stumble a bit. "You better rest up. Tomorrow, you all take a little trip to the mental asylum a few hours out.." The male guard hissed at me. I was held in place as he opened one of the cells. Abruptly, I was forced into it, and crashed against the back wall, letting out a small, shaky gasp of fear as I watched him lock the cell shut. "Are you okay?" Tucker's voice asked from nearby. I looked to my left- an empty cell.. I then looked to my right- there he stood, his hands grasping the bars and his mud-brown eyes glimmering in the dull light. "Yeah, nothing I'm not already used to.. I think I might have a bruise on my back, though, thanks to that guard." I replied while nervously rubbing my shoulder.

"So it's true? They're sending us to an insane asylum?" My voice quivered, sweat dripping down the sides of my face. Man, it was like a sauna in here! Tucker's eyes fell to look at the ground. He spoke in a sad tone, "I'm afraid so.. And I bet they'll treat us the same way.." I shrugged. At least I didn't have to pay for food or anything, THAT I can be grateful for. I sat myself down on the hard mattress that lay at one corner of the small cell. "I wonder what that'll be like.." I murmured aloud, but a part of me just.. just couldn't help but cower in fear, shuddering at the thought of even setting foot in that asylum.. "Hey. I'm here for you, okay?" He spoke up, breaking me out of my thoughts. My gaze drifted over to him.. "I want to go home.. All I've gotten today has been suffering. And Brittney being here.." My eyes burned with anger for a few moments before he spoke again, "Always find the good in the bad.. That's what my mom used to say. You won't be happy unless you find something positive." That made me brighten up a bit.. "You're right. And I DID bring my sketchpad.. and my phone-" "There isn't any connection up here, I checked." He cut me off. I gave him a weird look. "Why wouldn't a police station/jail have internet connection or wifi?" He stifled a giggle.. "I guess they didn't have a need for wifi, since everyone here is prisoners, and aren't allowed to carry electronics." My face flushed with embarrassment, as I then replied with a small 'oh'.

I layed myself down on the mattress. Much to my luck, I could still see Tucker through the bars. He stared down at me, and I swear I could see a small blush set on his face. Cute. "I think I'm gonna hit the hay. Gonna be a long day tomorrow.." I grumbled. He nodded and laid down on his bed as well, looking at me. "Um.. Tucker.. you're staring." I reminded him, after a few moments of silence. He jerked slightly, turning over and hiding his face. A small sigh left me as my eyes began to droop.. And I couldn't help but think.. maybe I should just run away from it all...

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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