Bloody Cold (OC x Jeff the Killer)

Ch. 3 -He's Coming...-

Darkness.. that's all that I could see. I stood to my feet- apparently I had fallen or something. My blue-eyed gaze scanned the dark, looking for ANY sign of life.. abruptly, white light coruscated my eyes before I saw what lie before me.. A dark figure. Looking closer, I came to realize that it owned a pair of glowing, blue irises- much like my own- but.. something was odd about them.. they seemed to contain a sort of iciness to them. "What is this?" I called out. Surprisingly, my voice echoed back at me, sounding deeper, and even more sinister. The silhouette seemed to slowly widen its mouth, showing me a crooked, evil smile. I backed up, but that only gave more detail to the figure. It held a glistening, sharp knife in its hand. Its attire now consisted of a gray hoodie and black pants. I also noticed that an odd, blue-ish mist began to seep out from the corners of its eyes. My breath caught in my throat, and my stomach lurched as it quickly raised the knife up to its neck and cut a deep gash in the skin.. After that, everything melted back into the darkness.. I began to hear whispers gathering around me.. Before I knew, words began to reach my ears. "Worthless.. worthless, worthless, worthless-- IT'S COMING.. he's coming for you.. never safe, never safe.." I shuddered.. were they talking about the mental asylum?? A loud squeak of fear left me as my reflection suddenly appeared in front of me, a bit too close for comfort. Its mouth began to move, as if it were talking, but I couldn't hear anything coming from it.. After awhile, I began to notice that it was.. dripping? Melting?? It raised its hand, digging its fingers into its skin as it reached towards me with the other. A loud, booming voice came out-- which scared me to no end, as it screamed, "WAKE UP."

I woke with a start, gasping desperately for breath as I hugged myself. Tucker was still asleep, thankfully, so I didn't have to be embarrassed about waking him.. Gasps died down into small pants as my fear faded.. What was that about? It was probably only a nightmare, I guessed.. However, the thought still perturbed me. What, or who, is coming for me? I continued to ponder over this, until one of the guards broke me out of my thoughts. "EVERYBODY WAKE UP, YOU KNOW THE DRILL!" I slowly walked up to the cell door, clutching onto my backpack as I waited to be walked out of my cell.

Bewilderment clouded my eyes as I was lead towards a glass door. Looking through it, I could see a few naked females showering. Ugh.. "Um, I think I'd rather do without a shower today, sir." I said to the guard behind me. "Fine." After we walked past the door, I could hear Brittney shouting behind us. "Like hell I'd go in there! You expect me to shower in front of other naked women?!" Oh brother, classic Brittney, always putting up a fight for one thing or another.. Speaking of which, I could still feel the folded hundred dollar bill in my pocket.. Maybe I could use it to break out of here?.. Nah. They have free food, and I don't think I have much of a choice.. Better safe than sorry. The guard continued to lead me down the hallway, coming up on another glass door. 'Men's showers' I mentally guessed, and as we walked by, I was proven right. My eyes darted over to look through the glass.. Naked men. That's all that the eye could see! It was.. well.. slightly disgusting to me-- until I saw... "T-Tucker?.." My voice came out hoarse and strange.. he was showering.. I couldn't look away- I didn't want to! But before I knew it, I was shoved forward, causing me to stumble a bit as the guard growled loudly, "Stop staring." I trembled slightly, but continued moving forward, passing the glass door and reaching two metal doors. The guard didn't even bother to open it up for me, he just pushed me through it, into the cafeteria.

Okay, maybe the food wasn't as good as I thought it'd be.. I stared down at my red tray, examining the food on it. A few pieces of cold toast, some green beans, and mashed potatoes.. A familiar voice rang out to me, "Hey, Kiera!" "Molly?" My eyes widened as I spotted her waving at me from where she sat at one of the picnic tables. I walked over to her without even knowing I did so. "Hi! Sleep well, honey?" I sat down, taking a moment to process her words before I spoke. "Ehh.. could be better, I had a couple of nightmares.. What's up?" I began to eat, reluctantly as she spoke up again, "Ah. I THOUGHT I heard someone cryin' out for help.." I tensed.. Did I talk in my sleep? Oh man, I gotta come up with an excuse! "Sorry.. unfamiliar place, y'know.. not used to it." The words spilled out of my mouth. She narrowed her eyes slightly, giving me an odd look which made my cheeks heat up with embarrassment. I blinked.. and opened my eyes up to see darkness. My breath hitched with fear, my heartbeat picking up. Two warm hands were pressed over my eyes, and a voice whispered in my ear, "Guess who!~" Immediately, I began to calm down. Tucker.. really? "Tuck, I need to see to eat." The hands were removed, and my eyes locked onto Molly. She was stifling a laugh!

"Ahh, romance. I remember when I felt that." She chuckled. My face began to heat up even more! "Ro-romance?! We're not dating!?" Oops.. I said the wrong thing.. Tucker, who was sitting beside me, put his hand over his heart and let out a mock gasp of pain. "Straight through the heart with a knife, your words! Miss Turner, I thought I had earned your trust?" I winced.. "I didn't mean it that way. Now let me eat, before my stomach begins to digest itself!" ____________________________________________________

"Jeffrey, how are you doing this morning?" A female doctor dressed in white stood before me. I was strapped to a metal chair, they probably did it to prevent me from strangling anyone who comes near me. "Fucking fabulous." I hissed through clenched teeth. My hair was a mess thanks to the guards roughing me up.. They'll get what's coming to them, soon... "Any urges?" "Like killing everyone in this damned place?" I retorted hot-temperedly. A sigh left her lips.. I guess she was tired of hearing what I wanted. "The doctors say that you've been a rough one this week-" "Oh, I'll GIVE you a rough one," I chuckled, leaning forward and staring up at her with my endlessly-open eyes, "Right up your fucking ass.." Her cheery eyes narrowed angrily. "Aww, is the little kitten upset by the truth?~" I purred, attempting a wink.. until I remembered that I CAN'T! I jerked around in the chair, taking out my frustration on my restraints. "We'll up your dosage starting tomorrow. That'll sober you down. I'll see you next week, Jeffy." As I was pulled out of the chair and forced through the white door of the office, I shouted over my shoulder, "MY NAME IS JEFF THE KILLER, YOU FUCKERS! I'LL KILL YOU ALL WHEN I GET FREE, YOU JUST FUCKING WAIT!"


I leaned against a brick wall of the police station and watched the bus driver leaning down to examine a front tire.. Flat.. the bus's wheel was fucking flat.. unbelievable! A cold rain was pounding down on my body, sending shivers up and down my spine. "Fucking knew something like this would happen, I knew it!" I hissed under my breath, shaking my head angrily. "Calm down," Tucker giggled from beside me. He stared at the driver as he, and a few police officers, tried to pull the tire out. "They shouldn't be long. And the rain isn't too bad now, is it?" And just like in the damn movies.. the rain pounded harder, and thunder rumbled loudly. A moment of silence passed between us before I shouted above the noise, "Isn't too bad, eh?! Isn't too bad?!" He frowned, looking away awkwardly. A sigh left my mouth.. I leaned my head against the wall, staring out at the small forest across the road.. wait, was something there? My eyes scanned the greenery, but I couldn't see anything through the trees that waved wildly in the wind. Abruptly, I tensed as something black jerked behind one of the dark limbs.. "What was that?" I murmured aloud, too loud.. "What was what?" Brittney snickered at me. She stood in front of me, blocking my view.

"None of your concern." I grumbled. She grinned, mischief growing in her eyes. "Is Little Mouse hallucinating? Aww, good thing we're going to an asylum!" Anger stirred up within me with every word she said. She continued to speak, "I doubt anyone would care though, nobody loves you and nobody ever will, you ugly piece of worthless shit." My anger boiled over. Before I knew it, I was growling at her, "Go die in a hole, Brittney.. the only worthless shit here is you, coming up to me and insulting me to my face. I was minding my own business until you came along!-" "I do." Tucker spoke up. A bit confused, I looked over to him. "I love her.." He continued, staring Brittney down. I couldn't help but gape at him! Was.. was this a dream? She didn't know how to react, just stood there with an odd look plastered on her face. "Got nothing to say? Then go." Tucker snapped, shooing her away with his hands. "I've.. never seen anyone stand up to her like that!.. What are you, Superman?" I said, admiration sparking in my eyes. He smiled, patting me on the head as he replied, "No, I just showed her what damage I'm capable of doing."

"It should only be about half an hour before the tire's fixed, guys, so feel free to roam. Just come back when you hear us yelling!" The bus driver called out to us. He was waiting for the policemen to drag out a bus tire. Of course, this made sense, because of prison busses. And prison busses, of course, would require spare tires.. "Come on, then! I saw an abandoned building nearby we could check out!" Tucker whispered in my ear as he dragged me along, behind the jail station. "But we need to be in ear-shot, don't we?" My words flew back at me thanks to the fierce wind, but I was pretty sure he heard me. "We'll be fiiiine! It isn't THAT far away!" As we continued walking, we came upon a small abandoned shack. You could barely see the natural color of the walls through the mass amounts of graffiti and crumbling surfaces. "Ma-maybe we should go back!.." I yelled, having second thoughts about going into a creepy building. Tucker snorted, continuing to tug me along as he shouted back, "It'll provide shelter for us! Would you rather get soaked to the bone?!" "Okay, okay!"

Once inside, he let go of me and walked over to a corner of the room. Glass and debris crackled under his feet as he moved, adding to the eerie feeling I was getting.. "Let's just go.. please!.." My voice cracked with fear, and I froze as he jerked his head around to stare at me. "Quit being such a baby.. You want to go? Then FINE!" His shout echoed around the walls, sending a shiver down my spine. Who WAS this person?! This isn't the Tucker I know..? For a few moments I stayed put, frozen with fear, until I saw him turn and take a step towards me. Like a frightened deer, I turned and sprinted out of there, rain pounding at my face as I fought the wind. Looking back, I could SWEAR I saw a shadow looming over him, but I was too chicken to go back after what he did..

"Whoa, kid, slow down! What's up?" One of the police officers stopped me in my tracks near the building, putting his hands on my shoulders as he looked me in the eye. 'This is a tough decision,' I thought quietly, 'Either tell him a lie, or tell him the truth and get sent to the mental hospital on account of being crazy.. Fuck it.' "M-my friend is back there.. he.. he was acting strange, so I booked it.. I don't know what the hell's going on, I was just so sca-a-ared, I--" Coughs racked my body as the cold rain continued pouring down on top of me. "Calm down, kid.. now, what's your name?" He questioned as he lead me towards the police department, rubbing my back in an attempt to keep me warm. "Ki-Kiera.."

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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